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  1. Still alive and beekeeping...question on harvesting some honey

    Hi all, I'm still beekeeping although the drought here in No California was pretty hard on the bees. I ended up with 2 hives left but just bought a local 'package' and installed them 2 weeks ago. ...
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    Article from Washington Post

    Work mate sent this to me. Opinions?
  3. Re: Northern CA Beekeepers - Super questions for you

    I have 3 hives in Novato and collected a total of 3 supers from 2 of them last weekend, the other one I left alone. I leave enough honey for my bees to feed themselves this winter and am very...
  4. Re: North Bay SF Area .... are you going into your hives yet?

    Thanks. So far the bees have brought pollen into the hive with no let up.... all winter! Down here everything is in bloom.. the rosemary, manzanita, cherry trees, wild flowers. Hoping the rain...
  5. North Bay SF Area .... are you going into your hives yet?

    My hives are very busy with this warm and dry weather. I really hope we get rain in Feb and am worried about a very early dearth. Still in the 40s at night but up to low 70s in the day for the past...
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    Re: Nor-Cal question

    I leave enough honey on each hive to feed them through the winter and usually have to check in the early spring to make sure they still have enough.
    Bees thin their own population down in...
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    Re: Nor-Cal question

    Careful 707, I'm in Novato and although my bees are working on their 2nd super I won't extract until I am well certain they have enough for winter. It has taken too long to build these up (IMHO). Of...
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    Re: Fuller Disclosure

    Reminds me of my partner who can talk horses with the best of them because of listening (and believing) me over the years.... but when they say what type of horse do you ride? the answer is none! ...
  9. Re: queens and broodless periods - tell me about this please!

    Well the deed is done. I checked the hive one last time and made sure there was an empty frame in the middle surrounded by resources; put her on top in the cage for a bit. They did not seem...
  10. Re: queens and broodless periods - tell me about this please!

    Thanks but I don't really have eggs to spare. My queen right is pretty reduced, my two strong hives are set for the winter and I do not want to open the brood nests on them. But yes, I can see how...
  11. queens and broodless periods - tell me about this please!

    I'm about 30 miles north of S.F., no rain yet but cold nights in the low 40s, barely reaching 65 in the day, 70 if we are lucky...about to get clobbered with rain and cold....

    I understand some...
  12. Re: Hive inspections... saga continues ...buying a queen

    Saga continues. I was going to combine hive "C" with a queen right hive but got an offer for a laying queen from a local surviver beekeeper here (I am buying her). However, he feels there is a good...
  13. Re: Anything wrong with this method for raising queens?

    This year I put on top of a queen right hive: deep with frames & resources and a queen excluder between the deeps. I let it populate. Then I put a screened bottom board on it and brought some...
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    Re: No more wiring frames for me

    Thanks for the hint and pictures too! What do you use to hold the wax strip in?
  15. Re: Hive inspections... not doing so well... question of course!

    Thanks Ray. Inspected hive "C" today and there is still a laying queen in the deep, half honey in a medium on top; this hive will be my choice to absorb "A" & "B". "AB" seemed to combine pretty...
  16. Re: Hive inspections... not doing so well... question of course!

    Thanks Ray. I think you are still having warmer days then us? We have the fog rolling in and one day really nice and warm; the next coastal cool. I am not desperate to buy a queen and will combine...
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    Re: Bees eating grapes?

    Yes but 20 yellow jackets to 1 worth leaving anything on...compost it! :)
  18. Re: Hive inspections... not doing so well... question of course!

    Hive "A" no queen, hive "B" unknown but no larvae. Both had brood 3 weeks ago but "A" was much smaller and would now starve and dwindle out if I don't combine. But I may just be combine 2 queenless...
  19. Hive inspections... not doing so well... question of course!

    Hive "A" Oh boy, my late queen is no more and I kind of expected this nuc that was hived on 8/17 was just too low in population to thrive. Plenty of bees eating up the remainder of the
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    lowest temp to inspect without harming bees?

    I thought 65 degrees was the lowest temp for inspecting safely but just read someone inspected their hive at 52 degrees. Thoughts on this?

    I want to do a last fall inspection of my hives. Last...
  21. Re: Preventing Fungicide CCD (A simple natural cure)

    Do you force feed it to the cattle? I've never tried force feeding a bee something she would not take...that would be interesting... :)
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    Sticky: Re: Face to the Name, R U up to it?

    I'll play but no pictures of me with bees... just the lil red dog.... :)
  23. Re: A curious observation that is kinda driving me crazy!

    temp. differences?
    honey bound?
    same variety of bee?
    all clues! :)
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    Re: A Little Something Hiding Under the Porch

    Very nice and they seem friendly too! Glad you saved them!
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    Re: Fighting in neutral territory

    I don't know. Also the stingers get killed as well as the stingees.... right? I just hope they are older workers who are on their way out.... :(
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