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    Re: Should I go with Saskatraz packages

    Buy local over wintered nucs if possible. Be careful of some people selling nucs in Pa I would ask if they produced the nucs in Pa or were they brought up from the south and are being sold as...
  2. Thread: Skunks

    by bee keeper chef

    Re: Skunks

    I get tack strips from a carpet installer and nail it to a board and lay it in front of the hive skunks wont want to walk on the sharp tacks it has worked for me along with live traps and a 22
  3. Adding Attendants oto Banked Queens

    I had to bank 18 queens to make room in some mating nucs. I will have someone picking up 2 queens Sat. but he will not get the queens in until Sun. Can I or should I add attendants to the queens...
  4. Re: Virgins mating and starting to lay eggs

    I am still not sure what happened The cell that I placed in the nuc was hatched out the end not tore down and they killed her when she hatched. I could have had 2 mated queens in the nuc and did not...
  5. Virgins mating and starting to lay eggs

    My last round of ripe queen cells that I introduced into mating nucs hatched out and 2 of them hatched out and within 2 days I found eggs. I did not think this was possible The virgins in the other...
  6. Re: recieving cold lifeless queens in shipment

    I just checked on the 5 queens that got chilled all 5 are laying well. They all have a 10 frame deep filled and have moved up into a second deep. Hopefully they don't run out of gas.
  7. Re: recieving cold lifeless queens in shipment

    Thank You MB
  8. recieving cold lifeless queens in shipment

    I received 5 queens and due to a plane delay and a 30 degree day my queens came lifeless after a couple of breaths on them they began to move. I placed them on a hot water bottle and all the nurse...
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    Re: Super over duplex resource hives?

    I do it in the fall when there is less chance of swarming in my area I get a good fall flow. In the spring they are hard to keep in the box and tend to want to swarm
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    Re: Swarm cell time?

    If they have started swarm prep it is hard to stop. Find the queen move her and a couple frames of brood and bees to a nuc. They will continue to make cells then you can make more splits or reduce...
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    Re: Mann Lake supers 6.95 each

    Just wait at some point this summer they will have a sale on boxes the last couple of years they sold for $8 for a deep 10 frame. You have to buy 36 boxes no shipping cost. I just wait and buy then...
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    Re: Cloake board method question

    When I select a hive to use the cloake board method for queen rearing I replace the bottom board with a bottom board that has a entrance out each side so I can open and close it without spinning the...
  13. Re: Very small cluster hanging by a thread

    If you have the resources like old timer said put some brood in, if you have any this time of year. mine are just starting to brood up. You could shake some nurse bees off in front of the hive on a...
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    Re: ProVap 110

    Generator and cord
  15. Re: Wedge Top Frames for Plastic Foundation?

    You can use the split bottoms but you will have to use the wedge top by removing the wedge and anchoring it tightly against the plastic foundation, Or you could leave the wedge in the top bar and put...
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    Re: Pennsylvania

    Yes I see crocus blooming for the first time today. I also saw a lot of maples starting to get the red tips for bloom by the Pittsburgh Airport today
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    Re: Intoducing A II queen

    I have had bees chew under push in cages before I have been lucky on those occasions they did not kill my queens other times I have had to let her out. My cages are of proper size but they just dug...
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    Re: Intoducing A II queen

    Thank You
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    Irradation of dead outs
    Not sure if this was posted before but if anyone is interested irradiation program is available in NJ
  20. Re: So, what did you scrounge today? Braggin encouraged

    Scored some scrap boxes from a tube mill these are made up of 1 x 12 boards 36 inches long to 52 inches I see some nice 5 frame nucs in my future
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    Intoducing A II queen

    How hard is it to introduce a II queen to a hive or nuc that has not been laying she is inseminated and shipped. Or I have choice of a II queen that is tested out to see if she is laying then she is...
  22. Re: what to do when it's time for warmer weather (with 1 colony that's survived)?

    If the bottom med is empty move it to the top but don't do it to soon I wait until I see dandelions blooming. Make sure you do not split the brood nest if she has brood in the bottom leave it alone....
  23. Re: Is Beltsville back taking samples or what does it cost elsewhere?

    I had some samples sent to Beltsville for brood disease last month got results about a week ago did not cost nothing. My results came back no brood disease
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    Re: Dark Comb and Package Bees?

    I use old comb all the time but my concern is why the hive died out. If you are sure no disease was the cause I see no reason not to use it
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    Re: Overwintering

    How do you know what is going on in your hive if you don't go in it. You have to check them and not with a flashlight
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