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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    You know your bees like propolis when you need 2 hive tools at the same time to pry boxes apart because the first one starts to bend before the boxes move.

    This was my experience with a few...
  2. Re: About to purchase first hive, few questions

    I have a deep on bottom and then stack mediums on top of that. An 80 lb box is not bad at waist height, but when you have a deep at/above head height, and the bees decide to glue it to the box below...
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    Re: Repairing Lega Extractor

    have you tried inserting a nail/pin thru the shaft and the collar to get it aligned then pushing the nail back out as you push in the spring pin? This can sometimes make it easier to get everything...
  4. Thread: Runny Honey

    by elmer_fud

    Re: Runny Honey

    Mine sucked to extract last year. It was capped and was at somewhere between 12 and 13% moisture content, I am not sure if this is from putting the suppers in the fridge for a few weeks until I...
  5. Re: Crowdfunded Smart hive for helping bees, beekeepers, and bee researchers

    I am curious what sensors you are planning on using beyond weight, temperature, and humidity. I have this data on one of my hives and am not sure what other 9 parameters you would look at. I have...
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    Re: Is fall treatment for varroa obligatory?

    Do a sugar or alcohol roll to get a proper mite count. If you counts are actually low with one of these methods you MAY be ok without treating. Keep in mind that the bee population is going to keep...
  7. Re: It's 6-am - 9am or after 7pm beekeeping for me!

    I try to finish before 6 pm or so most days. I am not a morning person so I have no morning experience. As it gets later in the evening more of the forgers are back in the hive and the forgers tend...
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    mine are all green because I think it stands out better than any of the other colors :)
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    Re: Water Your Grounding Rods

    If you want it to work even better pour salt water on the grounding rods instead of normal tap water. Salt water is more conductive, but it will probably kill all of the plants that you pour it onto.
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    Re: One troublesome hive

    I would be inclined to re queen the hive with a store bot queen to get rid of the genetics that keep wanting to swarm.

    What breed of bees are they?
  11. Re: OA vaporization is probably safe with honey supers - here's my calculations

    I am not sure the cappings are as solid as you think. There are several people on here who places a box fan blowing thru supers to dry them out, so there is atleas some porosity in the cappings. ...
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    Re: Pex pipe for honey

    I second trying to find and use either plastic or stainless steel fittings. Brass can get chewed up and release junk in acidic solutions and honey is a bit acidic.

    A quick search found this...
  13. Re: OA vaporization is probably safe with honey supers - here's my calculations

    The difference between formic acid and OAV (as I understand it) is that formic acid is released as a gas/vapor and remains in a gas/vapor state. OAV sublimates the oxalic acid (turns it into a gas)...
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    Re: Stuff in the honey; what to do

    I would let it sit for a few weeks and see how it looks. Depending on how fine the wax is and how thick the honey is the wax may float to the top. If you still have the honey in a 5 gallon bucket...
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    Re: Bee yard site questions

    I think the local plants and chemical spraying are more important than if you have farmers and/or pastures around. I think my bees spend most of their time forging in the open spaces and residential...
  16. Re: Costco 100% Raw unfiltered honey for $2.98 lb

    I saw Colorado raw unfiltered honey at my local Costco this week. I should have looked at it closer, but I am sort of wondering if it came from LR rice since they are a big honey producer located in...
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    any chance they were some sort of carpenter bee?

    I have seen this also with my sunflowers vs other plans. I have wondered if the honey bees do not have long enough tongues (wrong name, but...
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    Re: Pouring from 5 gallon bucket

    Some sort of transfer pump might work.

    I found this and it might be worth trying (or something similar) ...
  19. Re: From my first three months in beekeeping.

    It sounds like you are on the right track. I would plan on having 10-12 of your hives make it thru winter if they have enough stores and your mite counts are low. Make sure you have a lot of...
  20. Re: Free shipping on 5 gallon buckets - maybe more items!

    How old were they? Were they stored outside? I have found that some of the food grade buckets that I have outside (with veggies in them, I need to make a real garden) only last 2-3 years until...
  21. Brag - What is the biggist hive you have had

    Out of Curiosity what is the biggest hive (by boxes and/or weight) that you have had in/at the end of a single season?

    My big hive this year is at 360+ lbs, 1 deep and 7 medium boxes. I tied it...
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    I will try to make a post about this later when I have more time to do a good writeup. That hive stack is now at 360+ lbs and still gaining about 2 lb/day.
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    It is a homebuilt system. It is very loosely based on one that Sparkfun made several years ago with a lot of changes and additions.
  24. Re: Cleaning propolis Of the insides of extractor

    I have had good luck burning my hive tools clean. Probably not a great solution for a extractor though
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    Re: Post Your Bee Pics Here

    Not a honey bee, but a good picture of a bumble bee on one of my roses 50133
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