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  1. Re: Stimulative feeding and 'light sugar syrup'

    but I do not understand why 1:2 fills combs faster?

    When supering, you should give bees 2-3 boxes more than they will need. They will distribute thin nectar out over those boxes so they have more...
  2. Re: Commercial and Sideline only- Why do you stay in the bees?

    China does make some high quality stuff. We just see the cheap Chinese junk because it is cheap. Their quality stuff is often a comparable price to our quality stuff - they may have cheap labor,...
  3. Re: Neighbors saying they're finding lots of dead bees

    I'd tell the neighbor that if it was my bees dying over at his house, I'm going to be checking to see if he is poisoning them - and I will hold him responsible.

    If the neighbor feels it is somehow...
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    Re: Help " What is it"

    1/32 of an inch? It might be a phorid fly. They are 2-3 mm long. The government releases them trying to control fire ants. Unfortunately, they like bees too. They lay eggs in the bees, and the...
  5. Re: Stimulative feeding and 'light sugar syrup'

    When house bees have a belly full of nectar/syrup, it stimulates them to start drawing wax.

    Normally, forager bees bring nectar back to the hive. They unload their nectar and give it to the house...
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    Re: Different count frames in hive

    Countryboy what does it do for you. Cutting frames down to 1 1/4

    With 1 3/8 frames in the broodnest, the bees put honey at the top of the frame, and draw the comb out wider. Often, they end up...
  7. Re: Commercial and Sideline only- Why do you stay in the bees?

    you can do that to hire lobbyists to go to congress and put pressure on them to draft tougher regulation on customs and declerations for foreign imports.

    You don't think it can happen?

    I think...
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    Re: bees vs people who dont like bees

    Even if a guest got stung by a bee, how can you prove it's one of mine...

    They don't have to - you have to prove it was not your bee, and you have to prove you did everything you could to prevent...
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    Re: Motor oil to Paint hive boxes

    We had an oil well on the farm I grew up on. Back in those days, the oil well guys had a tar pit beside the tanks that brine was drained into, and it would collect spilled crude also. That crude...
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    Re: grease patties

    Why would you give the bees a grease patty? Do you have problems with tracheal mites? That's what grease patties are used to treat for.

    The state apiary inspector talked at the bee club last...
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    Re: Different count frames in hive

    I am trying to go to all 1 1/4 frames, but there are still a few 1 3/8 frames hiding in my brood boxes. I run 8 or 9 frames in my honey supers. I have not seen any apparent problems or restrictions...
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    Re: Ultra-Breeze suit - thoughts?

    After getting an Ultra-Breeze jacket, I haven't worn my coveralls style beesuit since.

    After 2 years of heavy use, I did replace the hood. The fine plastic mesh on the veil started cracking and...
  13. Re: Commercial and Sideline only- Why do you stay in the bees?

    Do you know why I think that the US Beekeeper is going to go by the wayside? Because bee keepers don't rise together, stick up for them selves (mainly cause they are too worried about other "beeks"...
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    Re: Clothianidin? The corn variety is not identified, but it appears to be sweet corn growing in a garden, and not field corn that gets treated with Poncho.
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    Re: Stupidity has no limits...

    The local paper just had a story about a house fire. The guy had just shoveled ashes out of a wood stove, and put the ashes and embers guessed it...a cardboard box. :doh:

    I believe...
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    Re: KTBH Mechanical Extractor ?

    I have a 3 frame tangential extractor. I took frames from my Michael Bush style Kenya TBH and extracted them in my tangential extractor. I could wedge the top bar between the wires of the basket to...
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    Re: Pollen Patty Feeding Question

    Last year I used wax paper, however this was very messy and wasteful.

    What is messy and wasteful about using wax paper? Wax paper naturally biodegrades, whereas plastic takes umpteen thousand...
  18. Thread: Canola Crop

    by Countryboy

    Re: Canola Crop

    Bees on canola for a honey crop or bees on canola for seed pollination?

    Allen Dick in Alberta Canada used to do canola seed pollination. He said the first year he did it, his hives were super...
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    Re: trapping varroa

    Country boy - I ve been thinking about using false scorpions as a mite control for a long time - I have never heard anyone else even speak of it !

    Pseudoscorpions have been discussed on here...
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    Re: Do you like patties on top or on bottom?

    Why bother with a top box? Do you really think the winter cluster is going to jump a 3/4 air gap to get to the honey above?

    A Beek could feed 500+ colonies a day by himself!

    Keith Jarrett has...
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    Re: Looking to start looking for a truck

    I call shenanigans. Reality check folks.

    You PLAN to be at 100 hives at the end of this season? And you are looking for a truck with a $25,000 EZ Loader crane?

    If I had the money to buy a bee...
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    Re: Mating inside a national park

    You lost me. (Just as a FYI, the subject line is NOT part of the body of the thread.)

    Are you wanting to set up a mating yard in a 1 acre cemetary?
    Are you wanting to set up a mating yard in...
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    Re: Queen prices

    I would bet the demand curve for queens is relatively inelastic, meaning they will still sell well despite higher prices as long as the quality remains decent.

    As hard as it is to get early...
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    Re: trapping varroa

    Does anyone see my point about trapping varroa outside of the brood chamber?

    No, I don't. I'd consider that to be like trying to set a mousetrap inside a room with 50 cats. Different areas of a...
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    Re: Florida Pollen Patties

    You can get bees to eat patties faster if you increase the sugar percentage. The faster the bees consume the patties, the less time the beetles have.
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