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  1. Re: Need to move hives; how bad is that? advice?

    Mix the syrup super light. If they're heavy anyway, they'll need water more than sugar.
  2. Re: New "vertical entrance" bottom board design

    You will end up with dropped pollen and general hive debri in between those screens, it will be a haven for ants, shb larvae, and wax moth larvae since the bees can't clean it. If you are determined...
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    Re: wet and gooey beebread?

    Bees will ferment the pollen to make bee bread. That's how they preserve pollen. If your hive is healthy and growing there will be virtually no reason to manually clean frames for them.
  4. Re: I'm convinced that OAV is a cure-all for mites.

    I agree, but my point is it doesn't matter what is right. It just takes a headline with a pic of someone performing oav with a bee suit and a respirator on to scare consumers. And we all know that...
  5. Re: I'm convinced that OAV is a cure-all for mites.

    I think oav is great as well, but I would caution that this same elation with a "chemical" and dependency on a single "chemical" was going on 20-25 years ago between farmers and a chemical called...
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    Re: Cut-Down Splits

    I essentially did this last year to a friends hive. It was a 3 deep hive and when I came to help him, it was full of swarm cells, but hadn't yet swarmed.

    I simply placed the top 2 boxes with most...
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    Re: Hive inspection

    Sounds likely that your queen ran outta sperm. Are you able to recognize the differences between laying workers and a drone laying queen? If it's a drone laying queen, you could squish and replace...
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    Re: Honey Keg from Mann Lake

    After 3 heating elements, and a little bit of scorched honey, I regret my purchase. Ended up drilling holes in the skirt and running 3/8 " pex in the bottom skirt just to warm honey enough to bottle....
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    Re: Simplest Way to Build Frames

    This for the deeps.

    I have 10 shallow supers I keep around just for comb honey
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    Re: Laying worker?

    I've basically done the same thing with a screen bottom board. Use it to separate the bottom colony from the top. After a week, most of the bees in the bottom hive slowly relocated to the top queen...
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    Re: Laying worker?

    That brood pattern is too solid for laying workers. Solid brood patterns like that can be confusing, as the domes can appear somewhat flat. Best way to assure if that is drone or worker brood is to...
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    Re: Basketball hoop

  13. Re: Minus agriculltural chems. / Increase in food price question

    I also like how, just like this thread, we only hear of the "ag chems". We let the people in their home gardens illegally cover everything with stuff like Sevin dust without ppe, without preharvest...
  14. Re: Minus agriculltural chems. / Increase in food price question

    You just can't please a crowd that decides to dictate complex things for which they have little knowledge or experience. Besides the dwindling population that would work in an exterior environment,...
  15. Re: Will glue survive 250 degree wax dipping temps?

    Couldn't find it today, but I wondered this 2 years ago, and found that tight bond 3 had a temp limit higher(375?) than my dip temperature (270). However the f26 construction adhesive has a...
  16. Re: Minus agriculltural chems. / Increase in food price question

    Perhaps I live in a bubble here on my family farm, what is this roundup for crop maturization? I have raised soft red winter wheat or been around it for 40 years and have never seen anything...
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    Re: Earliest I can make a split?

    Made my first ever splits years ago (walk aways) when the Easter flowers bloomed. Worked well that year. I'm north of you, but that was like march 25 or so. Don't think I've had a year since that it...
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    Re: Beeswax "saran wrap" alternative

    My wife does Facebook videos of how to do projects like this. Check her out on Facebook at "Indian Creek Bee Company"
  19. Re: Wax dipping pallets? Treated or Untreated?

    I use treated deck boards for the bottoms of my pallets, treated 2x4's for the runners, untreated ply for the decks/rims. I dip my pallets in wax/rosin and don't worry about contamination. Doubt that...
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    Re: Foam filled tires

    The foam used in tires is quite heavy. Think it is something like 48#/cuft compared to water that is 64#/cuft
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    Re: Dadant two piece heated bottling tank

    If water is getting into your honey, you either have a crack, a pinhole in a bad weld, or the nipple has been turned, breaking the seal. My bet is that nipple since the valve is not straight down.
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    Re: Help with Comb Honey

    Same for me. Screwed up year. Had about 15 out of 25 frames get drawn beautifully, only to have them pull the honey out of it during the next rainy spell. Got 1 good frame.
  23. Re: Is there a problem in giving bees a bit of fermented honey?

    I've had hives put up a medium super of nectar that fermented. I take the super from the hive, and give 1 frame to each strong hive untill I'm out of frames. I don't think it's good for them, but a...
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    Re: MAQS failure

    I think you experienced a product failure, caused by poor storage conditions. I have seen multiple complaints in other groups from maqs ordered on sale that was near the expiration date. I feel that...
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    Re: Hairy vetch for honney bees

    My bees work the hairy vetch here in se Missouri
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