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    Re: Cow urine and EFB

    formic acid and oxalic acid already in wide use, why not uric acid ?

    Gives new meaning to ppbk, piss poor beekeeping....
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    Re: Medium Boxes Installing Packaged Bees

    I would use two, and here is why. Most videos on youtube showing you to dump the package into a box are a great way to do damage to a lot of package bees in the process, ending up with lots of...
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    Re: Yellow Jacket Bait Stations

    Last year my wife put out YJ traps by hanging the commercial traps on the apple trees that are between the hive stands. Sounded like a good plan to me other than those traps are expensive. In late...
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    Re: How many honey supers do I need?

    My experience in our area, if presenting the bees with new frames to be drawn out, one super per colony will do, only in a very good year will they get to drawing out another one. OTOH, if...
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    Re: bees in the supers

    There is always drift for large numbers of colonies grouped together. If blowing bees they will end up back in the hives, and highly unlikely they all go to the hives they came from. Don’t forget...
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    Re: nuc sales agreement

    Early to mid May is when most folks are doing spring splits to make nucs around here. A lot of the timing is driven by the availability of queens.
  7. Re: Idea for water source - please let me know if you think this would work!

    Goldfish fix that.
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    Re: Asian Giant Hornet

    From last September, article has good photos of the stuff.

    I have met with the folks in...
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    Re: forced brood break

    The part of that study that really stood out to me was the table of survival rates within each group. They used 10 colonies per group. Positive control got apivar. Negative control got nothing,...
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    Re: Easy cell builder help

    Then comes

    Group C - Mating conditions:

    full size colonies (requeening)
    5 frame nuc (need lots of bees to make a bunch)
    2 frame nuc (Dont need as many, but still a lot of bees)
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    Re: nuc sales agreement

    In our part of the world, spring nucs are sold as 4 frames units. If I was going to make nucs from a colony, here is how I would do it. I start by walking out to the double deep wintered colony...
  12. Re: Minus agriculltural chems. / Increase in food price question

    Do you buy feed for the chickens at the feed store ?
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    Re: New Beekeeper from Calgary

    There is a flaw in your cars analogy. My bee truck is a 2000 Tundra 4x4 with a flat deck, it's about as basic as they come. Our family car is a 2020 Prius Prime with all the bells you mention and a...
  14. Re: Minus agriculltural chems. / Increase in food price question

    All food for a year from 1/4 acre. Are you telling me that they never once went to the store for milk, eggs, meat, a loaf of bread, sugar, salt, pepper, coffee, tea. How about a beer or bottle of...
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    Re: Treated lumber for hive stand

    Well this is all easily explained. Everybody knows that the amount of gravity exerted by mother earth is directly related to her overall mass. What most dont know is the mother earth is gaining...
  16. Re: Minus agriculltural chems. / Increase in food price question

    Utopian dream, but somewhat removed from reality. Enter in the reality part. The bulk of the population lives in the city, and the bulk of the city population lives in multi story complexes. They...
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    Re: Single Deeps and Swarming

    Why the reducer? Don’t you shake them all out in the fall?
  18. Re: Topic: Expectations and Realities of Beekeeping (The First Two Years)

    Another thing that may be worth injecting into a talk for potential new beekeepers. Point out to them that many beekeepers struggle to keep bees alive, and in the process they manage to cultivate...
  19. Re: Minus agriculltural chems. / Increase in food price question

    Population in 1900, the age of horses, was 76 million in the USA. Today it's well north of 300 million. Agriculture today can feed that increased population at an affordable price because it's...
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    Re: Hive Configuration

    That is purely a matter of opnion.

    In my opinion, use deeps for brood boxes, mediums for honey supers. Always put supers above an excluder and you'll never have cocoons in the honey supers. ...
  21. Re: Queen confinement cage for varroa controlling brood break

    I'm sure the article will show up in public places soon
  22. Re: Queen confinement cage for varroa controlling brood break

    I've got a friend that does have access to the full study at that link, so got them to send me a pdf. I'm not permitted to share it publicly or I would. But I can summarize the points that caught...
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    Re: Single Deeps and Swarming

    A lot of commercial beekeepers run singles in a method similar to what Ian is doing. What I see around here, when a hobby beekeeper tries to run in a single, they get into swarming issues sooner...
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    Re: Used equipment

    When we re-did windows on the house a few years back I saved an old skylight and it's now the top for my solar melter. I'd have to go out and measure to be sure, but I'm sure it'll hold 2 boxes,...
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    Re: Feeding dry sugar in top bar hive in winter

    No, it doesn't sound right. We put sugar in when wintering mating nucs, pure refined sugar, the clean white stuff. It doesn't turn into a syrup, it turns into a brick very quickly, and I'm willing...
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