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    Re: Mann Lake Failed Me - Best Premade Hive Box?

    Mann Lake has a distribution warehouse in Marshall, Tx and Dadant has one in Paris, Tx. Since you are in central Texas, if you order from those locations you will will save on freight and time. They...
  2. Re: Kids shooting at my hives with a pellet gun?

    I would put up a game camera if possible. Might recognize them and go to the parents first. Cops a last resort IMHO. I recall some errant judgment
    when young.
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    Re: Beekeeping on a golf course?

    Talk to the "greenskeeper" They would be the one to know. Golf courses usually keep their plants watered.
  4. Re: texas bee bloom or southern bloom palmetto golden rod? (I missed the tallow)

    I keep my bees about an hour or so north of you. It has really been dry for the past month or so. Looks like some rain was beginning to start developing today. Ready for a little relief from this...
  5. Re: Beginner. Caught a swarm. In AHB zone. Next step?

    I like robbing screens too. Get someone from your bee club to help you find the queen and mark her while the hive is small. If the hive becomes aggressive then you can locate the marked queen easier...
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    Re: Looking for some moral support

    I would be concerned if you did not have new dad jitters. You are in AHB world where exact lines are also fluid just like in my area. Absolutely do not allow your bees to open mate. Keep track of...
  7. Re: The new FAT Beeman's new hive top feeder question

    The DE will become firm due to our humidity in this area. The window screen is a good solution over the #8 screen.
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    Re: Best Bee Repellant??

    DEET. Mosquito repellent. Use the 25% concentration like Green Off. Spray weekly for a while.
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    Re: Wire Cloth and beetles?

    I tape a piece of window screen over the opening in the inner cover and use something (popsicle stick, coin etc. to prop the top up slightly. I was noticing the SHB's liked going through the top to...
  10. Re: Do you ever have to remove frame feeders or can you just leave them in?

    I agree. I have seen many frame feeders full of burr comb.
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    Re: Killed a queen today

    Sorry you lost your queen. Experience is sometimes a hard teacher The good news is you won't do that again.

    The difference between you and an experienced beek is they have already made those...
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    Re: requeening aggressive hive

    The entire State of Texas is considered AHB but their influence varies greatly. As Ruth said, do not let them raise their own queen. The split method is much less time consuming. Requeening a HOT...
  13. Re: robbing screens...any issue with leaving them on long term?

    I keep mine on most of the year. A screw (not screwed in all the way)is attached to each side of the frame of the robbing screen and on each side of the hive body or shim if you use one. Then a small...
  14. Thread: full suit help

    by John D.

    Re: full suit help

    Sorry I can't talk about sewing, but I am curious as to what what type of silk veiling you are referring to and where might it be available in France.

    My wife is an avid sewer and I would like to...
  15. Re: Solar minimum phase the reason for the cold spring weather 2017 & 2018?

    I remember several years ago (pardon my exact memory) all the nuc vendors in the area had to postpone delivery 6 weeks or so beyond normal delivery dates.

    The pecan trees and mesquite trees have...
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    Re: Backyard bees SE texas?

    My bees are about an hour north of you and yes, you are in AHB environment. All of the above advice is good especially Victorjet's.

    In my experience the AHB influence comes in 2 ways. Multiple...
  17. Thread: Ahb usurpation

    by John D.

    Re: Ahb usurpation

    No expertise claimed here. Most of my AHB influences have come from multiple supercedures. My usurpation happened in winter very quickly. I can only presume that one of their built-in genetic tools...
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    Re: Pic of Freshly Mated Queen with Endophallus

    Great pics. I have never seen that. Looking is learning IMHO. Thanks.
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    Re: Hive suddenly very defensive

    Good point squarepeg.
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    Re: Hive suddenly very defensive

    You are fortunate to have a breeder close by that can give you some queens this early in the season. Requeen when you can and use all the help you can get in locating the old queen.
    If it was me, I...
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    Re: Buckets of honeycomb infested by wax moth

    This get my vote.
  22. Thread: Jacket vs suit

    by John D.

    Re: Jacket vs suit

    I use an Ultra Breeze full suit which I love. Also wear a jacket for quick trips. While the entire state is classified as AHB, not all areas are affected from my observations. Lots of urban beeks in...
  23. Re: Options for mean-ass bees. Need new queens that will survive in Texas

    Lots of good posts on this topic. Multiple supercedures and usurpations are are my experience for very hot hives. It is important to have marked queens so you can check the status of the queen...
  24. Re: Open air feeding cutout honeycomb caused my bees to go mean?

    In my experience the AHB genetics do not become problematic with just one supercedure. It takes several. However, a hostile takeover (usurpation) happens quickly.

    My open feeding is typically post...
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    Re: Roadside mowing

    In my area, I don't see the county or state mowing the ROW's until after the Spring wildflower bloom is over.
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