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    Re: Global Warming

    In general, members themselves choose the sub-forum for a particular thread. Some threads, such as those that involve heavy pictorial or video are better suited for the Photo/Video Gallery. Some...
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    Re: OAV, putting the risk in perspective

    This study seems to be relevant at this point:

    Oxalate content of foods and its effect on humans
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    Re: Radial extractor basket

    I think Rich meant that its "Dadant" that is the manufacturer of the Little Wonder. :)

    Product page link:
  4. Re: How to make DIY Apivar for a 1/100th the price?


    Manufactured pesticides are required under Federal law to comply with FIFRA:
    You can read...
  5. Re: new beehive designed to stop bees from dying over winter, and to have 24/7 monito

    Note that a rule that bans/blocks/etc all Kickstarter type threads would also apply to this Michael Palmer thread:
  6. Re: Newbee here with question about plastic bottle prices.......

    You may find some more options at Sailor Plastics:

    I see some 'plain' plastic honey containers with flip lids at $0.463...
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    Re: Kickstarter-related posts

    After some delay, there is now a sub-forum where Kickstarter, FundRazr, GoFundMe type threads can be found. Here is the sub-forum link:...
  8. Sticky: Be VERY Careful about contributing money!

    This forum is for threads where "funding requests" are a material issue, This would include KickStarter, GoFundMe, FundRazr, etc type projects. Be aware that contibuting money IS ENTIRELY AT...
  9. Re: What does Packed for or by on label mean?

    Smokey Mountain Honey Company may be another one of David Winter's operations. See this page where he is doing business as "Smokey Mountain Bee Farm".
  10. Re: Trap out in tree seems to be what?

    I'm bumping this new thread as it was stuck in a non-visible moderation queue for some reason, and was therefore likely to fall off the New Posts page ...:)
  11. Sticky: Sending Private Messages (PM) to Beesource other members


    Unlike posting a message in a public thread, Private Messages are only viewable by the member(s) that you addressed the PM to.

    You can initiate a PM (Private Message) in...
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    Sticky: 'Searching' the Beesource site

    The search box at the top right of most forum pages has some significant limitations. I rarely use it.:) Note that it does not allow searches of words of 3 characters of less, so...
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    Sticky: Using photos in your posts

    Use the "Insert Image" button: (2nd button from right in that screenshot snippet)
    ... on the Compose Message /...
  14. Sticky: Why the populating the "Location" field is relevant to you

    To get the "most relevant" responses to your posts, it is important for each member (new members - new beekeepers - prospective beekeepers in particular) to edit your profile to include your...
  15. Re: Smartphone app that listens to bees to tell you what health issues they have

    Everyone has the right to post their opinion of this device/system/app in this thread.

    In the same manner that some of you are urging a member to stop posting in this thread, you are equally free...
  16. Thread: Queen

    by Rader Sidetrack

    Re: Queen

    I'm bumping this thread as Mace posted a reply (post #4) yesterday afternoon, but the system decided to "moderate" that post and it was not publicly readable.

    Now that the post has been released...
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    Re: Question for posters/ morning rant

    OK, I just moved this thread to the Forum Feedback forum. In theory, it should have been put here earlier, but I left it where it was. :lookout:

    Now that it has been it exposed to the "Bee...
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    Re: Question for posters/ morning rant

    "Location" used to be a required field. Then when VerticalScope implemented a universal login system (across all their various forums), they decided that it was too much trouble to require...
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    Re: Homemade Supplement for nectar?

    Unless you have enough hives to distribute 5 gallons of syrup immediately, I suggest just mixing up what you can use in a day or two. And to simplify the process, there isn't a need to actually...
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    Re: CNC router - making hive boxes?

    Note that is is possible to share .dxf files (or any other type of file) by putting them inside a .zip (compression or archive)
    file and adding that as an attachment to any post. The "attach...
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    Re: DIY Electric!

    You haven't told us what critter you are intending to keep out of your apiary, but if it is bears, you may find this Bee Culture article reprint useful:...
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    Re: electric fence

    My suggestion is to set up two separate fence chargers. Use one to protect the apiary site itself, and the second one to protect the rest of the 10 mile fence line. That way, when something damages...
  23. Re: Bear Fence with Solar Charger Question

    I got your joke; :D and see that you are a keen observer of Beesource threads. :p

    Yes, bypassing the "load" terminals does not allow the controller to protect the battery. But, in the big...
  24. Re: Bear Fence with Solar Charger Question

    Most likely, the controller's separate battery / load connections are intended to protect the battery from the load damaging the battery. Such damage could occur from either drawing too high a...
  25. Re: Setting up Deep for package installation and existing fully drawn out frames

    Assuming that you are going to utilize the queen cage that the queen in your package was shipped in, you likely will need to remove 1 frame from the box to allow space for the queen cage (9 frames...
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