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    Re: Who leaves with the swarm

    I'm sorry, i didn't explain very good. I was asking about the primary swarm. Thank you.
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    Who leaves with the swarm

    So I have had several different answers from people around here in Idaho but I want to know if anyone out there knows for sure. Does the old queen leave with the swarm or does a newly hatched queen...
  3. Re: Mixing Drawn Comb & Foundation in Honey Supers

    We do this all the time with 8 frame supers. We leave two comb on the outside then a foundation then two comb in the middle and then another foundation and then two more drawn comb. So ours is a 6...
  4. Re: Please have a look at this pic. I'm concerned

    I'm with Ray on this one. I think you have a laying worker with EFB. Brood is awful spotty and it does appear to have more than one to a cell.
  5. Re: Find dead Bees when I put out a little syrup or Honey

    Could be dead bees from robbing. If you have a lot of bees trying to get to the feed then they will kill each other. Especially if there is not a flow on and they are all trying to get some. Just a...
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    Re: Chaos In The Apiary

    I combine small swarms together all the time to make one strong hive. I just let the queens fight it out and may the best girl win. I have never had a problem. I had one last year that both queens...
  7. Re: Is this something I should worry about (queen cell?)

    Supercedure cells can be built anywhere on the side of the frame. Swarm cells are always on the bottom of the frames. Like sniper338 (nice caliber. I have a .338 lapua, love it) said that queen cups...
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    Re: Bees on outside of hive

    I would go in and check that hive for swarm cells. It could very well be getting ready to swarm.
  9. Re: Just open hive from winter...I need to split.

    I don't think anyone here is trying to get you frustrated. Just trying to save you some heartache. Here in Idaho hopefully in two more weeks I will be able to split. Hopefully the dandelions come on...
  10. Re: Just open hive from winter...I need to split.

    31767 this hive is not ready to split yet. getting close but not ready. both top and bottom box are this full.
  11. Re: Just open hive from winter...I need to split.

    Without seeing both boxes or the bottom of the bottom box i would say that the hive in the picture is not ready to split. If you don't have 8 frames of bees in both boxes I would let them to continue...
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    Re: Filtering honey

    Pour it in your five gallon bucket. let it set over night and it is it's own filtering system. All impurities will float to the top. Drain from the bottom and you have nice clean raw honey.
  13. Re: Tips on keeping a honey extractor from "walking" during spinning

    mine has four and it works stellar.
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    Re: When to add a super

    80% of the super filled with honey and capped. New white was on top of frames. Then add another super.
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    Re: When to add a super

    I would wait until they have approximately 80% of them filled and you can see lots of white wax on the frames. If you add it too soon they may never fill the outside frames.
  16. Re: Tips on keeping a honey extractor from "walking" during spinning

    The thread that Beemandan mentioned is spot on. I put caster wheels on mine three years ago. I used to work harder than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest to keep that thing from walking all...
  17. Re: Cluster under bottom board after install- pic included

    +1 on what Schmism said. I have overwintered hives in below zero weather with SBB and they have done well. Leave the bees on the bottom alone and they will find their way into the hive. Good luck...
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    Re: Drone Laying Combine

    Do not combine it with a good hive unless you want to ruin the good hive. Take the laying drone hive and knock the bees out about 100 yards away. Some will make it back to your good hive but the bad...
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    Re: New package advice

    Go have fun for two weeks. It will be the best thing that could happen to your bees right now. I remember when I first started. The hardest thing to do was to stay out of the hives. But when I did...
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    Re: Keeping installed packages closed up?

    I also agree with Slow Drone and RyanD. Light could definitely be a factor. Those packages have probably been locked up for 5-6 days in transport and then a couple by you. They need to get out and do...
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    Re: Left behind bees?

    How big are your swarms? If they are good sized 3-5 lbs of bees I would not bother with the ones left behind. Like Vance mentioned if 400 bees are worth worrying about. How long are you leaving the...
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    Re: Did the two deep split today

    I think I would go back in at about 4 days and look for the original queen or look for eggs. Unless you are not putting in a queen. If you are letting them raise their own then I wouldn't bother it...
  23. Re: It's my birthday and my hives are alive!

    Well Happy Birthday to you. Great news on your bees. Keep a close eye on them from now until the first blooms. Its now when they starve.
  24. Re: 207 Hives stolen, Sacramento area, near 99

    The bees are getting moved into the orchards at night from the staging yards. A lot of activity going on early evening. Probably not a lot of locals watching because it's so common this time of year...
  25. Re: 207 Hives stolen, Sacramento area, near 99

    These were taken on the 6th or 7th according to the original poster. I was coming back from California on the 6th from checking on my hives in the almonds and passed 15 semi loads of bees headed...
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