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    Re: reclaiming a laying worker hive

    This is essentially the same as a newspaper combine. The point of which is to allow the queenless side to have time to acclimate to the queen pheromone.
  2. Thread: Illinois

    by schmism

    Re: Illinois

    Which is such a change from last year this when I was ordering my first ever hive beetle traps because they were so bad. But again this year ive only seen 1 or 2
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    Re: Laying worker help

    I have fought a laying worker several times. My only success has been with a shake out or newspaper combine with another hive. Ill do a split off the hive that i do the combine with leaving the...
  4. Sticky: Re: Diseases in Beekeeping; How to Identify and What They Look Like-Your Experince Wa

    This spring all 3 of my hives that overwintered showed signs of EFB. Being in IL I am able to call my local IL bee inspector and have him come out to review the hives. He took samples and confirmed...
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    Re: Cappings and Wax Melting

    Here is a video on the maxant melter

    How many hives are you working? do you do a lot of cutouts were you generate a lot of wax each year? IMHO...
  6. Re: seeking opinions about returning wet supers to hives after extracting

    I do it each year, however depending on how early it is i generally dont give them all the frames directly on the hive as i dont want a bunch of half filled frames going into fall that I have to...
  7. Re: Illinois and Wisconsin Beekeepers & Mid West

    I got honey supers on late because it was cold and wet. Didnt want to give them a ton of extra space. Then they built up quick and swarmed on me then backfilled the hive with nectar. So Ive made...
  8. Re: what size filter do you use to strain your honey?

    I also have the 200 400 600 kit and prefer the 400 filter. 200 leaves more trash behind than I like and 600 takes FOREVER To drain
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    Re: # Days to capped brood

    6.5 days is impossibly quick. Even if you released the queen on day one and she layed on that day, its 8-9 days for capped cells period. As you didnt say you direct relased her, and its unlikely...
  10. Re: Not sure capped queen cells are really queen cells

    I have fought a laying worker before and never had success re-queen-right'ng them. The only successful method I have had is to shake out the entire hive in front of another queen right hive and...
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    Re: Plastic Drone Combs - are they worthwhile?

    I use a drone frame as one of the parts of my mite control system. I own green frames but the bees have not drawn them well. I mostly have frames of damaged wax foundation frames that when the...
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    Re: Todays Honey Prices!

    Roughly $10/lb central IL

    $9 - 12 oz bear
    25$ - glass quart (mason jar)

    bulk is $10/lb (2 gallon bucket or more)

    I match a good friend of mine who is also selling for this price. I...
  13. Re: How to stop ants climbing up the hive stand?

    I am in the camp of dont worry about it. If the girls dont want the ants in the hive they will keep them out.

    One of my first students was all worried about ants on his first hives. I said,...
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    Re: best medium for an SHB trap?

    you might try those instead. I think i bought a pack...
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    Re: How long before new queen is full size?

    I agree with the above, good info
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    Re: Queen not going on dark wax.

    I love dark comb. After I retire it from a hive i use it for swarm cap boxes as swarms love dark comb for some reason.
    But there is a limit to that as I do try to get my brood comb rotated...
  17. Thread: Virgin Queen

    by schmism

    Re: Virgin Queen

    Flyers = honey

    A fresh egg today is not a flyer for 4 weeks (3 weeks to emerge and a week of other jobs before she moves to foraging) so any "boost" in flyers will need to come as capped brood...
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    Re: Rotating Hive Bodies

    If your forcast for no more blizzards in the near future then yes a sunny 55 deg day I would reverse the hive boxes but not do anything to breakup the brood. Do not move brood frames around.
  19. Thread: 5 Frame nucs

    by schmism

    Re: 5 Frame nucs

    In my area package queens suck. We just had 70 packages picked up by our club as part of a group buy that came from GA. My good friend who was my student and been keeping for 4 years now installed...
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    Re: Cutting Queen Cells

    If your wanting to make queen cells for splits, just make the splits and "notch" the frames on a frame of eggs and they will make queens with out the swarm issues.
  21. Re: Being proactive on queenless hive that is loaded with honey (SHB worries)

    how many other hives do you have?

    I would just spread the frames out between 3-4 other hives. you can always rob them back for your "split" if you need them. Or round up 10 frames of capped...
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    Re: What to do with virgin queen?

    you can "bank" queens in cages inside a queenless hive.

    You can make mating nucs or mini nucs which are much smaller than regular splits and only require a fraction of the resources so you can...
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    Re: Package VS. Nuc Challenge

    For the past 5 years I have bought packages and caught swarms and done cutouts.

    In my bee yard the stock that consistently overwinters is never stock that comes from packages. I avg 7-10 hives...
  24. Thread: 5 Frame nucs

    by schmism

    5 Frame nucs

    I know this topic is frequently debated but I thought this was a fresh question on the "what should come in my 5 frame nuc?"

    How old do you expect the 5 frame nuc to be?

    Do you pull the frame...
  25. Re: Well they swarmed. What to do with swarm cells?

    Are you on plastic or wax foundation?

    Plastic foundation you wont be able to cut the queen cells out for splits. So you'll need to use a press in cage to isolate the queens to keep them from...
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