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    Re: Super with brood

    Don't harvest from a frame while there is brood in the frame. Find the queen and get her moved down. Then put on a queen excluder. In 21 days the brood in the top will emerge. The super can be...
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    Re: inner cover questions

    The inner cover keeps the telescoping cover from being propolized down. You might not have noticed it yet because a new hive still has lots of places for bees to to stick propolis. If your inner...
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    Re: Drones Blind Queens with Semen

    As I understood the article that I saw it takes a while for the toxin to take effect. Its not instant. It may explain why the queen stops taking mating flights.
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    Re: Question on Queen and drone genetics

    Hive temperament changes throughout the year. While genetics will help control the overall temperament, even the most docile bees can get pissy at times.
  5. Honey with a heavy pollen taste for mead?

    I have some honey that has some kind of pollen in it that gives it a heavy nutty taste. Its not an unpleasant taste but its also not one I'd want in honey that I was using as a spread. I've never...
  6. Re: Pollen Fantastic This Year- and lots of drones still

    We has a lousy spring and summer started late, snow at the end of May and still had some very cold nights in June. But we never had a dearth this year. I've still got hives making drone brood. My...
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    Re: Hurricanes and bee hives...

    I think I'd go with garaging them like AR1 suggested if you can and then make sure they were elevated in the garage in case it took some water.

    If a garage isn't an option then if you have a truck...
  8. Thread: Varroa test

    by JConnolly

    Re: Varroa test

    If I understand Randy Oliver correctly, formic acid in high enough concentrations kills most mites even in brood, but the male mites are the most easily killed and are killed off even if the hive was...
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    Re: Melting down burr comb with larvae

    Discard or feed them to the chickens. There is such a tiny amount of wax there that its not worth the effort if there is brood in it. Mine goes over the fence into the neighbor's chicken yard (with...
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    Re: What recourse do I have?

    Lobby your state legislator (work with other beeks and beekeeping clubs) so that municipalities and municipal like organizations (HOAs) cannot prohibit beehives but can regulate quantity (establish a...
  11. Re: Still have lots of drone brood so today I grafted.

    Thanks for all that msl. I did try Oldtimer's cut strip method a couple of years back. I could certainly work for what I need. What I didn't care for was the need to first get some comb drawn,...
  12. Re: Still have lots of drone brood so today I grafted.

    Thanks Bronco. i'd be ecstatic for 67% acceptance instead of the 10% to 20% I'm at. I've seen that video. I've been following "Caveman" (see, I listen). I'll have to give it a try next spring. I...
  13. Re: Still have lots of drone brood so today I grafted.

    Update. Got my first look in the cell starter after work today. 3 of 14 accepted.


    I still suck at grafting and not getting better. I think I'm killing the larvae when I graft.

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    Re: Mixing a few (5-12) gallons of syrup

    If you wanted to make an even gallon you need 3.6 lbs of water (about 7 cups) and 7.2 lbs of sugar.

    There is an easier way. Sugar is sold in 4 lb bags at the supermarket. Walmart Great Value...
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    Re: Apivar and Supers

    I don't start my Apivar treatments until the Autumnal equinox. The strips can go in on the equinox and come out the week after Halloween. Its a good reason to have two weapons in your arsenal, one...
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    Re: Mixing a few (5-12) gallons of syrup

    It should be about 31 lbs of sugar.

    Michael's bucket trick works because it is exactly the reverse of what I just posted above with the beauty of having no math and no weighing and no futzing over...
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    Re: Mixing a few (5-12) gallons of syrup

    Here's a little trick to quickly estimate how much syrup you'll get.

    Add the weight of the sugar and the water together.

    For 2:1 syrup divide by 11.

    For 1:1 syrup divide by 10.
  18. Re: Still have lots of drone brood so today I grafted.

    Even a rich cell starter is costly. Fortunately I had a packed hive. I found the queen, set her aside, and shook in six frames and it still looked like I hadn't taken any out. So I waited a few...
  19. Re: Still have lots of drone brood so today I grafted.

    I need it. I first tried grafting in 2015. The bees in my apairay still whisper rumors of the year of carnage. I gave up and tried Oldtimer's cut strip method in 2016. I tried grafting again in...
  20. Still have lots of drone brood so today I grafted.

    I noticed on today's inspection that there are still a lot of drones around and quite a bit of capped drone brood in multiple hives. I think that's because we had a late start to summer. The...
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    Re: Solar Melter Failing

    Do you have an old ice chest? Try using it instead of the box you are using. An ice chest is insulated. The insulation will keep the heat in.

    Flat black is black that is not glossy. It absorbs...
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    Re: Need help on brood above queen excluder

    The most likely explanation is that somehow you got the queen into the box above the excluder. You could have done this during an inspection by setting the box she was in on top of another box or by...
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    Free Mann-Lake smoker fuel

    Ok maybe the title is a little bit click bait like but here is a tip. Mann-Lake packs their boxes with lots of long craft paper padding. Fold in a strip 2” wide across the long side and keep...
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    Re: Moisture Board

    Mine are also 4" high. I have a screened 1-1/2" by 10" vent slot on each end 1" down from the top edge. The telescoping cover hangs down to cover part of it, I center the telescoping cover. I used...
  25. Re: Workers Moving Eggs in Queenless Divided Hive?

    When your left colony queen returned from mating is it possible that she returned to the middle chamber? Are you sure it is impossible for a queen to move between right and middle chambers? Can she...
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