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  1. Re: Plastic Drone Combs - are they worthwhile?

    Part of the reason I don't find them useful is I no longer remove any drones from my hive either.
  2. Re: Plastic Drone Combs - are they worthwhile?

    I bought some when I thought more equipment was "neat".....I threw them out.
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    Re: efficiently feed 100 nuc colonies

    If you have facebook, look up Eric Strong in Michigan. He feeds with 2 gal bucket on a LOT of hives. Looks like a good system to me.

    Sort of like this:
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    Re: Todays Honey Prices!

    If you are small (not much honey) and you don't NEED the $$. Provide some information about local honey benifits and start high. Might seem extreme but say $20/lb. You can always come down on the...
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    Re: splitting hive myth

    That's the way I do it, the larger hive is stronger and will make a good queen and the queen right nuc will thrive because they have hatching bees and the queen continues to lay and add to the...
  6. Re: Suppliers sell "filler" boards to reduce hive bodies into temporary nucs?

    I bought one from a friend of mine recently for my one 10 frame hive. It's a nice design, fits in like a frame but removes the bee space and goes all the way to the bottom of the bottom board. I...
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    Re: Wow, good for a giggle

    I want non-beeks to think they are violent stinging machines.....I put an empty hive on my porch while I'm on vacation, keeps the non-beeks away, most are too scared to even check if it's inhabited....
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    Re: what to do with swarm?

    Good job on catching the queen, that is amazing! I keep seeing a common theme going on this spring both here and on other social media outlets of trying to keep the hive together after swarm cells...
  9. Re: Honey producer keeps making swarm cells--looking a for a better solution.

    I'm using the DSB this year for the first time, so far it is going well, have a laying queen in the bottom, queen cells in the top and a LOT of bees. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  10. Thread: Michigan

    by thehackleguy

    Re: Michigan

    Yep, unfortunately, the one in Hopkins was outgoing :pinch:
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    Re: big bait box to get a big swarm?

    I'll never get there because I have a job I don't plan on leaving. But I can tell you in my small apiary I would rather spend 15-20 mins to find a queen and make a split than put up swarm boxes...
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    Re: big bait box to get a big swarm?

    If I had >100 I would consider it a job and then work them daily and make my splits.
    At least that's the way I would go about it.
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    Re: big bait box to get a big swarm?

    This is an interesting discussion, but I do have one question: Why not just keep your hives from swarming (going off the OP's post about huge swarms issued from their hives)? I mean it's not too...
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    Re: problem or no not really

    A couple of years ago I was working bees with only a veil on felt totally comfortable. When making up nucs I got lit up (wearing my jacket) and had a few go up my pant leg.... ever since then I...
  15. Re: Recombining 2 nucs on Mother hive: Good or bad idea?

    How do you know they failed to raise queens? It's too early to have eggs/brood and a virgin queen is hard to spot? I'd say combing is fine....but I'd be 100% positive there isn't a virgin queen or a...
  16. Re: hobyist wanting to go sideliner, advice on equipment/configurations?

    You wouldn't right now, but what Bd is referring to is after you remove supers on a huge hive (later in the summer) 50-60K bees will be in your one box, then it may be a little different deal.

  17. Re: moved hive short distance, some foragers back at old location

    I've heard from very experienced beekeepers that they will find a hive to go into, but I have not experienced that myself. Usually, within a day or two, they are gone but I'm not sure if they found a...
  18. Re: moved hive short distance, some foragers back at old location

    Yes, and no you didn't do anything wrong....except maybe moving them to the current location as soon as you hived the swarm, then you may have avoided the "lost" bees.
  19. Re: Is it OK to lightly mist larvae before/during queen cell grafting?

    Oooo....this is what I need ;) easy to see and pick up.
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    Re: problem or no not really

    Using smoke? Do you have someone to help on a couple of inspections? Nuc or package? How long ago were they hived?
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    Re: Apimaye Thermo Hives

    I don't like all of the plastic, going to need a HUGE landfill for these things after a few years if they come into general use in any significant number. But that's just my hesitation.
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    Re: Divided deeps as nucs

    Another option that is more versatile, I have a divider (like a follower board) that goes all the way to the bottom of the bottom board. I can have any combination of 9 frames divided. Then the...
  23. Re: Nuc Supplier is pushing pickup date yet again.

    Not to mention I'd rather have a local nuc than one that was delivered from who knows where.
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    Re: Package VS. Nuc Challenge

    This one is fact, not opinion. As a researcher in the biomedical field, I can say that results are results, they are neither good or bad.

    Now, they may be good or bad for the company producing...
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    Re: Do Queens lay in Queen Cups?

    LOL....I think I missed the point/question. Because if you take the queen out with the frame on the top bars I bet there would be a lot of queen cells built out. I'll go back to just observing this...
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