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    Re: Frame spacing in a Warre hive

    These are what Im going to use in my future warre hives.
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    Re: Lot’s of Drone Cells. Why?

    Its perfectly normal if you are seeing worker cells with brood. Drones are a valuable asset to a hive this time of year and i find it almost insane to kill drones off. A world without healthy...
  3. Re: 1/4 inch dowel as side bar in a half frame

    I decided to go a even simpler route and just use the 1/4 inch skewers as top bars just like Sam Comfort does in his modified warre style hive. But thanks for the input its appreciated.
  4. 1/4 inch dowel as side bar in a half frame

    Building some half frames to go in a mini hive and was thinking about using 1/4 inch dowels as the side bars. Any input would be appreciated. The side bars only need to be approximately 4 inches in...
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    Re: Dartington hive.

    That's my issue with beekeeping. Too many gimmicks to sell instead of keeping it simple.
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