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    Re: Startup Company Making "Super Bees"

    I can see a new and very expensive honey variety coming from bees that coked up. Night Blooming Jasmine honey.

    Caution, may be toxic, but so...
  2. Re: new beehive designed to stop bees from dying over winter, and to have 24/7 monito

    In a way, these straw man side tracks are on topic, in that they show that others have had what they considered brilliant and innovative ideas that simply fell flat when presented to a broader market...
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    Re: A question about feeding

    Congratulations on having more honey than you can use. You may do as you indicated but, have you considered making a small batch of mead? A little something to warm you up when it gets cold?
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    Re: Caged queen killed

    What you are describing is classic for the "queenless" nuc to have a queen that is simply no longer laying. The stronger nuc viewed the caged queen as unecessary and killed her by stinging through...
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    Re: Potato cultivating....

    Good to know about the ashes. Had not considered the K component. Years ago I ran a bunch of potassium that I got from my work on some root crops. Banner year for the beets and the carrots.
  6. Re: U of Montana Apprentice Level Beekeeping Class

    Not all master beekeeper programs are created equal. I have heard that the ones offered by EAS and U of M are among the best. Virginia's program is supposed to be modeled on the EAS one and is a...
  7. Re: Lanternfly control efforts impacting bees?

    I think I will pass on the Kopi Luwak. I was familiar with it from years ago thinking it was disgusting back then. Still think it is. SLF honey on the other hand does not sound that bad...
  8. Re: This is getting ridiculous (Varroa and OAV treatment)

    I think Greg was looking for a low maintenance pet.:) I mean, good Lord, he NAMED them.
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    Sticky: Re: Treatment-Free Bungling 2018 - ?

    George Imerie lived in Maryland, about 150 miles north of me. The weather he described is accurate. For the past 25 years living in Richmond, I know that there will be several very warm days in...
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    Re: Potato cultivating....

    I really need to get the soil tested. Been burning a lot of old wood and leaves in the garden and that usually ends up making the soil alkaline. I used to spread pelletized lime on the yard and...
  11. Re: questions and theories on how OA kills mites

    dudelt, I know they are dead when they drop because I do not bother oiling my boards. When an infected hive drops over 1000 dead mites in three days, one has to figure that they were dead when they...
  12. Re: questions and theories on how OA kills mites

    I like that you are thinking outside of the (bee) box. The problem I see is that in grooming, most of the mites survive and are killed when they drop onto the oil coated sticky board. With OAV, the...
  13. Thread: infused honey

    by JWPalmer

    Re: infused honey

    A friend of mine just returned from Scotland and brought me a bottle of a scotch/ honey blend. It is more like a liqueur at 19.8% alc. by volume (about 40 proof). Have not tried it yet.
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    Re: What are your hobbies?

    When I was 9 years old, my dad was a member of the auxiliary police force in Ft. Lauderdale. We would go to the range when it was not being used and sift bullets from the backstop. Afterwards we...
  15. Re: Inspite of my help my bees are doing well so how do you

    Here's one for ya Jim. "The bees are better at being bees than we are at being beekeepers"

    Glad everything is working out.
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    Re: Global Warming

    There is a part of me that wants to say, "it is time for us all to "chill"". Sorry, couldn't resist that one.
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    Re: My first Melomel - elderberry mead

    "Get at least a wine/beer/champagne yeast."

    Oh, I will. In my defense, the wine making was back in 1975 and I was 15 at the time, using a recipe that was written on an index card. My solution to...
  18. Re: Lanternfly control efforts impacting bees?

    This seems like a vitally important project. Thank you for posting. I hope all Beesource members in PA will participate and the PA Dept. of Ag is flooded with 2 oz. squeeze bears.
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    Re: Kickstarter-related posts

    I will be discussing with the other moderators what the Beesource policy on Kickstarter projects will be going forward. For now, let's keep it low key. Beesource is not really the place to be...
  20. Re: Methods for dissuading more beekeepers in a particular location?

    I hope you encouraged them to attend beekeeping classes and offered to sell them some bees this Spring. A few extra hives nearby will not have an adverse imapct on your operation unless they decide...
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    Re: Greetings from the Black Hills, SD

    I had to look it up. Good one.
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    Re: Band heater vaporizer.

    Most of us that are OA only give the bees a treatment around the end of November, Thanksgiving weekend if you will, and then again at Christmas. Seems to work pretty well for going into Spring with a...
  23. Thread: Wax Moths

    by JWPalmer

    Re: Wax Moths

    Stick the supers back on your hives for a few days. The bees should clean them out. They would probably appreciate the added protein.
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    Re: need to get rid of bees....

    Y'all know you are responding to a seven year old post, right?
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    Re: Problem with oxalic acid wand

    Just like with jumping a car battery, I would suspect you had a bad connection at the battery terminals that caused this problem. Can't think of anything else besides a wiring problem with the wand....
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