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  1. Re: new beehive designed to stop bees from dying over winter, and to have 24/7 monito

    Engineered ventilation. :D
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    Re: Idea for Workshop queenrearing

    If you've got a brood frame then I would have loved to have someone show me first hand how to graft and then watch me attempt and give me pointers on what to correct. You can also show first hand...
  3. Re: When do you add fondant/mountain camp sugar?

    Ho! I like that idea. :thumbsup: :cool:
  4. Re: When do you add fondant/mountain camp sugar?

    February. I live in the Rocky Mountains. That means there will be a day in February that is blazing warm, sunny and beautiful. The timing varies, but the day always happens. The bees will be...
  5. Re: new beehive designed to stop bees from dying over winter, and to have 24/7 monito

    The moisture originates inside the hive from the bees. Overwintering bees exhale enough water vapor that if condensed it will be over six gallons of water. Water moves through wood from the high...
  6. Re: new beehive designed to stop bees from dying over winter, and to have 24/7 monito

    Wood is moisture permeable. Steel is not. Please explain how a non permeable material like steel causes a "massive reduction in moisture." Here is some relevant science that you will must deal...
  7. Re: new beehive designed to stop bees from dying over winter, and to have 24/7 monito

    Oh I so wish I had one of those just a couple of weeks ago. My only loss in over a year was September 21. A hive was the victim of a robber bee attack. They killed the queen and cleaned out all...
  8. Re: new beehive designed to stop bees from dying over winter, and to have 24/7 monito

    Really? :scratch:

    Apparently it is. You don't seem to have imagined that a lot of people have already done that. You seem to be laboring under the assumption that it has stagnated for...
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    Re: First Frost Thread.

    South end of the Salt Lake valley, 23 (-5C) on October 10. Sunday was sunny and warm again, today 73 (23C). Saturday will be 32 (0C).

    The hard freeze essentially terminated the pollen flow,...
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    Re: Winter configuration question

    It looks like Nottingham is in climate zone 6B. I am in zone 6B. I run 8 frame hives because geezer back. I winter on two 8 frame deeps. In late August I arrange my frames so that all of the...
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    Re: Moisture Box for Overwintering

    Wow, that's kind of expensive.

    I converted three of my quilt boxes to Vivaldi boards in 2018. I liked them so much that this summer I converted the rest of my quilt boxes to Vivaldi boards. I...
  12. Re: Do you clean and reuse plastic foundation or throw them away?

    If you don't have a pressure washer the next best thing is a roll of quarters and a car wash. I re-rinse when I get back home just because I don't know what kind of anti-spotting additives might be...
  13. Re: Winter Lang Hive - size reduction idea(!?)

    I should think that it is inadvisable to lick paint. :D

  14. Re: Winter Lang Hive - size reduction idea(!?)

    Last winter I used XPS foam inside the hive to convert an 8 frame double deep to a 5 over 5 for a small colony. They came through and exploded in the spring, becoming my largest hive.
  15. Re: Taped seams created moisture buildup- hopefully removed it in time

    A hive will produce a surprising amount of moisture. Right now they are probably still curing and dehydrating the honey. When bees eat honey that honey is converted to water and carbon dioxide in...
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    Re: Any beekeepers in northern Utah?

    Well this afternoon was beautiful, huge change from the 23 we had just a couple of days ago. Bees are bringing in tons of pollen but I'm not so sure about nectar after that cold snap. So today I...
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    Re: 8 frame equipment

    I build my 8 frame boxes at 13-3/4. However the Mann-Lake queen excluders are 14. That means the queen excluder overhangs by 1/8" on each side. This hasn't been a huge problem, mostly an...
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    Re: Grafting from a friends hive

    If you were meaning that you take her a frame of brood and bees, and then bring home a frame of brood, eggs, and bees, then the brood is tended the whole time and it remains safely in comb during...
  19. Re: Retrieved a queen that was being balled, what are her chances?

    Glad that worked out well for you. I had been in that hive just the evening before and had marked that queen. (See here, it is the queen pictured being released from the one handed queen catcher.) ...
  20. Interesting statistics about # of beekeeper types and # of colonies.

    This information comes from Jamie Ellis, a professor of entomology at the University of Florida and The Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory. Prof Ellis did a Q&A on Reddit yesterday and he...
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    Re: Feeding With Honey Supers All Capped

    Double deeps or one deep and a super?

    I run 8 frames hives as well — because geezer back. I like to run double 8 deeps on the bottom two boxes. I arrange for winter with the brood nest in the...
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    Re: Buying an Extractor....

    Keep watching right here: It is fall, and if they do what they've done for the last couple of years that two frame extractor is going...
  23. Re: What is the best way to clean plastic waxed foundation?

    You don't need a pressure washer, just a stack of quarters and a car wash.
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    Re: Warre novice in need of help!

    I ran a Warre for two seasons just to play with a different style of hive. I am south of you in SLC. You are in climate zone 6, same as we are. I suggest that you leave all three boxes on the...
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    Re: pumping 2-1 syrup

    I have an old water bed pump (I haven't had a waterbed for years, but still have the pump) that I've tried pumping 2:1 with. It works, but it struggles and the motor gets hot. If you were pumping...
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