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    Re: Queen Not Laying Coming Out of Winter

    A laying worker can't be less than 14 to 21 days old since it is that long after all brood has emerged when the colony shows the many eggs per cell.
  2. Re: What are these black granules on my bottom board?

    I can't tell from the photo if it is powdery or is adhering to the bottom. If powdery it probably is debris from the bees chewing out cells, if it adheres it could be a starting of mildew.
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    Re: How to make feeding less of a chore?

    amk; How many colonies are you feeding, what type feeder are you using to feed, and why are you feeding?
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    Re: Marking pkg Queens

    I would let her lay for 3 or 4 weeks. This is insurance that if you damage her the bees can make another queen.
  5. Re: virgin queens-in-swarms logistics; why? why?!

    Having virgins in the prime swarm, along with the original queen of the colony, occurs when bad weather has delayed the prime swarm.

    The virgins have matured, but the workers have held them...
  6. Re: Bees clustering under roof of Warre hive

    It is possible there is a second queen in the package and she has moved outside with a portion of the adults with her. This is commonly seen in swarms.
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    Re: Single brood box colonies

    The Langstroth depth frame (9 1/8 in.) was the shallowest brood frame in use until the Heddon depth (5 3/8 in.) was patented in 1885. The Danzenbaker hive used a frame 7 1/2 inches deep, but I think...
  8. Re: Shortest time to recognize AFB symptoms

    I would think that 12.5 days was the average of the ages in the study, or studies, that the test makers used in their program.

    It is very hard to infect larvae older than 48 hours with AFB, in...
  9. Re: Shortest time to recognize AFB symptoms

    If my memory is correct, AFB, Sacbrood, and Chalkbrood all die after the cell is sealed and the larva straightens out in the cell. The beekeeper doesn't see anything wrong with the dead larva until...
  10. Re: Shortest time to recognize AFB symptoms

    AFB kills the larva in the prepupa stage or when the larva first becomes a pupa. The prepupa stage is days 9-11 from the egg laid, the pupa is on day 12. The cell is caped before the larva becomes...
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    Re: Pollen feeder question

    It's been several years, but there was a study that showed caffeine does give bees a "buz."
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    Re: Single brood box colonies

    You can leave a super, but beekeepers can have more income by selling the honey and feeding back sugar syrup at a lesser cost. Management of your colonies depends on your purpose for keeping bees,...
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    Re: Paint- inside the hive?

    No, paint on the inside of the boxes does not cause the bees problems.
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    Re: Is it genetic variance or variety?

    Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus has a hairless black syndrome form.
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    Re: Essential oils - food grade only?

    It is probable that most beekeepers never use essential oils at all, except lemon grass in swarm traps. I am not sure how much that increases the probability of catching a swarm over using no oil. ...
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    Re: Russian Queens

    Yes, AR1. If I start them April 1 with 3 deep frames, 2 with brood and a queen cell and 1 with food, my Russians will be in 3 five deep frame boxes by mid June. Vance G is right about the swarming...
  17. Re: What hive design yields the most honey? Which yields the most bees?

    Little John; What about his book written in 1905 describing his use of 10 frame Langstroth hives to produce an average of 105 pounds per hive? I have read all the issues of ABJ and Gleanings in Bee...
  18. Re: What hive design yields the most honey? Which yields the most bees?

    Doolittle earned his living width his bees. If he had thought the horizontal configuration was the most productive, and it had continued to prove it's self so, he would have continued to use it. He...
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    Re: bees in the supers

    Marcin; I first saw this number given in old issues of American Bee Journal and Gleanings in Bee Culture in articles written by Doolittle and C. C. Miller. They were answering questions as to the...
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    Re: bees in the supers

    They are the older age house bees, and they know where the hive is located. The adult bee takes it's first flight at 6 days average. This is a flight to take a dump and to learn where their hive is...
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    Re: Cracking Hives The Easy Way

    The depth of the wooden frame top bar was selected because that depth caused the least brace comb between boxes. The plastic frames have a very thin area above the cells and the gap between boxes...
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    Re: Winter in Dixie 2018-2019

    I am in north Arkansas and a 5 framer here will often starve in early February. A 5 over 5 makes the winter in good condition. Expect 30 to 40% losses of 5 frame nucs. A 5 over five or a triple 5...
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    Re: 2019 Winter solstice

    A hard inner cover allows the winter cluster to move over the top bars from comb to comb, the flexible cover does not. The hard cover gives better support to foam insulation board when used for top...
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    Re: Introducing a laying queen

    The book "Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey" described the method used to requeen the field colonies. Laying queens raised the previous summer were removed from the nuc boxes and caged in wire mesh cages...
  25. Re: Too late to start feeding sugar syrup in Jersey?

    I doubt that your bees would be trying to swarm in November, if they are short on stores you should leave the honey super for the bee's winter food.
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