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  1. Re: Laying Workers-They don't read the same books we do!

    I don't thing it matters if a bee has oriented on the hive or not when it is shaken from frames outside the colony, the first bees returning to the colony will Nasonov at the entrance and that is...
  2. Re: Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus? Any treatment for?

    CBPV predates the varroa mite, so the varroa is not necessary for the bees to get the virus. Having a heavy mite load stresses the bees so they may display symptoms of the virus when they would not...
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    Re: Want to work bare handed?

    I have worked honey bees when the mosquitos were active. We were sprayed with a deet spray and it did nothing to repel the bees. The bees would still crawl on clothing and hands.
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    Re: Frames with **no** sidebar relief

    The English beekeeper R. O. B. Manley used closed end frames with wide bottom bars in his honey supers, they were on a wide spacing to help with hand un-capping. They work ok in honey supers where...
  5. Re: Effective to simply keep cutting out swarm cells?

    I had Buckfast bees 10/15 years ago that responded to cutting cells and adding supers of comb, but all other bees before and after those required making a split if cells with larvae were found. I...
  6. Re: Hard to find queen when wanting to replace her

    You need to learn how to use queen excluders.
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    Re: queen less hive swarm????

    The colony will swarm with the first virgin that emerges.
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    Re: Swarm now no what?

    When a queenless colony is in the process of raising a queen they fill the cells in the brood nest area with nectar or syrup. When they have a virgin that is mated they begin to move the...
  9. Re: What Kind of Bees Are These Entering Our Hive?

    Cleaning the antenna is part of the preflight checklist. Their smell and hearing organs are in their antenna.
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    Re: Chalkbrood

    Chalkbrood is a fungal disease that has no approved treatment, Apiguard has no effect on the fungus.

    Chalkbrood usually does not kill a colony, but does weaken the adult population. Chalkbrood...
  11. Re: Brood Nest Size recommendations... clarification

    Question 1. The two deep 10 frame bodies is the comb space required for adult bees and the winter stores in most beekeeping areas. The amount of food the bees can put in that area is sufficient to...
  12. Re: Overnight temps in the 40s and using vented bottom boards..

    I overwintered 24 colonies on open mesh bottom boards with no stickey boards in and had one loss, and that was due to varroa immigration in November. My winter temps drop into the low 20s with highs...
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    Re: Moved my hive. OOPS?

    The bees will search and find the colony at the new location after they can't find anything at the original location. If other colonies are close they may drift into those. As JG says, even if they...
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    Re: Aggressive Bees Attacking!

    Northeast Texas has the Africanized Honey Bee, as does the southwest part of Arkansas. If in doubt that a colony is European Honey Bees, kill the colony. A life is more valuable that a colony of...
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    Re: mated queen piping?

    I have had mated queens in cages pipe when they were grouped together on a counter top.
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    Re: Swarm not taking syrup feeding?

    They may be sick. I have had colonies that refused syrup when others were taking it down, and they would dwindle and die. Try spraying the adult bees with a spray bottle of plain 1:1.

    Just saw...
  17. Re: how to transition a hive from all mediums to deep brood boxes?

    If you have deep frames of comb for your deep brood boxes just put the deep on the bottom board.

    Put 1 or 2 medium frames with sealed/emerging brood and the queen plus adults shaken from four...
  18. Re: Comb drawn perpendicular to foundation?

    They also do the same thing with wax foundations. My opinion is too few adult bees when the foundations are placed on the hive. It also may be the nectar flow is not strong enough, or both.
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    Re: Queen trying to make a run for it.

    The plan you used is your best chance to stop the swarm if you won't do a split. I would add a super of comb above if you have it.
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    Re: Why not Langstroth/Warre combo?

    If you just put in top bars the bees will join the comb to the side of the box, and it must be cut loose to remove the comb. The bees will often cross comb, drawing the comb not along the underneath...
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    Re: when is swarming NOT swarming?

    cconnell; Regarding "trial swarms," it is my opinion there is no such thing. Honey bees know how to swarm, it is a natural instinct, they need no practice. There are aborted swarms, and this is...
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    Re: Supersede cells on new package

    The eggs are all on the cell bottoms and none on the walls, my guess is a queen with limited area to lay in. When you see capped worker brood it will tell if it is laying workers or a queen.
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    Re: Loads of drones flying....

    If there are drones mature enough to fly, and the weather is good, the drones fly. The most flights occur from 2 to 4 in the afternoon.
  24. Re: When and where to add new brood chamber

    Have yourself some fun with them, but remember the statement made by J.L. Byrer, a commercial beekeeper in Ontario in the 1890s and 1900s. He said that it was not the type of hive that determined...
  25. Re: When and where to add new brood chamber

    The only way I do any foundationless frames is to place them between frames of brood in the upper box. This way they are usually drawn worker size cells and the bees take the comb all the way down...
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