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  1. Has anyone ever fed bees sugar and water seperately...?

    Hello-- I did an exhaustive search of the forums using as many keywords as I could find, but I was wondering if anyone has ever fed sugar and water separately to bees (dried sugar with a method of...
  2. Wait a minute-- NOSEMA is the parasite we should all fear?

    My beekeeping friend posted this to me, and as it hit newsweek, the study cited in it has older research, so I apologize if this has already been discussed, but I couldn't find a thread for it:...
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    Re: Can swarms move in with queenless splits?

    Thanks both of you all for replying!

    I got into the hive in question today and compared it with the other splits I've made-- including the one made on the same day.

    The swarm DEFINITELY moved...
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    Can swarms move in with queenless splits?

    2 weeks ago I made two walk away splits from my hives, with each using two frames-- one of capped brood, and one freshly laid tray of eggs. All nurse bees on the frames were transferred with them.
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    Re: Favorite syrup supplement/addition?

    Far be it from me to argue, but I'm curious how you know your bees 'like it,' as opposed to tolerate it.
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    Re: Ok to put beehive near pinetrees

    I'd argue that a commercial producer just needs to worry about making bees, not keeping them. Most of the issues discussed with keeping bees in shade occur over time with a stable bee population.
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    Re: Chickens and Bees?

    I'm really surprised no one has has the issue we have had of bee flight paths going through a chicken run, which leads to them being eatten by the feistier chickens in rather large numbers. If this...
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    Re: Big Losses from East Coast Cold Spell

    They have been treated and fed consistently. We meticously keep records of all our activites. Our varroa counts after treatment were 1-3 per inch. We use mite boards; we used thymol; we even did the...
  9. Re: Italian Package April 6th or Russian April 28

    ^ Agree with above. Russian bees are really overrated in general. The original studies that touted Russian bees as saviours from Varroa didn't account for the fact that the lower varroa numbers seen...
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    Re: When does comb get dark brown?

    I agree, except even if we as beekeepers don't use 'chemicals,' the forage they get into is often laden with chemicals, which they bring home and incorporate into their waxes. I don't agree with any...
  11. Re: Second year Beek- Chance of hive surviving?

    Don't don't DON't feed sugar water. Feeding sugar is fine in the form of fondant or sugar patties on the top bars, but do not feed sugar water. They can't leave cluster to do much with it anyway, and...
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    Re: splitting hives

    What exactly do you mean that you 'split hives' with a friend? Do you mean that you take some of her brood and she takes some of yours? Genitically speaking, if you remember, the queen you have mated...
  13. Re: Okay just had a hive swarm, what do I do next?

    I'm a big proponent of raising your own queens whenever you can. It's really early still, so the break in brood creation that will occur because of the swarm will be more beneficial to keep varroa...
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    Re: is feeding now a good idea?

    Sounds to me like it's about time for you to do a split before they swarm and feed THAT syrup instead.
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    Re: Big Losses from East Coast Cold Spell

    Reading those of you who got lucky and lost none, I'd like to point out your 'cold snap' temps were above or near freezing-- we went into the single digits from 70 the day before. However, reading...
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    Big Losses from East Coast Cold Spell

    Lost 4 of 6 hives, all of which were alive and raising brood in the 70 degrees before the cold spell, thus they were all found dead split amongst their spots of brood.

    How about everyone else?
  17. Re: I'm not new to beekeeping, but this hive has me stumped (pictures)

    Yes-- the brood was eggs and little larva, of course. And I mispoke in that it was three SIDES of medium frames, and of course the nectar and such was around them. o-o She had hopped to it and was...
  18. I'm not new to beekeeping, but this hive has me stumped (pictures)

    I need some advice to help me understand the situation of this hive. Here's the timeline:

    06/06-- Package was picked up after a month of delays due to weather. Rossman Apiaries, I believe. Queen...
  19. Re: Please help me evaluate a beekeeping site and stand

    Any other advice for my site? Please refer to pictures on first post.
  20. Re: Please help me evaluate a beekeeping site and stand

    Fascinating-- I thought those were waxworms, and posted a thread about them a couple of years back, asking about waxworms! xD I remember wondering about that. Well, no matter, as that hive died out...
  21. Please help me evaluate a beekeeping site and stand

    Hello all,

    I'm coming back from a 100 percent loss season. All the bees died face down in their cells in box two of every hive we had.

    We had the rainiest summer on record this past year, and...
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    Re: What is your loss percentage so far?

    We had the same conditions-- we actually had an eye-popping 125 inches of rain last year.
    And this is the coldest winter in our area for 25 years. This is what I was thinking-- we'd see some...
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    What is your loss percentage so far?

    Ours is 100 percent-- five hives out of five hives. Of course many factors affect survivability of hives, but I was wondering if this was a trend. The worst we'd lost before was 50 percent.

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    Poll: Autopsy of a Hive

    I'm trying to figure out what caused a CCD-like collapse of one of my hives.

    Hive was originally the bees left behind after a swarm, but they had no queen, or the many competing left over virgins...
  25. Re: robbing new nuc yesterday, what to do today?

    I'm surprised no one mentioned 'the wet sheet over the hive' method. It's as simple as it sounds.

    There are also entrances called 'robbing screens' you can look up. They are rather simple in...
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