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    Re: Reverse queen splits

    It's quite possible to do so in a civil manner thru construction conversation. As you so well demonstrate in this thread, name calling and hand waving has taken precedence over constructive...
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    Re: Reverse queen splits

    Actually, this forum is not the right place. I usually try keep at thread on track by adding from our own experience, rather than going off on personal tangents that have nothing to do with the...
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    Re: Beeswax from China

    Was that foundation waxed at all ? Most of the plastic foundation or frames we can buy here come pre-waxed.
  4. Re: How to do a Direct Introduction of a Laying Queen

    I will preface my response with, my methods are NOT for the inexperienced, and, many folks will suggest what I do is all wrong. I have read most of Brother Adam's work, and for queen introduction, I...
  5. Re: Looking for some local Washington advice...

    what is an appropriate threshold for treatment ? That depends on the time of year to some extent, mite populations are not static, they are growing. I used to get real concerned about thresholds...
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    Re: supercedure v. emergency queens

    Well, I've now done this, by accident. Bit of a long story, but worth telling.

    My cell builder setup this year was a cloak board installation similar to that shown in the videos done by...
  7. Thread: Honey Fakery

    by grozzie2

    Re: Honey Fakery

    In Canada there is a legal definition of honey. The first section:-


    B.18.025 [S]. Honey shall be the food produced by honey bees and derived from

    (a) the nectar of...
  8. Re: Most of my Bees are Gone 1 Month After Package Install

    Bee population is a trailing indicator of problems in a colony. Brood population is the more accurate assessment of how a colony is doing. A package installed on May 5 will be a mix of bees of all...
  9. Re: Why do Queen Bee prices not fluctuate based on seasonal demand?

    Smaller scale local market sales, yes the demand does shift with the season. Not so much for the larger scale producers. Seasonal demand essentially begins when colonies are being split after...
  10. Re: Queen not laying after relocation of hive

    No eggs, no brood means that there has not been a laying queen since roughly the time you moved them.

    My guess, queen didn't survive the move and what you found is the new replacement they just...
  11. Thread: Dizzy indeed!

    by grozzie2

    Re: Dizzy indeed!

    That clip doesn't tell the whole story. Normally winching up the stretcher a second line on the ground is used to stabilize it so rotor downwash doesn't get it spinning like that. Apparently in...
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    Re: New Hive: Risk of Absconding?

    wondering if what your friend really meant, harvest the honey and get the empty supers back on to give them space in case they are thinking swarm.
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    Re: Grafting from a distant yard

    I would take a nuc along in a travel box. Find a frame with eggs and graftable larvae from the hive in question, then swap it for a frame out of the nuc. Now take the nuc home, and there is your...
  14. Re: Bees filled in gap left between frames for queen

    I would separate the frames first, remove the wild comb between them, then push the frames together. Dont just push them together and squish that comb they have built there. It's fresh new comb,...
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    Re: Forest Fire Smoke

    The whole concept of raking forests is now a worn out joke the world over that is tired and long past being funny. The sad part is, there are apparently still folks that actually believe such...
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    Re: Forest Fire Smoke

    Folks that were in the heart of fire areas in BC over the last couple of years had very mixed results. I talked to a few at various BCHPA events. Those that were in close proximity to the fires (ie...
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    Re: Accidentally caught a swarm...

    at least half of the swarms I've picked up over the years had a nice big paint dot on the queen. I'd look for that before making any requeen decisions if your main concern is AHB.
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    Re: cast swarming?

    I used to believe that. I did a graft on May 8, one bar of 15 cups. Checked on the 10th, 13 accepted and cells being drawn, expect them to emerge on the 20th. My schedule called for transferring...
  19. Re: Possibly Moving - What is entailed in moving the hives

    Do not leave them screened in unless you absolutely HAVE to.

    We move hives multiple times per year. We do not screen them. We have them ratchet strapped together, pick them up and onto the bed...
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    Re: Plastic Foundation : Natural Cell Size

    That would be for the PF-100 series. My understanding is the PF-500 series frames have cells embossed at more traditional sizes. To me, from a marketing perspective, this makes a lot of sense. ...
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    Re: Mini-Mating Nuc Timing Question

    I would expect to see capped worker brood 10 days after she starts laying, emerging brood in 3 weeks.
  22. Re: 2019 package bee prices very high with major suppliers, why?

    The two major items listed in the last assessment, SHB and AHB, two things we dont want to arrive into the general population of honeybees in Canada, there are a few others. With the exception of a...
  23. Re: theories as to why my hived swarm flew the coop?!

    double post
  24. Re: theories as to why my hived swarm flew the coop?!

    For a number of years, I believed that adding a frame of open brood to a hived swarm would anchor them. Last year I had one I picked up at a business a few km down the road where even that didn't...
  25. Re: 2019 package bee prices very high with major suppliers, why?

    The bees shipped into our area come as 1 kilo cardboard packages using plastic screen, air freight is based on weight so they have put a lot of effort into keeping the weight of the packaging down. ...
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