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  1. Re: Where they getting it from? East of Atlanta.

    Yep. I saw a lot of yellow jackets working the Camillias yesterday too.
  2. Re: Where they getting it from? East of Atlanta.

    Some Camellia varieties are budding and blooming now. I was out today watching them work some.
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    Re: Black Friday Sales

    Yes. Mann Lake does. Usually between 11% and 9% off most products. Usually runs from midnight Wednesday until Monday, but they do not preannouce that you should order early to be sure.
  4. Re: Unique Craigslist Score - Custom Honey Heating Box

    Very nice score! Congrats.
  5. Re: How much honey could one expect from one hive? Spring

    One of my goals this year was to carefully track my expenses and income related to my beekeeping. I found some free software (waveaccounting) and tracked every dime I spent. I even tracked mileage...
  6. Re: How much honey could one expect from one hive? Spring

    His math isn't off. You are just working a different math problem than he is.

    If OP sells for $13/pound and there are 3 pounds in a quart, then $39/quart of honey.
    If OP sells for $15/pound,...
  7. Re: How much honey could one expect from one hive? Spring

    I got 1200 lbs from 20 hives this year. 60# average. I sell it for $5/pound retail, $4/pound jarred wholesale and $3/pound by the 5 gallon bucket. I live in a poorer, rural area.
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    Re: Tea plant (camellia sinensis) questions...

    I found this study that appears to be on point.
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    Re: The right number of hives to keep it fun

    12 would be my minimum. Have 20 now. Sold 16 this year. I picked up a new customer this year that runs through about 150 pounds of honey a month (retail store.) So I have to go up to about 40 to...
  10. Thread: Varroa 12%

    by psm1212

    Re: Varroa 12%

    That is an interesting observation Dan. I would have thought that since Apivar was a contact miticide and you had only two strips per brood box, it would would take several days if not weeks for...
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    Re: Looking for reading material suggestions

    Bees in America: How the Honey Bee Shaped a Nation by Tammy Horn (now Tammy Horn Potter). Tammy is the State Apiarist for Kentucky. I am about half-way through the book now and am really enjoying...
  12. Thread: Varroa 12%

    by psm1212

    Re: Varroa 12%

    I would throw in some Apivar strips and immediately start OAV treatments as frequently as you can for a 28 day period.

    That may seem extreme, but you have a pretty extreme situation. Just know...
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    Re: Entrance reducer was pulled out of hive

    If you were taking bets, I would put my money on skunk.
  14. Re: Can Palmer Style Double Nucs be used to produce Honey?

    They can produce a LOT of honey. There are many variations. The picture is one of the strangest configurations I have tried. It is 3 medium 4 frame nucs beside 2 deep 4 frame nucs. If I were a...
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    Re: Crystallized honey

    Best option is a water-jacketed bottling tank. Unfortunately, that is also your most expensive option.

    I built this honey heater that I can put 5 gallon buckets in and it works very well. I...
  16. Thread: Pint Jar Cost

    by psm1212

    Pint Jar Cost

    I am currently paying $.72/jar for a regular mouth pint mason-style jar. That is the glass, lid and band. Is anyone doing much better than that and if so, where? Thanks.
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    Re: Need a Diagnosis

    Thanks for the responses. Hive continues to thrive despite these three frames. Frames seem to be clearing up and bees clearing out the "affected" cells, but it is still evident that there was a...
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    Startup Company Making "Super Bees"

    Beeflow from Argentina. Problems solved folks. Shut down the forum.
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    Re: Cost of 3# package of bees in 1949

    I have been doing some research into early queen and package producers from a small area in South Alabama. A 1922 article in Gleanings in Bee Culture had 22 suppliers from four contiguous counties...
  20. Re: This is getting ridiculous (Varroa and OAV treatment)

    I have always believed that they were in fact gone forever. If they did not hitch a ride on an outgoing bee of that colony, or they did not hitch a ride on the subsequent robbers, I believed they...
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    Re: Idea for Workshop queenrearing

    Agree on the mating nucs. I have a very high percentage success rate with grafts to capped cells. Not near as good on capped cell to mated queen. I could learn a lot from a good seminar on mating...
  22. Re: This is getting ridiculous (Varroa and OAV treatment)

    The paper itself states that a mite can survive on a flower for as long as 6 days. I had always believed a mite would not be able to live for near that long without its host.
  23. Re: This is getting ridiculous (Varroa and OAV treatment)

    No doubt that you are correct about mite washes and knowing where you are Astro. It would be better if I did alcohol washes prior to my major treatments once supers come off. But I am a one-man...
  24. Re: This is getting ridiculous (Varroa and OAV treatment)

    My experience with Apivar, which I have used for 3 years now on between 20 to 30 hives, has been excellent. I have not yet completed my mite washes for year 3, but so far i have <1% infestations...
  25. Re: Apivar of Oxalic Vaporization for extreme mite count?

    I would say that if you currently have a 21% infestation rate and are seeing DWV in your hives, your only real option would be a flash treatment like another shot of Formic Pro or Oxalic acid. ...
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