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  1. Re: Want to notch 2 deep boxes and make nucs, but canít find the queen

    So yesterday I checked the now divided hive. The top, which I primed with notched brood: no queen cells, a nice big frame of eggs, and no visible queen.
    So I, reluctantly, remembering the number of...
  2. Thread: Find the queen

    by Meghues

    Re: Find the queen

    This is a good idea. This method is used to train lots of medical specialties, for instance, looking at different pictures of skin cancers until the eye picks them up without thought. There are apps...
  3. Re: Want to notch 2 deep boxes and make nucs, but canít find the queen

    So many fun ideas! I need more hives to try all these ideas with. I wonder how to find another yard for some more hives in my mid-sized city.
  4. Re: Want to notch 2 deep boxes and make nucs, but canít find the queen

    This hive was a nuc last fall, from a larger hive that didn’t winter over. Neither the nuc nor the dead hive have ever been particularly nice to work. As in any abusive relationship I’ve spent way...
  5. Re: Want to notch 2 deep boxes and make nucs, but canít find the queen

    Saltybee, so I’m letting the nurse bees that come with the new frames plus the field force of the mean hive raise the new queens in the old spot? Is that a strong enough hive?
    Part 2 is, I can’t...
  6. Re: Want to notch 2 deep boxes and make nucs, but canít find the queen

    Saltybee, I think this is what I want “You are using the bees from the queen you do not want, to raise the QCs from the queen you like while leaving her alone.”
    It seems like the least messing with...
  7. Re: Want to notch 2 deep boxes and make nucs, but canít find the queen

    So, can I put a QE on top of my 2 deeps, then shake the bees off some medium frames of brood and eggs from another hive, add stores around them and then wait a day or overnight for nurse bees to...
  8. Want to notch 2 deep boxes and make nucs, but canít find the queen

    I have looked through the hive 3 times and failed to find the queen. Yet she is there laying. Is there a way I can make queen cells anyway and split into nucs?
    Iím short extra deep equipment. I...
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    Re: Probably over thinking this.

    I use cardboard. Trouble with carpet is, if it get buried the plastic parts will never rot. You’ll never get a shovel in the ground without cursing .
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    Re: OTS queens and medium frames?

    This is the answer I might have been looking for. Iím thinking a split of 3-5 medium frames wouldnít be big enough? So I go for 8? Or would 5 work but Iíd really have to watch them to keep them from...
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    OTS queens and medium frames?

    If you make the first OTS split with 2 deep frames of stores and the queen on her frame and an empty comb or 2, what do you use if your equipment is mediums?
    Megan Hughes
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    Re: OA vaporizer problem

    Nancy- is the 2” shim just for oav or does it confer other benefits?
  13. How to use a division feeder to make a double nuc box.

    If youíre using a division feeder as the divider and also the feeder, how do you keep the bees from the two sides from mingling at the trough? And will a cleat on the bottom board under the feeder...
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    The hummingbirds are chasing the bees

    Iíve got a hummingbird feeder and a nuc outside my work window so I can watch both. Iíve seen the hummingbirds chasing a bee several times but havenít seen them catch one. This is new behavior for...
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    Happy Birthday Michael Palmer!

    Iíve learned so much about managing my bees from your videos and I also learned when your birthday is. And you like Mozart. All good.
    Megan Hughes in rainy Oregon
  16. Re: Spring comb management and Waltís checker boarding.

    I have 1 deep full of “honey”, and at least 5 mediums. These are all 8 frame. I have, alive, 1 deep nuc and 2 nucs in 8 frame mediums. I just put a medium full of honey on one of the mediums today.
  17. Spring comb management and Waltís checker boarding.

    Of my six hives I have 3 alive. The dead ones went down early, no doubt because I missed the late mite buildup last fall until things got way out of hand.
    I fed heavily this fall and I find myself...
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    Re: Walt Wright Swarm Control

    This is a fascinating thread. I’ll confess I find Walt’s writing a bit hard to absorb, but I’m getting a much better idea about his management methods from this thread. Thanks to everyone who...
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    Re: Winter nuc feeding

    Thanks for the vote of confidence . I hope Iím pretty good at bees by the time Iím 145.
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    Winter nuc feeding

    Iíve only have one 5-frame deep nuc and it is wrapped in insulation and tar paper. It feels a bit light to me (no scale). The bees are flying on warm days, and Iíve put sugar bricks on my other...
  21. Re: No choice but to visit a pissy hive; any ideas to make it more bearable?

    I have a hive that turned pissy on me. It was being robbed, despite the robbing screen. I covered the front with a cloth, tied down, so itís extra hard to get in, and started feeding them. Theyíve...
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    Re: Overwintering nucs

    Harry, what I meant was do you leave the fronts of the nucs uninsulated/wrapped, as shown in the picture, and are they always grouped in what looks like a pallet of 16, 8 facing each way? I only have...
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    Re: Overwintering nucs

    Thanks a bunch. This is exactly what I needed. At what time do you insulate/cover your nucs? Is the front left entirely open? And when do you unwrap them?
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    Overwintering nucs

    Can someone walk me through an overwintering protocol for nucs? I have 2 in 8-frame mediums and one in a 5-frame deep, new queens just beginning laying. Do I feed them up and try to expand them into...
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    Starting 4th year, finally joined forum

    I've been reading Beesource for quite awhile and just joined. I'm in my fourth year of beekeeping in my backyard and am concentrating on keeping my hives alive and healthy. This year I'm planning to...
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