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  1. Re: Too late to start feeding sugar syrup in Jersey?

    I doubt that your bees would be trying to swarm in November, if they are short on stores you should leave the honey super for the bee's winter food.
  2. Re: Bee with torso up stinger out like a scorpion?

    No, it is not the standard "here is home" position. It is as BamaBee stated, the only time I have seen it is when the bees have started to cluster in cool weather. It appears to me to be a...
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    Re: What's up with the all the Bircomb?

    Based on the photos you are feeding on top of the top bars using an entrance feeder. You are using an empty super to cover the feeder, but all the area around the feeder is empty? If this is so,...
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    Re: Need a Diagnosis

    To me, the photos look like PMS, DWV killed larvae and pupa being removed by workers. I wonder what the varroa count was before the mite treatment was started.
  5. Thread: Bearding

    by AR Beekeeper

    Re: Bearding

    That is not excessive bearding during warm, muggy weather. I would let them alone.
  6. Re: How long does it take for bees to cure 2:1 syrup?

    I have seen colonies on soybeans fill and cap a medium super in 7 days.
  7. Re: Is it feasible to control swarming without performing a spring split?

    That is the story told by Dr. Kerr, I see no reason to call him a liar.
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    Re: Mountain Camp - proactive or reactive?

    If you do your work properly in October, and feed syrup until the colonies are packed with stores, there is no need for dry sugar.
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    Re: #8 Duck Cloth Inner Cover

    The only places on the inner cover that I see condensation are in the corners of the cover, but I also have a piece of 1 inch foam insulation board above the inner cover. The warm air condenses on...
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    Re: #8 Duck Cloth Inner Cover

    If you use 4 or 6 mil clear plastic sheeting you can see the groups of beetles before they start to run. I use both plastic and canvas for inner covers on my nucs, much cheaper than wood. Give...
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    Re: Formic Pro Issues?

    What about all of us that have had positive results with either MAQs or Formic Pro? It is unusual for a person to report a positive result when it is common place. Only when we have an unusual...
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    Re: #8 Duck Cloth Inner Cover

    The bees will corral the beetles on the top bars under the canvas. If you are using a telescoping cover, fritter87, using nothing for an inner cover is asking for trouble. The bees will use...
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    Re: Life of an egg in a cell

    The house bees clean the cell and probably add a pheromone to identify the cell as being cleaned. The queen lays the egg, about 73 hours later it hatches and the nurse bees immediately add the first...
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    Re: Mite and beetle count areas?

    It would serve no purpose, so why add another chit-chat thread. There are enough of those already.
  15. Re: Giganto Hive: How to get them to condense resources

    The queen will always go up unless confined to the brood nest by the use of a queen excluder. Put her down and add the excluder to keep her down. When your Fall flow ends, and you remove surplus...
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    Re: #8 Duck Cloth Inner Cover

    Alex; I have not used an upper entrance in 40 years, and my winter losses are 10% or less. You may want to try just leaving the lower entrance open or using a screened bottom board for any...
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    Re: healty hives that refuse to store food

    You never did tell us what type of feeder you are using and how much syrup you are putting on the colony per day/week.
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    Re: vinegar sugar recipe

    Nothing needs to be added to sugar syrup to prepare it for feeding bees.

    The bees adjust the ph when they process the syrup, and they adjust it to what they think it needs to be. The amount of...
  19. Re: Essentail Oils in 2:1 sugar syrup- won't be doing that again

    Best left on the shelf period.
  20. Re: Are moth eggs susceptible to paradichlorobenzene?

    No, PDB will not kill the moth's eggs. You have to check and re-treat the comb after 3 or 4 weeks when all the eggs have hatched. Cold will kill the moth's eggs, but it must be below 20 degrees F....
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    Re: Shaker box girls say nope

    If you put the excluders in 5 day before, any box with eggs would be the box with the queen. Did you have any frames w/brood in the bottom box you were driving them into?
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    Re: Closing them in for a day

    There was a study done in the early 80s that said if a water source sprayed water at the entrance the bees would not exit the hive. The water spray had to start before daylight and the beginning of...
  23. Re: Saving, discarding frames of bee bread?

    Soaking in water will cause the pollen to ferment, when placed back in a colony the bees will remove the pollen.
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    Re: Foul Brood Disaster?

    When was the colony last treated for varroa, and what was the treatment? How strong is the adult bee population? Is there any uncapped brood or eggs in the brood nest? When was the last inspection...
  25. Re: Bee questions (Deadheading and Lbs of sugar per hive a year)

    The amount of sugar fed per colony will vary depending on the area in which the bees forage.

    In my area I have no nectar flow that will give any surplus after the month of June. This requires...
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