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    do honeybees tolerate cinnamon?

    I was browsing YOUTUBE and watched one of our northern beekeepers discover that this year the ants in his area are really bad. They are starting their colony on the beehive bottom board, and just DO...
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    Re: Brood swapping/requeen struggle

    I have had the same problem. In line with your thinking, I have stopped pulling good frames from my once strong colony. After a while you have to allow nature to take its course.

  3. Re: When to check for laying queen after split?

    @Jim Braun: You remind me of me.

    I am down to 2 queen-right colonies, one colony I know is queenless, and 2 I am hopeful will each make a queen. The one queenless colony I plan to combine to...
  4. daytime temperatures for queens to take mating fllight

    For the past 3 weeks it has been unusually cool and quite a few rainy days to allow virgin queens to go on mating flights. For the past month my hives have either some drones, or many drones, so if...
  5. Re: When to check for laying queen after split?

    On the larger of the 2-fer I added a frame from the queen-right part of the split on Saturday. The frame has about 10% stores, 50% capped brood, 20% eggs; the remainder is open brood of various...
  6. Re: Three medium boxes for brood space too little?

    You may want to look at Devan Rawn's quantifying on using a single (10-frame deep) brood chamber. He goes into the numbers bigtime in this 11 minute YOUTUBE video:
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    Re: Adding queen to split

    @pjigar: Wounderful video and explanation!
  8. Re: When to check for laying queen after split?

    You are right Amibusiness. When I did the split on March 26, the weather was ABOVE average, in the high 60's and low 70's. I was fooled by the weather, there were lots of drones running around, so...
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    Re: Giving queens names

    The only one I named was one I sloppily marked with yellow marker. You could almost see this queen without opening the hive. "OLE YELLER"

    @little joe: Mable was my late mom's name.
  10. Re: When to check for laying queen after split?

    Thanks, Jim and CConnell, for your responses.

    The weather here has been cool with a lot of rainy days. The next reasonably warm day is this coming Tuesday, the 28th. That's 2-1/2 to 3 weeks...
  11. When to check for laying queen after split?

    On March 26 I split my hive, taking the queen and some frames of stores and frames of capped brood to a new hive a few feet away from the mother hive. In the queenless hive I left behind about 4 or...
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    Re: New package queen rejected

    Update: Checked hive this morning; 2 queen cells were capped off on the same frame; these cells were at the bottom of the frame. There was another cell near the center of the same frame, not yet...
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    Re: New package queen rejected

    Thanks, JW!

    I will take a look tomorrow
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    Re: New package queen rejected

    Thanks, all for your responses. In thinking this over, and pondering on your responses, I think I must have clumbsily killed her, or lost her during the inspection of April 14th. I have not gone...
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    New package queen rejected

    Earlier today I attempted to do a brief inspection of a package I installed in a hive on March 31. I had placed the queen cage to allow the bees to become acquainted and accept the queen, and eat...
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    Re: Adding a box and moving brood up


    When you do your inspection you may find that your queens are not laying yet. Sometimes it takes a queen a couple days to get adjusted to the new environment.

    I wouldn't be too quick to...
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    Re: Orienting question

    Thanks for the replies.

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    Re: Split Timing

    I split on March 26. I made sure to leave behind lots of frames with eggs and/or real young larvae.

    Make sure the queenless hive has frames with eggs or REAL YOUNG open larvae. If not you can...
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    Orienting question

    I was watching my 2 colonies today, a beautiful sunny day in the mid-seventies; one had regular traffic, while the other had many bees in the air and on the front of the hive. The question came into...
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    Re: How to inspect with less protective gear

    Depends on how the bees are that day and how long you are in the hive. Some days the bees are really docile, but sometimes they are a bit testy. Even when they are amiable, if I have been in for...
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    Re: Best Feeder (top, 8F)

    I've tried many different designs, all of which successfully drowned many bees. Ladders to prevent drowning were ignored.

    1 qt. mason jars, inverted on 1/4 inch shims don't drown bees.
  22. Re: When should I switch out a candy board for a liquid feeder?

    I started putting 1:1 on about 2 weeks ago, when the lows were in the 30's. However, I had 3 boxes on, I wrapped the upper 2 boxes with light insulation, and there were a lot of bees which were...
  23. Re: Spring is here, but brood is not... Many bees though

    Ditto here in Maryland. I had brood in early February.
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    Re: Got DRONES?

    Can the drones legally fly on a mating flight in your area? If not, they are probably safer. :)
  25. Re: What to do with hives coming out of winter


    Yours are not dumb questions, just questions from lack of knowledge or likely questioning what you have heard or read.

    If daytime temps are getting to around upper 50's F or higher feed...
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