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    Re: Feeding honey in winter

    What about honey that has already crystallized into hard candy... Could be cut into chunks and placed right on top- would they consume it?
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    Re: Definition of "Artificial Swarm" ??

    To me it seems that the closest to natural swarm is the method where you move the queen (and only queen) into an empty box (foundation, but no comb) and place that box at the old location- that way...
  3. Re: Will bees pollinate fruits an vegetables inside a.....

    Yes, that is possible. Unfortunately I'm not very good at tracking individual bugs in the whole traffic activity that takes place in front of the hives... How wide is the "no forage" or "blind spot"...
  4. Re: Will bees pollinate fruits an vegetables inside a.....

    No, my bees forage in the dedicated bee flower garden which is even closer (right in front of the hives), it has a variety of bee friendly flowers and normally are so full that they are chasing each...
  5. Re: Will bees pollinate fruits an vegetables inside a.....

    We have ~12 berry bushes and few fruit trees all covered with either 1/2x1/2 or 1x2 metal net (to protect from deer and birds). All growing right beside the bee hives. I have never seen any bees on...
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    Re: Why so many bees still?

    You'll be surprised... I reduced all my doubles to single box and while it was still warm they were all hanging outside, but as temperatures dropped they all magically squeezed into the single box...
  7. Thread: Minty Taste

    by dekster

    Re: Minty Taste

    Yes, definitely Linden/Basswood - this year very strongly "minted" for some reason (must be dependent on weather conditions I assume).
  8. Re: Bee Excluder with empty super below a good idea?

    From my recent (2 days ago) experience -yes and no. The empty super will give them space to go down (otherwise they may not be physically able to go down if hive is very strong), the downside is...
  9. Re: Retired veterinarian bees have no nectar sourcears

    Good point- I'm trying to keep smaller clusters now (single brood deeps year round only as per Paul Kelly), so they not only need less stores but generally have better survival rates (from my very...
  10. Re: Retired veterinarian bees have no nectar sourcears

    Based on my extraction last week that would be exactly 2 deeps fully packed with honey. Seems like overkill - here in the frozen Canada we overwinter with a fraction of that amount. One year when I...
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