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    Re: Beekeeper to be from South Africa

    Welcome! I spent some time in you country a few years ago, beautiful place. Send me some biltong!
  2. Re: Making deep boxes into medium boxes on an active hive

    If it is done correctly, yes. Timing is also important. But that is a bigger subject, which would warrant your use of the search feature of the forum. A walkaway split is probably the simplest.
  3. Re: Making deep boxes into medium boxes on an active hive

    I overwinter about half of my hives in each of those two configurations, 2D and 1D+2M. Either works, and they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

    Can you start with a split? That would...
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    Re: How to inspect with less protective gear

    So just yesterday I dropped a deep off of the back of my truck. I happened when i lifted the top box (it was a double deep hive), and I somehow missed that the bottom one was propolised to the top...
  5. Re: Brand New Soon to Be Beekeeper With Hive Question

    I don't bother with extra wax on the foundation, as long as it is waxed already.

    Make sure you only paint the outside of the hive, with a good exterior latex. Ask for mis-tints at Lowes or HD,...
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    Re: Queen Not Laying Coming Out of Winter

    I've had queens come out of winter apparently healthy, and the colony goes LW, with her still there. Probably not worth the effort, just shake them out and pinch her.
  7. Re: What are these black granules on my bottom board?

    I am guessing it is old pollen they are removing from the comb.
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    Re: Feeding-When to stop??

    Generally I find they will stop once they have better choices outside. So, once I start, I continue until they stop.
  9. Re: Brand New Soon to Be Beekeeper With Hive Question

    It sounds like you are off to a good start on equipment. Just one comment, I would put the black foundation in the lower box. It helps with seeing eggs.
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    Re: Queen present - laying workers

    I've had that happen. I'd shake them out, and pinch the queen. I don't think you will suceed with requeenng.
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    Re: How to make feeding less of a chore?

    I use 2:1 (or as close as I can get without heating) always. If I am feeding bees, I want to FEED the bees! I have had no problem with spoilage of 2:1.
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    Re: Honey Storage / fermentation

    It sounds like an opportunity to start your new hobby, making mead!
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    Re: Best Laid Plans

    Packages are safer than nucs. Buy the most reputable you can find, and you will likely do fine.
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    Re: What caused this? Multiple choice - easy

    When I clicked on the thread, I had in my mind "It's gonna be either varroa or a bear." I think I can eliminate varroa on this one. Wait, to be sure - when did you test last? What is your treatment...
  15. Re: Retiring from Beekeeping -- Used equipment for sale

    If you were within a 100 miles of me, I'd be all over this. GLWS!
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    Re: Moving frames from one hive to another

    No problem if it is warm enough to open the hive, and assuming you are setting it up in the same location.
  17. Re: amazingly stoopid mistake; so, can I kiss my honey super's harvest adieu?!

    If you did anything other than dribble directly into the super, I would not lose any sleep over havesting the honey for my own use.
  18. Re: Another hobbyist building question, improved box-box sealing with silicone bead?

    When the gaps are bigger than I like and the bees haven't propolized them yet, I duct tape the joints outside.
  19. Re: Is it time to take insulation off of my hives

    I take mine off when it is a hassle to leave it on. In other words, when the temperatures have moderated enough to where I am going into the hives on some regular basis, then it is clear the...
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    Varroa exponential growth

    For those who need a picture of Varroa's growth if left unattended, see

    Yes, it is an article about Coronavirus, not...
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    Re: Things I WON'T get done this year

    * I won't be buying the tractor I was planning.
    * I won't be doing the road trip to Alaska.
    * I won't be advancing much on the Stinson Voyager (airplane) rebuild project.

    And, I might not be...
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    Re: How to inspect with less protective gear

    I almost always wear a full suit with smoker, and feel no need to do less. Life is more pleasant when both I and the bees are calm.
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    Re: syrup specs for feeding (1:1 and 2:1)?

    Rest easy, mix 2:1 either by weight or volume, and feed it to them when they need it. Spring, fall, whatever. It works.
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    Re: Caution about opening hives in winter?

    Cold is mostly temporary, starvation is permanent. Pretty simple really.

    I took one apart when I found there were mice in it this winter. I would have to have a reason like that to do so, but...
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    Re: Too much winter feed left, what to do?

    Just to make sure it is heard - pull the excluder.

    I'd leave the feed for now, it can always be removed later.
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