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  1. Thread: APIVAR

    by Vance G

    Re: APIVAR

    Be sure to do sugar rolls or alcohol washes to check results. The mite population in my area shows it has grown tolerant to apivar. I discontinued using it three years ago in favor of Oxalic acid...
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    Re: Honey Still Not Capped

    I would shake some frames and see how much honey drops show on a cover. When a nectar source runs out, or all sources, the bees often fail to cap cells of that variety of honey. In my high desert,...
  3. Re: Is it standard practice to treat for mites during a brood break?

    OAV is not stressful to the bees
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    Re: Waiting period?

    The bees will select a new larvae about 3 1/2 days into the 16 day clock to a new virgin queen emerging. It will take her about a week to grow up and go on a mating flight or two. That is weather...
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    Re: New mated queen but seeing multiple eggs

    She may not have room to lay all the eggs her body is producing in available clean cells. Do the bees have enough room?
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    Re: Honey Harvest & Possible Swarm

    If you are using Apiguard which stinks up the place it is vary normal. If you are using Apivar that has no effect of the bees.
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    Re: Honey Extracting Question

    If new, they are fine. Wash your hands.
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    Re: Summer feeding?

    I would follow the advice of experienced local beekeepers. If the tree flow is over, pull the supers and feed. You may get a goldenrod or aster flow in the fall and want to put supers back on for...
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    Re: When to harvest honey boxes

    Take frames out of the uppermost box and turning it on its side or upside down, do a hard drop shake. If you do not get droplets on the surface you shook it on to, the honey is ripe. When a flow...
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    Re: Dwindling hive post Apivar

    Apivar does not cause a crash in bee colonies. It may be losing effectiveness against some mite populations but I do not believe it caused your problem.
  11. Thread: Honey Question

    by Vance G

    Re: Honey Question

    If it is off, feed it back next dearth. If it tastes good and is not runny, it is good for use or sale. Honey does not spoil or noticeably deteriorate from age alone.
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    Re: Bearding like crazy. Should I be worried?

    Bearding is not something to be that alarmed about IF your bees have adequate room inside. I am not a member of the super ventilators. One entrance allows the bees to set up proper airflow to clear...
  13. Thread: Under Supering

    by Vance G

    Re: Under Supering

    I used to do it and it was seldom a good practice. You end up with unfilled boxes down in the stack. Foundation especially, the bees tend to build a ladder of a frame or two of drawn comb and leave...
  14. Re: Question for Northern, High Desert Bee Keepers

    We are still well watered here for a change but it is plenty early here. As the man said, lots of drones being produced. If you feed and supply pollen patties, you can split after the honey flow...
  15. Re: Bees Making Cross Comb on Plastic Foundation!!

    When I every other or checkerboard in plastic frames, I get the existing drawn comb built out so deep that you cannot pull out the plastic frames and they do not get drawn! Pack the new plastic...
  16. Re: Why do drones congregate in certain hives in an Apiary?

    Are You a queen breeder
  17. Re: Why do drones congregate in certain hives in an Apiary?

    I have never observed that phenomenon. Some hives produce more drones and faulty ones or ones with poor beekeepers who allow a lot of drone comb are sometimes absolutely flooded with drones and that...
  18. Re: Why are bees hanging on to the bottom of the screen?

    SBB's are a bad idea that has been sold to countless beginners by countless second year beekeepers. The cluster of wasted and dying bees hanging confused below the screen is recurring. Search back...
  19. Re: Why are bees hanging on to the bottom of the screen?

    Just another reason why screened bottom boards are poor practice. Colonies can survive them but I seriously doubt they ever do a colony any good.
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    Re: Deep super full of honey

    I have no idea where you are or your climate but where ever you are, there is lots of time to extract that deep and if you are in a dearth feed it back full if you need two deeps for wintering. The...
  21. Re: Can I drop 5-frame nuc into the top brood box to requeen after doing newspaper?

    The way I have seen commercial operators requeen queenless colonies, is to remove five frames of the beneficiary and liberally sprinkle powdered sugar on the tops of all frames and the open sides in...
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    Re: Want to work bare handed?

    The deet probably masks the animal smell just like the black plastic gloves that bees can sting thru but rarely do. Liberally smoking your bare hands seems to help too if you are gentle.
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    Re: why do my bees become ever more gentle?

    The spring fruit bloom is on and I worked thru twenty some colonies and collected a swarm all in a tee shirt and baseball cap yesterday. When all the workers are busy collecting, colonies are all...
  24. Re: Setting out deep frames of honey so bees put it in medium supers?

    Consider putting the deeps on the bottom board and taking a capping scratcher to them. Then put a queen excluder on top of the deep and stack your brood box/s on top and super on top. The bees are...
  25. Re: have folks found that resource hives only draw worker comb?

    Bees establishing a colony such as a new nucleus colony are not rich enough to waste resources on reproductive activity and raising drones is just that. Nothing is always but for the most part, good...
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