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    Re: Filtering Wax

    Those used five gallon strainer bags work well after the first render post melt. In other words, melt the wax in the frames, collect the wax and scrape the slum off. Melt again and pour through the...
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    Re: How much Beeswax from Comb?

    Same here as AppalacianOutdoors. I got a SAFNatura that was in the final BMBF sale and I did not win at auction. Turns out I lost to MannLake/Kelley. They ran it and ran it "in-sale" when it got down...
  3. I think I bought the last brushy mountain wax melter

    Got it from Kelley at almost 50% off retail. Nice unit and really opens up cleaning frames and melting down wax.

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    Re: Double nuc, a nod to Mike Palmer

    TTT - I wanted to provide an update on this topic. I now have a couple of these in each yard. They NEVER disappoint. I had one of my local followers (He is new and is shadowing me in my yards to get...
  5. Quaility and Service Issues at Dadant

    Hi All,

    I wanted to make certain that if you are looking to buy an extractor or any other types of equipment from Dadant that they are having significant issues with welding. I purchased an...
  6. Re: Do smokers spit out embers that can cause fires?

    Cut a piece of metal window screen about 1.5 inches square and push it up into the nozzle. Place a rag over the screen and use a blunt piece of wood like a hammer handle to push it up further into...
  7. Re: replacing inner cover with a fabric or plastic

    I used burlap in a pinch this year it worked great. I was very pleased! PS: they will chew a hole in it though.
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    Re: SC flow over :(

    SNL is outlining the difference in beekeeping here in SC. The coast, the midlands, and the upstate are three distinct macro environments. There are micro environments as well in each of these. In SC,...
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    Re: False swarm??

    I did not. I was tempted to go get the shaker box with a queen excluder on it but with the temps in the 60's I decided the presence of eggs means she was there as much as three days ago. I may take a...
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    False swarm??

    About 2:15 this afternoon I had a swarm issue from a resource hive and light in a tree. When I got back with the ladder I noticed the cluster looked much smaller. At the top of the ladder the cluster...
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    Re: March Madness Sale Monopoly

    I put on a router table this year. I have one fella who fancies himself a wood worker and I subbed some small jobs out to him. I usually buy from ML in the fall on the "mill cut" sale by the pallet...
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    Re: Package bees into 4 frame nucs

    Love a resource hive. Im not in the north but the same principles work here. They are stronger earlier and contribute to the other hives. 46255
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    Re: Can you partition a deep hive box?

    Here is one I made on the saw. Note the divider is locked on center in this arrangement. Making the "follower board" the exact dimensions of the inside will create the division the OP is looking for....
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    Re: Starting with Foundation

    They dont do as well if they have to draw out the comb. Thats one reason to feed like mad during year 0 when you first get them. Add the supers as soon as temperatures moderate and the nectar flow...
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    The power of double nuc boxes

    You would be hard pressed to convince me double nucs dont work well. 45825
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    Re: Metal vs Wood Bound Excluder

    Brown plastic....just seem to get it done.
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    Re: Winter Bee Bomb Nuc Weight

    I am not up north. I do run a resource hive. They are simply brood factories and places to find a queen. This year I plan to add five more of these (10 colonies) as a function of expanding. They work...
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    Re: First Time Making Queens

    Make sure its a predominance of purple eyed drones and that night time temps are in the fifties and you will do well. Make sure and put the starter in the garage or laundry room to keep it warm if...
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    Re: Muth jar gift boxes

    Aunt Betty, thats nice and good to know. I sold every muth jar I had at $12 each for eight ounces. They flew off the shelves. I bet the packaging carton will really help move them!
  20. Re: When to move overwintered nuc into 10 frame hive

    Nice! - I used to refer to that first hive we got as the "mother hive" cause everyone came from that. Now, mother has been split so much its not really the same. I have tags to put on as I have more...
  21. Re: When to move overwintered nuc into 10 frame hive

    John is right on the money and in your local area. I am in SC and will not move them to 10 frames until mid March to make sure they can keep the temps. I also look at the weather checking for...
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    Re: Will bees chew through wood?

    Its a sign of a hive that is strong AND does not like your arrangement. I have a three in the backyard alone that have chewed the entrance reducer in the corners to a nice soft radius. Over at the...
  23. Re: Resource Hives - Keeping Colonies Small(ish)

    Resource hives are my L-O-V-E! Nucleus hives (five frame) are next. You will do well to invest in a double nuc hive as they are treasures. Based on your reasons I think you will find the resource...
  24. Re: the nuc is packed and The Girls're active; should I do anything?

    I would wait. Nothing but trouble will come from disturbing a 5 over 5 configuration now. When the Maples are blooming you are good to go them as long as the temps cooperate and rain is not too...
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    Re: Stopping Moisture

    Im 30 minutes south of Charlotte, NC over the line in SC. Ive never heard of beekeepers running quilt boxes in these parts. With over 14 inches of rain in my area we are saturated. I worked my home...
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