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  1. Re: Hive Identification (People and Bees)

    When I first started bee keeping, I velcroed on little wooden cutout thingys from a craft store. Each was different, one was a bee, one a rainbow, etc, etc...... I kept a 'diary' on my hives, using...
  2. Re: Welcome Leo Sharashkin, editor of Keeping Bees with a Smile!

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    Re: Smoker Fuel

    Do you have access to dried leaves, dried road apples, punky wood, dried pine needles? And keep it handy at the hives in a bucket, so you can feed your smoker as needed. All the above is what I use,...
  4. Re: What Kind of Bees Are These Entering Our Hive?

    The REAL Nor Cal, 2 hours south of Oregon and 2 hours west of Nevada. 5 hour drive to Eureka, which is west of us. 5 hour drive to, what I consider, "Central Calif" which is the S.F. Bay Area.
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    Re: Hello, fellow beekeepers!

    Welcome! Sounds like you are kind of like me, research, research and more research before I get into anything, including bees. Sounds like you are off to a good start, and with the added talent of...
  6. Re: What Kind of Bees Are These Entering Our Hive?

    Like Nelsonhoneyfarms said, it's a drone. If you are ever going to mark a queen, catch a drone and practice on them first. At the end of fall, when winter starts the girls will kick out all the...
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    Re: Help! Bad at seeing eggs

    I have a hard enough time seeing the queen, let alone eggs :pinch:, even with reading glasses, I'd have to use some jewelers thingys. I don't worry about it, as long as I see tiny larva, which thank...
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    Re: Tool bucket replacement ideas

    I have horses, so when I got my bees, I started using something I already had:55975
  9. Re: Feed off, feed on, insulation off, insulation on- it's cold

    Early May I took off the insulation on my hives. Had a really good flow going, they were busy as heck. Luckily, where I am, the lowest temperature has been 37 degrees, I haven't put insulation back...
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    Re: Global Warming

    Ice ages
    There have been at least five major ice ages in the Earth's history (the Huronian, Cryogenian, Andean-Saharan, late Paleozoic, and the latest Quaternary Ice Age). Outside these ages, the...
  11. Re: Neighbor contesting our beekeeping permit - advice for the upcoming hearing?

    GREAT IDEAS!:thumbsup:
  12. Re: Is Mann Lake and Betterbee woodenware compatible?

    I don't have "Betterbee" equipment, I started out with Dadant, and I should have stayed with Dadant. I purchased some Mann Lake equipment, but the Mann Lake stuff is just not the quality Dadant is. ...
  13. Re: New to beekeeping this year very excited

    Welcome Brian! It is a lot of fun!
  14. Im curious, has anyone gone to a weekend class by Leo Sharashkin

    I've a friend that would like to attend one of his 2 day classes, I'm leery, as it's $299.00, no refund if you cancel up to 3 weeks before the class. Has anyone here gone to one of his weekend...
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    Re: Dark colony of bees (Carniolan?)

    just watches a little of the video, they look like Carniolans to me.
  16. Re: What hive design yields the most honey? Which yields the most bees?

    Thanks Ruthie!
  17. Re: What hive design yields the most honey? Which yields the most bees?

    I LOVE it! What a gorgeous hive, and what a great idea. I'm the same, it's a PAIN inspecting, having to take off the top brood box to inspect the bottom one. Do you have plans for that box you...
  18. Re: What hive design yields the most honey? Which yields the most bees?

    I've been wondering the same, standard Lang vs Long Lang. Interesting to hear that the Long Lang may produce more honey.
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    Re: My First Long Lang

    Wow, very cool. Keep us posted on how it goes, and, how much honey you get. I saw, somewhere on beesource, where someone said you don't get much honey from a Long Lan.
  20. I just saw this, happened yesterday, beehives set on fire in Yolo County

    Ass holes
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    Re: Acorn frames

    I'll have to check Amazon out, in the past when I've checked out the Acorn website, and emailed for prices, I was quoted $8.00 ea. Maybe the price has come down some, I'll check it out again.
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    Re: Acorn frames

    Interesting thread. I wanted to get some Acorn Frames, but balked at the price, $8.00 each :-0, I hadn't thought of another brand, thanks for posting about the Pierco, more affordable for me.
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    Re: Foam filled tires

    We've a bobcat with foam filled tires, I LOVE IT!! Before the foam filled tires, going over bumps was a pain, the thing would bounce a lot. Now, it is much more stable. And no flats. Go for it.
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    Re: Dramatic queen retrieval during removal

    Love it! So cool to watch all your different 'collections' Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: sewing machine

    Excellent, I hadn't read all the posts before I posted. Good job!
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