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    Re: No drawn comb in honey super - options?

    There are bees in the HS, not many and just sort of hanging out. No comb building. Wouldn’t moving the queen excluder under the next super below do the same thing? As long as the queen isn’t in...
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    No drawn comb in honey super - options?

    Spring is blooming here in N. GA and I just added my queen excluder and honey super (HS) in hopes of my first harvest. QE and HS sits on top 1 deep and two medium supers.

    So far, since adding the...
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    Apivar treatment in winter?

    1st year beekeeper with what has been a healthy hive going into winter although I failed to do any mite treatment. Now, Iím believe Iím seeing mites on the inspection board.

    Our winters can be...
  4. Cold, wet, going out of town - hivetop feeder?

    First time beekeeper here in N. GA and am worried about heading out of town for the next 10 days using the feeder I have.

    In hindsight, I probably shouldnít have bothered with a feeder - hive is...
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    Why do I still have drones?

    First year beekeeper here in North Georgia. Perhaps is been the warm weather bit Iím still seeing drones. Iíve inspected the hive 3 times over the past six weeks and my queen is still there and...
  6. Re: Too late to add shallow honey super in N. Ga?

    Well, I do have a short super with old (as in years) comb already drawn. Frames are in good condition and have been frozen. I assume old comb probably doesn’t result in good tasting honey though?
  7. Too late to add shallow honey super in N. Ga?

    First time beekeeper here in N. GA and despite my efforts, the hive I started in May seems to be doing well!

    I currently have just the brood Chamber with a medium super on top of it. The medium...
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