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  1. Re: Two hives has queen laying in honey super.

    2nd year here 6a- I have the same situation in a couple of my hives. I'm also trying the idea of having a pollen box (medium) below the brood box and keep it there undisturbed all year as a part of...
  2. Spraying water on sugar bricks got me through starvation months

    I'm sold. Will forever leave soaked sponges at the entrance and spray water on sugar bricks to get hives through the tough months. Every few days I take a carton of sugar and a spray bottle and add...
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    Re: How to inspect with less protective gear

    Fav beekeeper to watch is Scott Hendricks (Alaska beekeeper) on YouTube. He doesn't wear any protective gear. I personally don't advocate that but it's fun to watch someone that good. I especially...
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    Re: Managing spring build up

    Matt so glad you're here. I'm such a fan girl. Printed out your stuff and will be needing to head off the boomers who want to take over the world. Will need my A game.
  5. Re: Derek Mitchell article discussing effect of higher humidity on varroa

    I have been feeding water back to my hives since December either through a wet sponge on the landing board or from spritzing their sugar bricks. So while they now have a dry cavity I’m reevaluating...
  6. Re: Broadcasting Wildflower Seed, Is Now the Time?

    Totally smart. 6a with periods of rain and snow. Right now dumping aged horse manure for more wildflower areas and scattering clover seed, cold hardy annual seed and johnny jump up viola. Then...
  7. Re: Topic: Expectations and Realities of Beekeeping (The First Two Years)

    The emotional journey is critically important. The main thing that will determine success beyond the first year is determination. I’m pretty smart. But I was pretty deflated after losing my first...
  8. Re: Topic: Expectations and Realities of Beekeeping (The First Two Years)

    Starting 3rd year 6a. First 2 colonies perished. 5 colonies going into fall alive and flying as of yesterday. Its about taking this vast body of knowledge and boiling it down to knowing what my...
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    2/6-6a but high 40’s low 50’s for a bit. Started with 4 of 5 flying and taking dry pollen substitute (Glad it’s not a door stop anymore). Guess that’s a testament to our local pollen. Got into very...
  10. Re: Paul Kelly Bee Belt free shipping to US

    I'm newer too (starting 3rd year). Organization has a calming influence on me. My inspections are methodical and planned. Since my hive tool seems to be the thing I reach for the most I really...
  11. Paul Kelly Bee Belt free shipping to US

    For anyone who has always wanted the Paul Kelly Bee Belt,
    Free shipping to US from Canada. With the exchange rate it...
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    Re: 2020 How was your winter?

    Normal winter 6a- 5 of 5 alive and flying (cleansing flight 1/31)- Still had orientation flights into November which to me means they had brood hatching late, last year they shut down in August. So...
  13. Re: Broadcasting Wildflower Seed, Is Now the Time?

    6a high desert. Not an expert but I have been successful at getting wildflower seeds to germinate. Yes, they require stratification and periods of cold. I usually seed in fall, but conditions are...
  14. Pollen quality f1 hybrid perennials vs open pollinated

    Interested in the highest nutritional value for my bees. Considering planting a few F1 hybrid perennials or sacrificing newer attributes and planting the open pollinated variety of the same plant...
  15. Re: Fed water droplets/ landing board- they went nuts

    Nice post. I wonder the same thing. How much over wintering death is from dehydration?

    I’m keen to watch December weather. The stretches when its in the 30’s and dry when the cluster cannot...
  16. Re: Fed water droplets/ landing board- they went nuts

    My first 2 colonies did not make it. Moisture was one of many reasons. I did not run an upper. So while it may be too dry right now I’d rather err in that direction until I have more experience...
  17. Re: Fed water droplets/ landing board- they went nuts

    I think that's spot on square. The broodnest also requires humidity. After they have cleansing flights or fed water I can smell honey in the air.
  18. Re: Fed water droplets/ landing board- they went nuts

    6a- they call us high desert so dry is common. Running small upper notched entrance and wide open bottom with mouse guard, vivaldi board with feeding shim and burlap, 2 inch foam under and over top...
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    Re: Should I go with Saskatraz packages

    Love Saskatraz. Just not from a package. Even the best packages are like chaos in a box. Even if you put them on drawn comb (which I did) they may well supersede her as many packages do. If I...
  20. Re: Fed water droplets/ landing board- they went nuts

    As a follow up for those intrigued by the water thread....

    Noticed the sugar bricks looked dry and not touched. So I spritzed them with water just to see if the addition of moisture would...
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    Re: Australia’s fires

    What I like about the rural aid site is that it was set up by the Australian Honey Bee Industrial Council so I'm more comfortable knowing money will go where it needs to go. This is directed to pro...
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    Re: Mountain camp vs. honey

    2nd year 6a - 5 hives have feeding shims, ample fondant, winter patties, ample honey stores and super dry cavity. Noticing they go for the honey stores when they can get out for water. After those...
  23. Re: A new Year. What are your goals for the bees in 2020?

    Keep it simple- live bees, keep it fun, make more bee friends, continue being observant and listen to the bees. Much more detail to this, but like so many things it boils down to only doing a few...
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    Re: A VERY hot hive - what next?

    2nd year. Installed a nuc that was different to work day one. Likely Russian. Had considered requeening- however landed on another strategy that's working for my skill level. I built and now use...
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    All 5 alive and flying today. 6a high desert Oregon. Especially proud of the mid August swarm thats thriving in their resource hive. Kept the mites off and fed them heavily. Sold on 4 over 4...
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