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    Re: What else should I do?

    Welcome to Beesource. Couple of questions, where are you located and did you cut out queen cups or actual queen cells? If cells, were they already capped and did you cut them all out? Sounds like...
  2. Re: Do I need to worry about moving a swarm with a lot of hive beetles into my apiary

    The SHB should not be a problem for your apiary. The bees are dealing with the beetles already and have them under control. You may want to use one of a number of SHB traps after moving the hive....
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    Re: Huge garden spider behind my hive

    Since we are playing show and tell with REALLY BIG SPIDERS, here is mine. This girl was in the bathroom!


    I think she was taking a shower when I walked in on her.
  4. Re: Will bees pull out wax in NE Tennessee in August if I feed them?

    That is a lot of syrup! I need to up the game. I am feeding a hive I had to destroy a 10 frame deep that was completely cross combed about 3 gallons per week. They are finishing up a medium super...
  5. Sticky: Re: treating vs. not treating for mites: opinion thread

    Yeah, when I first saw it, I thought it might have been a reference to a teaching hive or what we call an observation hive. But that was out of context with the rest of the post.

    But speaking of...
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    Re: where did it come from?

    The timing is right for it to have requeened itself, even if you did not see a queen cell. Other option is that a strong swarm moved in, basically took over the hive. As far as pissed off, they might...
  7. Sticky: Re: treating vs. not treating for mites: opinion thread

    I am sure John M meant to say Layens and we all know who the authority is on these types of hives. Personally, I think I would choose this style over a regular topbar or a Warre hive.
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    Re: I canít find my queen

    Eggs are really hard to see, especially when looking through a veil. Instead, concentrate on finding larvae of various stages. Newly hatched larvae will be in a pool of blue-ish white royal jelly....
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    Re: Cull bad queen cells

    Most likely all the the viable cells will emerge and the queens will duke it out. From your post, I can't figure out exactly where you left the cells, what kind of cells they were, or how many splits...
  10. Re: My first two hives of 10,000 have been ordered :)

    Scooby is an interesting guy. You can follow his exploits by searching Youtube for Scooby's Scoop. Nothing recent regarding the hives but there is some footage of riding a motorcycle in Peru. I...
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    Re: What recourse do I have?

    Great news! Still might be a good idea to pass around a few small jars of honey to the neighbors. Be wary of the ones that refuse your gift as they will be trouble later. First time a wasp stings...
  12. Re: Stolen Hives recovered from arrested bee thief, not all boxes ID'd to owner.

    So, um, he is free to go and do it again? Is CA still a part of the United States? I feel for the beekeepers, whose stolen property he was in possession of, who will not see justice. I guess that...
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    Re: Late August swarm cells?

    Pull the queen and make the split. If the new queen doesn't get mated, recombine in a month. If you let them swarm, you lose the queen, a bunch of bees, and run the risk of the new queen not getting...
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    Re: What recourse do I have?

    Thank God I live in the country. Front porch, back porch, apiary, its all good.
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    Re: Found an open air hive today.

    OMG Greg, you know the rules. Pictures! Good job with saving this hive. Hope they make it through winter.
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    Re: Brazil: 500 million bees die in 3 months.

    And yet a million bees is probably pretty accurate. I tell folks the same thing, about a million.
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    Re: What recourse do I have?

    Give them a chance to mull it over. If bees are not specifically prohibited, then the law appears to be on your side. Would also help if you could find out who complained and maybe figure out a way...
  18. Re: Bees are omnivores and need the Amino Acids from microbes in bee bead.

    Somebody's Freudian slip is showing. :)
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    Re: Honey Barrel Liners

    Uline carries molded drum liners in various sizes. Don't think they meet food grade spec though. We used them for haz mat shipping.
  20. Re: Will bees pull out wax in NE Tennessee in August if I feed them?

    I also have hives that are drawing plenty of comb right now, and like ifix, they are being fed heavily. New wax is to replace combs taken for splits, so hives are strong, but not overly so after...
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    Re: Queenless question?

    Did I miss the part about spontaneous generation of drone eggs? When a hive is queenless, they attempt to make a new queen from appropriately aged worker larvae. Unless there were already drone eggs...
  22. Re: Basic Drone and Mating Question From a Noob

    Someone here on Beesource likened drones to teenage boys. They lay around all day, don't do chores, dream about getting lucky, and eat you out of house and home. (not a direct quote). I think that...
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    Re: How quickly do robbers kill the queen?

    To where would you move it? And after a few hours of intense robbing, there will be nothing left to save. Best plan is to put the robbing screen on as soon as you notice robbing activity. But make...
  24. Re: Bees are omnivores and need the Amino Acids from microbes in bee bead.

    Whatever happened to the Purina pollen sub that was made with chicken blood. Everybody got all grossed out but now it seems there may be more to the story.
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    Re: Mixing a few (5-12) gallons of syrup

    Check the restaraunt actions in your area. I bought a 40 qt pot with lid for around $15. Put that on a fish fryer burner and you are good to go for 8 gallons at a time.
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