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    Re: Queen excluders or honey excluders?

    I am about to put a QE on as mine started to lay in the upper Med super I put on :( I must have moved her up there by accident when I played with the frames last week. I have a hard time finding...
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    Re: Can anyone explain this?

    Ever see one zealously clean a young bee? I mean like a Mother cleaning up a rumpled 7 y/o boy outside the Church doors at Sunday mass ! lol
    I have seen this the last 2 days on 2 bees. Just...
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    Re: Smoker Fuel

    I use, china, smoker I bought a few years ago for $5.
    a small paint scrapper about 2 inch wide and this hooked car thingy because I had both just sitting around...
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    Re: Can anyone explain this?

    awwww That is so sad.
    I keep picking up the ones that don't quiet make it to the landing pad ♥
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    Re: Tool bucket replacement ideas

    Or if you want something that you can pull that folds up.
    I have those wagons I got from Costco or they have at BJ's/Walmart ?...
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    Re: Sting resistant suit

    Maybe try a long sleeve dress shirt, the thin kind, then see if you can get Tule fabric to there is 'air' space between that and another outer shirt/jacket. At least if you get stung in the upper...
  7. Re: bought 3 used wood edged QE, cleaning ? for the wood part

    Yeah I was worried about that too. I did scrape it down pretty well.
    I'm thinking I can use the heat gun for the metal and maybe the wood too, or some small flame .
  8. bought 3 used wood edged QE, cleaning ? for the wood part

    Edit/update: I ended taking all the wood off and soaking in boiling water. They were really gross in the crevices. The smell seemed really off to me so I thought this best. Thank you JWP

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    Re: Is this a SHB?

    I have not seen any here , yet.
    But I do know that those light brown 'wood' cockroaches like to be on the wax that I scraped off and flung on the ground in front of the hive the other day. Not sure...
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    Re: Smoker Fuel

    I use what he does and it Does work very well ! Just use dried grass clippings, free and plentiful !

    I tried the pellets but my bees were None too...
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    Lol know I couldn't for the life of me think of...

    Lol know I couldn't for the life of me think of how to explain it. BTW I did use the name brand Velcro.
    Anyway I read it somewhere and thought it was a good idea.
  12. Re: When to add second foundation-less 8 frame deep to new package

    I lucked out in the drawn straight comb on the foundationless frames.
    1st year Beek here so....
    I had 10 frame deep full comb except 1 frame, then put another deep 10 frame with 3 full combs drawn...
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    Re: Lesson learned

    Don't Cha love kids? :rolleyes:
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    Re: Hive Identification (People and Bees)

    Today I just put on Velcro I had laying around.
    One is black square, 1"x2", the other is a small round white spot about size of dime.
    For now they are just the grippy part.
    only one hive has...
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    Re: Is Mann Lake operational right now?

    Amazing . I still have not been able to get through calling, finally after FB PM and another email I got a reply today. ALL comp associated with Kelly/Mann are out of metal QE and they don't know...
  16. Re: More brood taking orientation flight video

    Welp, the girls all just want to do this when I want to go out and play with them :( Sun is trying to come out today and it is cooler so I guess they want out ;) They seem to be going just a bit...
  17. Re: More brood taking orientation flight video

    They seem to want to do this almost Every time I want to go out to work on the weekends.
    I am thinking they just want to give me a heart attack.

    BTW, the top Med is a feeder, 2nd down Med is...
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    Re: Colony Update here in MA

    Is it bad form to bump this? I have not seen a MA specific post and want to keep this going so I can learn more in my area :)
    If 1.5 years is necroposting, I apologize
  19. More brood taking orientation flight video

    My girls are all having a grand time freaking me out. No fighting just a lot of them. Doesn't look like they want to swarm as I was in there the other day and no swarm cells at all.
    Let's see if...
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    Re: Foundation-less frames

    I just did some cut offs from the bottom of med frame that was in my Deep. I only had cotton string so I tied it in but had the comb on the bottom of the frame figured they could built up. I will go...
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    Re: Help! Bad at seeing eggs

    I know what you mean about not being able to find them. I would have to have my readers on but with sweating in the suit and glasses don't mix well.
    I was in mine yesterday. I didn't find the...
  22. Re: Got viciously attacked today when observering hive

    Not something I would want anywhere near my bees............. or chickens.
    Some states have a law against keeping coons as pets. Looks like Michigan requires a permit for these
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    Re: Strange spherical cells on new hive

    Maybe try to take out that foundation on 2 frames and leave it empty and see if they like FoundationLESS to work on?
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    Re: Bees crawling on ground

    I do this too :rolleyes:
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    Re: Is Mann Lake operational right now?

    Tried to just call then now, got hung up on 1st time, 2nd got answering service who said that if I left a message they wouldn't call me back.
    Kelly said the BO QE were being sent by ML yesterday,...
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