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    Re: Ian stapler , a Canadian beekeeper

    I am sure you have seen his web site and blog
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    Re: OAV and Splits

    For the "queenless" split portion I would wait until the new queen is laying and treat just once before the first brood is capped.

    For the portion with the legacy queen. Start anytime, treat 4...
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    Re: queen longevity of natural versus ii

    You might be interested in this paper.

    Comparison studies of instrumentally inseminated and naturally mated honey bee queens and factors a ffecting their performance
    Susan W. Cobey

    It can be...
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    Re: Breeding vs inbreeding

    Breeding techniques and selection of the honeybee, Friedrich Ruttner.

    Mating biology of honey bees, Koeniger and Co.

    These two would be most helpful for what you are trying to do.
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    Re: Instrumental Insemination Equipment

    6mm. A disposable biro cut down works.
    Download the PDF and have fun...
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    Re: Extractor decisions

    I have 3 pieces of advice for you.

    1) Join the club

    2) Join the club

    3) Join the club

    They members will be able to tell you where to get a good deal on extractors near you if you need to...
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    Re: Extractor decisions

    Your welcome.

    The first and third extractor you listed are exactly the same.
    The second unit looks very similar to the units sold on ebay here in Germany, they are very very cheap.

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    Re: Extractor decisions

    Beesource has some great information, but if don't live in America or Canada there is not much chance of getting good specific advice on beekeeping equipment. You would be better served asking...
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    Re: Pollen traping

    A colony normally has about a weeks supply of pollen stored in the comb which is about 1 kg. The colony maintains its pollen reserve by modulating it pollen collection. Increasing collection when...
  10. Re: Treatment free at all costs - the chronicle of a beekeeper from South Germany

    I aim for 12 kgs of stores in a single and 16 kgs in a double. Anything less than that is lite.
    In this case the hives have less than half their target weight of stores. I think the very warm...
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    Re: Hive scale

    I have a few I built myself, but I have also bought one from Greece called Zygi.
    I can't build one cheaper than he sell them for and so far it's first season it's worked well. I am satisfied with...
  12. Re: Treatment free at all costs - the chronicle of a beekeeper from South Germany

    I installed mouse guards as well today. I also had a big scare, for some reason a few hives are very very lite considering they were fed syrup. I have some honey frames kept for late winter which I...
  13. Re: What other form of acids for vaporing

    Acetic acid has been promoted as a miteicide in Egypt, mainly because of availability and cost.

    Lactic acid is approved as a miteicide and used in Germany when building Nucs. Or when the colony is...
  14. Re: Is sealing the hive necessary after OAV treatment

    You don't need to have 100% kill rate for the summer treatment, enough so the bees have healthy winter bees is adequate. Not sealing the hive during and after treating works, I have done it. BUT for...
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    Re: OAV Treatment Problem

    How much OA are you using? If there is too much in my vaporizer I get the same result as in your picture. Are you sure your doses of OA are the same every time for every treatment.
    The bees are not...
  16. Re: Volume syrup making equipment - Tell me/Show me

    This is a great idea

    search beesource for trash pump that will keep you in reading for an hour or two
  17. Re: My very strange situation - Bees won't eat...anyhthing. Starving their own queen

    Look up OAV here on beesource and use that, and quickly. Bee can get very disheartened under stress ie varroa.
  18. Re: My very strange situation - Bees won't eat...anyhthing. Starving their own queen

    Have you treated for Varroa?
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    Re: Hive weight

    I made my own and am on version2. But I also have a zygi scale. Its a lot less than what I paid for my self builds and works better!!!
    The maker speaks good English and is very...
  20. Re: How you manage swarm in comercial beekeping?

    Hi Florin94
    If you have Carnica bees, then this level of swarming is normal. Time for checking swarm preparations is always a lot. I think its between 6-8 weeks every 9 days or so. Thats life with...
  21. Re: Queen moved out living on outside of super ???

    1. How do you know its the original Italian queen?

    2. Is there a queen (virgin) in the hive too?

    3. How strong is the hive now?
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    Re: To make a queen

    They start feeding just before the egg hatches, all though workers and queens are fed royal jelly for the first three days, the content and quantity of the royal jelly differs after the first day. ...
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    Re: Introducing cells or virgins

    I've never had that problem (with only 12 tries) I wonder if it has to do with the ventilation holes in your cell protectors. May be try blocking those and see what happens.
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    Re: Introducing cells or virgins

    I only know where in Germany.
    I would be surprised...
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    Re: Introducing cells or virgins

    Nicot produces a plastic queen cell, used for releasing virgin queens. Bernhard has a video.

    You seal the opening with bees wax, make a very small...
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