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  1. Re: Queen present, multiple eggs per cell, what to do

    There is never "the laying worker" or "a laying worker". Half the bees are laying workers...
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    Re: Africanized Bees

    Who cares if they are Africanized? If they are mean, requeen them.
  3. Re: Is it tougher and tougher to control mites with OAV?

    >I would suggest that there is a higher concentration of honeybee colonies per given area of land mass in the United States than anywhere else on earth.

    Very doubtful. Even in a populated state...
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    Re: And now this.... GM bees.

    > So is the radiation equvelant to a chest x-ray? Short half life if it is absorbed?

    No. You are missing the point. Radioactive MATERIAL has a half life. It is radioactive because it is the...
  5. Re: Giganto Hive: How to get them to condense resources

    I would pull off totally empty boxes. Leave them a little space as there are still things blooming and they may need somwhere to put them, but if the box is totally empty, I would remove it. if...
  6. Re: I dropped my queen outside my hive in the grass

    This is about a queen flying but the process is the same. This may help next time...
  7. Re: I think today my bees swarmed today. Now confused!

    I vote for orientation too, but if they are packed, give them some room.
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    Re: How do I relax w/bees?

    Get a full ventilated suit. Wear leather gloves (just regular goatskin or doeskin gloves tucked into the sleeves). Rubber band your pant legs. Light up the smoker. You'll soon realize that the...
  9. Re: Proposition 65 Warning on Pollen Capsules ?

    Bees gather pollen in the wild. Things get sprayed with pesticides. Pesticides cause cancer. Hence the warning.
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    Re: #8 Duck Cloth Inner Cover

    Canvas works well. Old plastic burlap feed sacks work better. They get gluded down less.
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    Re: Bee keeping supply score!

    Try searching on "beelining" to find colonies.
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    Re: What causes bee paralysis?

    There are a number of viruses that cause paralysis in bees. I know of no treatment for any of them. They existed before Varroa but Varroa have spread them at much faster rates. "Mites not present"...
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    Re: I'm walking again.

    I have long Langstroths, horizontal top bar hives and AZ hives. Any of them could help with your issues. I think the most practical as far as available equipment and cost, is the long Langstroth. ...
  14. Re: Queen present, multiple eggs per cell, what to do

    Usually it takes care of itself. It's usually not enough space for her to lay or she is new and hasn't got the hang of things yet.
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    Re: And now this.... GM bees.

    The distinction is the SOURCE of the radiation (radioactive material) VS the RADIATION itself. The radiation, as SuiGeneris pointed out, passed through it. It does not cause the seed to become a...
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    >So if say in 20 years I have natural bees and a...

    >So if say in 20 years I have natural bees and a natural queen mates with a GMO bee, does her offspring mean i will get sued for stealing the GMO technology? Kinda like Monsanto did with their corn...
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    Re: Top Bar Comb Spacing

    My experience having tried everything from 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" is that they prefer 1 1/4" for brood and 1 1/2" for honey. I use about half and half. Natural brood comb I've measured many times and it...
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    Re: Did I kill my Queen? NNOOOOO!

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    Re: Re-queen for chalkbrood?

    Chilled brood seems to be the primary cause of chalkbrood, but genetics probably contributes to that in several ways. First how good are they at keeping the brood a consistent temperature (and the...
  21. Re: New here, Amature Bee keeper east Nebraska.

    I don't have time currently to attend bee club meetings. I have not been to the Omaha club except to speak and that's not very often.
  22. Re: Honey Supers full, again.. what to do?

    Harvest. Just be sure to heft the hives after you remove the supers to make sure they have enough weight for winter. If they are light put a box back on...
  23. Re: Do queens decrease in size in the fall?

    Yes. They decrease anytime they are not laying as much and especially when they are not laying at all.
  24. Re: New here, Amature Bee keeper east Nebraska.

    You should stop by and see me sometime...
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    Re: Foundationless source?

    Apparently Forest Breeze is no longer selling foundationless frames. I need to check with Shastina and see if they would still make them. If so I'll buy a stock of them and see where things go from...
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