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  1. Failing colony without queen. need help

    I have a colony that the queen disappeared from. I put in frames of eggs and brood but the eggs disappeared and the brood hatched out. I put in a frame that has a queen cup and a few more frames of...
  2. Overwintering colonies in Virginia

    Hello. I am a new beekeeper and have a few questions about overwintering colonies. Here in Virginia where I live we have mild winters and don't get over 4 inches of snow. If i gave the bees 1-2...
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    Re: How to find/ get bees for free

    Thanks. Will try those things.
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    How to find/ get bees for free

    Hello. I am a new beekeeper from Harrisonburg Virginia. I am 13 years old so I do not have a lot of money. Are there ways to get bees for free? If there are I would like to know as bees are expensive.
  5. Re: 100+ New Mann Lake Deep Frames for Sale

    how much do the frames cost?
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    10 frame beekeeping things wanted

    Hello. I am a 13 year old and I am trying to get into beekeeping. I am looking for ten frame equipment. I already have 7 supers with frames, 2 bottom's, 2 tops, 1 inner cover, and one deep brood...
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