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  1. Re: Florida beekeeper claims someone poisoned, killed nearly 7 million of his honeybe

    Pretty sure that's the study that tested only about 32 hives of bees. There was a very slight average tendency for higher mortality with increased exposure to glyphosate, but the longest living bees...
  2. Re: Bees are omnivores and need the Amino Acids from microbes in bee bead.

    I often see bees on blood during deer hunting season. Not much pollen available here in November.
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    Re: Spraying for Army Worms

    Likely will be a pyrethroid. Will kill any bee it contacts immediately. As long as it doesn't drift into your hive you should be fine. Field bees are susceptible, but if they aren't working that...
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    Re: Honey House Pump

    I have the 1-1/2" dadant gear pump. It keeps up with my dadant 20/36 frame extractor with no problems on its slowest setting. I have it set up with 1-1/2" inlet hose from the heated sump and 1"...
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    Re: Slippery floors

    I think I have seen some people mention a cleaner called purple power.

    My wife makes soap, and I have always wondered if a lye solution would break the wax down, essentially turning it into soap....
  6. Re: Workers Moving Eggs in Queenless Divided Hive?

    How are the entrances situated? Any chance she moved out for a bit in the bearded front, and crawled into the wrong chamber? Then back?
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    Re: How close can I set my hives

    I use 2 way pallets. Usually set 6 pallets inside a 16'x16' "pen" in cow pastures. I prefer about 4-5' between pallets in all directions. Hate it when I set them 2' side to side. Won't ever set them...
  8. Re: OA vaporization is probably safe with honey supers - here's my calculations

    This is it...

    While logically, I agree username, the reality is that the American consumer doesn't care about boring calculations or studies. It's all about headlines. And if those headlines...
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    Re: Pex pipe for honey

    I have a reinforced 2" hose from the extractor to the sump, with 1-1/2" reinforced hose between the sump and the pump. Currently have a 1" reinforced hose going to a 65 gallon bottling tank, but that...
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    Pex pipe for honey

    I have seen many who use pvc pipe for pumping honey through. Any ideas about using pex? It is rated for potable water, so I'd think it'd be ok. My entire house is plumbed with the stuff.

  11. Re: Florida beekeeper claims someone poisoned, killed nearly 7 million of his honeybe

    Several commercial bee keepers on Facebook have indicated this is a well respected guy with over 20k hives. While it is not a small loss, it comprises about 1% of his hives at over 20k colonies, so...
  12. Re: Calculating number of flowers needed for a hive?

    Keep in mind, that when you google honey yield per acre, it gives you the total, not the net surplus. Depending on how drawn out the flow is, some to all may be used for brood production.

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    Re: How hard is this going to 'bee'?

    Posts 3 and 6 in this thread are spot on. Quite possibly the best responses I've ever read regarding someone aspiring to become a beekeeper. Props to psm1212 and little_john.
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    Re: Questions on hive space and swarming

    Answers to all those questions should contain phrases like "it depends", "often times" and "usually". Lol.

    The answers above are generally correct, but often times if the brood nest is plugged,...
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    Re: Bees Outside of Hive at Night

    Yes. It seems to be more pronounced when the nectar flow slows. Maybe the need to fan inside is lessening. Or there's no need to produce any more heat inside. Sometimes it is because the brood...
  16. Re: Hive Locations when you aren't a landowner?

    Most of my yards, people have asked me once they knew I had bees (and honey). Where I live is the opposite of urban, however.
  17. Re: Found these "pellets" among the usual dead bees near my rooftop hive...cause?

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    Re: Captured swarms that don't lay eggs?

    Caught a swarm in a trap this year. Drew out 5 frames really well. 6 weeks now and still no brood, no lw yet either. All I can guess is there is a virgin in there that couldn't mate due to all the...
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    Re: Laying worker help

    After a week, most of the lw bees will have been attracted to and joined the queen rite hive. If they haven't, something is amiss.

    Putting the honey frames into the lw hive may set you up for a...
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    Re: How to not care for bees:

    Thing that struck me was that he said he started the hive in may, but his gloves looked brand new, smoker didn't really look used. Betting it was about the first time he'd pulled a frame. Only other...
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    Re: Laying worker help

    Put the queen in her own nuc. Once accepted, place on top of a screen bottom board atop the lw hive. After a week, most of the bees from the lw hive will have moved up peacefully to the new hive....
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    Re: Why am I losing my Queens?

    While I agree for the most part, JWP, I think it was important when I started to do weekly inspections my first year. Sometimes it was practice for refining technique, many for learning stages of...
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    Re: Bees seen collecting wax

    I use a piece if plywood for a lid, they often warp, leading me to occasionally flip them. Have seen several instances this year where I'd flipped them and bees were "stealing" the wax away in the...
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    Re: Cold summer

    March 15-April 15 was great here, bees built up fast. Then it turned cool, with a lot of rain. Still by the end of may I was surprised at the amount of honey they'd put up. But the last 3 weeks, when...
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    Re: Trumps approval of pesticides

    Sure like to get my hands on some of that "native" corn that can produce 14,000 lbs of corn per acre...

    Not sure what "legalization" of chems is, I assume you mean approval for a label of use in...
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