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  1. Re: preferred ways to return wet frames to the hive so as to avoid robbing frenzy

    Ur rite ,I live close around and the alffa is blomming so there some else 4 them 2 collect,but keep eye on them and keep entrence reducer in place, if robbing gets started plug it up except enough 4...
  2. Re: Stumped new bee Keeper, hive deserted and now active with bees

    u will find a endless wave of learning experances in bee keeping,its a whole world in its self. u got a mentor that loves 2 keep everthing intersting,and on target.There is always something 2 learn...
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    Re: What are these grub?

    Hi pbm ,those r larva ,they look great .that is burr comb and u c that they r white,and healthe .tit is good idea 2 scrape off so u dont crush a bee in it win ur putting everthing back 2 gather.uU...
  4. Re: Observation hive managment, any differences?

    I've had a OB hive on porch for 3 years 5'tall 24" frams prob. Equal to full 10 fram and meadum 10 fram , I make sure all forgers r out looking crack it wait till settles down spray alitte sugar...
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    Re: How important is a cover for Ob. Hive

    I've hadOB hive for three years ,I really enjoy watching and listening to them working I noticed they don't like a long run of bad weather Seames like they get louder longer than stretch is if u can...
  6. Thread: min. temp

    by pink bee man

    Re: min. temp

    It's all ways a little scary win stuck in a small box,but if workers have cleaned and polished she will start give her a little time ,stress will pass
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    Seams to be swarm explosion for last two weeks ,got 4in a matter of 5hours . The flow is at hand and bees are making comb as fast to fill its,a complet opposit from last year . Thank you Mother...
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    Re: NewBee from Missouri

    Sounds like u got it to gather ,but the most importan part is being aware of u. If ur new r ember to move slow and always feel to make sure bees aren't crushed ,try not to bump or drop things around...
  9. Re: Can a swarm high in a tree be lured into a trap?

    Plastic gutter pipe comes in ten ft sections ,if not 2high bees will slide down the sections hold a bucket at bottom with fram of honey ,if u get most of them rest prob. Fallow . Pipe is pretty lite...
  10. Re: I want to move my hives ~15' and flip their facing direction

    I move mine around to back of house so I put a nuke some honey and comb one new wat was going on but one was well I sat nuke there ,put it next to hive next day all went some were . Put nuke back...
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    I'm in KY it's a pretty nice day,53 the temp. Bees have been start ing 2 make comb,they were going out win temp. Was 35 ,getting redbuds and plums,peaches. Had a 18 degree nit few days ago , but it's...
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    Re: How important are covers for OH

    I use 1/2" foam in winter and use cardboard in summer. MyOB hive s on a large porch u know the guys have big eyes ,don't like light at all so good luck. I really enjoy mine watch it all time ,nite...
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    Re: Brood Break How-to

    It takes quite a few days for a laying worker to appear on seen ,some thing no one wants ,as for hive the workers will notice queen gone in just less than hour ,or min. Requeen seconded day ,after...
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    Re: How bad did I screw this up?

    Hi as long there was no queen in hive they will proble accept her .they no rite away if queen is missing but bigger hive would have drawn a new one quickly because it has more bee resource but all...
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    Re: Brood Break How-to

    I think that would be a whole brood cycle if u mean starving out the mites did it once the hive out grew one next to it after it shed the pest!
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    Re: New Beek needs advice

    Hi there that honey looks tanagrine,bet it's as good as it look ,bloom here is slow and some trees aren't evengona bloom. The hillbilly in me is worried ,beekeeper is still positive!
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    Re: personal swarm advice anyone

    just remember bees go back to same spot if something is moved only move inch or 2 they r amazing and always go to same place u know were u r door is.
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    Re: Checking on new hive question...

    Make sure there is a nough r oom @ entryway & sometimes it takes a week or so 2start laying, if all new foundation . Sunny day between 11/4 in afternoon,not 2 brezzie ,check ever 10 or so days .l...
  19. Re: A little advice on a laying worker hive, please.

    I've had laying workers. Take box several yards a way dump hole box shake all bees off everything ,put empty box &frames back in place & hope laying worker can't find way back ,other bees know what...
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    Re: About To Give UP TF

    There are a lot of ways to keep up on this,the hardis one is trick bees into clean moad ,I don't consider powerdsugar a treatment but a good cleaning is in everything's future ! Pulling and freezing...
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    Re: distance when splitting a hive

    I have a OB hive on my porch that is 24/60" i split them 2 days ago put split 5' away in window,just threw a hand full of grass in front of opening let them sort and clear out of way,their still...
  22. Re: Bees in open box---no lid, no bottom, lots of comb!

    Find that queen @ put her on one frame and take her down the road @ relocate some were else,they make loads of bees but if it stays mean squish her let em make another. Hope the next one...
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    Re: Hive Hosting

    those are not beekeepers theyare fishermen, and U R getting scaled!!!!!
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    Re: dark queen ??

    Ive got one ,looks like that came from wild swarm last fall ,gona graft queens from it this spring. lots of bees lots of honey lived all winter,had a large cluster. she look healthy!!!! ...
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    Re: Diy rosin collections anyone?

    moonshine pinkbee man I like it bees like it helps break it down to filter and disapears win uncorked . Eather way its good thing .
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