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  1. Re: Will glue survive 250 degree wax dipping temps?

    Very true it does look like curdled milk after a night sitting out in freezing temps and is ruined at that point. A little separation does occur in gallons that have been sitting for a while even in...
  2. Re: Will glue survive 250 degree wax dipping temps?

    Yeah I think for the price/ease of use and cleanup Titebond glues are hard to beat. 375? that is awesome
  3. Will glue survive 250 degree wax dipping temps?

    I hadn't seen anywhere sayin wether glue could survive the wax dipping process or not so I thought I'd test it out.
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    Re: Beekeeping at the equator

    Cool! There is nothing like your first honey harvest! Way to hang in there and take it like a crazy beekeeper!
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    Re: Acorn frames

    Acorn is my favorite for sure. I have 6000 sheets of them. Nick is easy to work with.
  6. Ultrabee patties on sale at Kelley's

    Hey guys Ultra bee pre made patties is on a big sale at Kelleys. They are 55.95 for 40lbs. You can go to their page and check it out or check it out on my Facebook homepage...
  7. Re: How to keep honeybees alive and thriving.

    I guess you were right and so was Laurel but I just hope the videos help overall and I hope I can find the time to do a good job on them this year.
  8. Re: How to keep honeybees alive and thriving.

    Well, I expect over time to switch to mediums. Another 40 years of deeps will have me in bad shape. Besides, Laurel says we are going to switch so that is that! Maybe I can talk her into letting me...
  9. Re: How to keep honeybees alive and thriving.

    Thanks Psm 1212. We love the beekeeping community that has helped shape us and if we can give back a little that is the least we can do.
  10. How to keep honeybees alive and thriving.

    Laurel and I keep 300+ colonies. We both kept bees before we were married and struggled in the early years with consistency and having large amounts of healthy hives year after year. Here are a...
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    Re: Chinook

    Wow that is some extreme weather! I have a hard time trusting the predictors of our climate it was just in the 70s they were yelling an ice age is coming. Hope your season turns out better than last...
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    Re: Hello, from North mid TN!!

    Welcome back. Tennessee and beekeeping it doesn't get much better than that!
  13. Re: Anyone Have Experience With MDO Sheathing?

    MDO is great. Give it a good paint job and it will be around a long time
  14. Re: Screws or staples for advantech nucs?

    Either comb can work though screws would be better. Make sure you seal the boxes good.
  15. Annual Northeastern KY Beekeeping School

    Beginner to Advanced classes available with multiple speakers. Talks range from brand new beekeeping to queen rearing, nutrition, successful varroa mite control and much more. Check out the very...
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    Re: Like sending bees to war

    Sounds like the dude in the article needs to up his bee game. The elite commercials aren't needing handouts they are the ones selling bees to guys like this after they pollinated the almonds. It is a...
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    Poll: Re: Feeding pollen sub in the Winter

    Think this proves that PHDs put on their pants one leg at a time like the rest of us. Maybe in his area in Florida they aren't helpful but to a young colony here they make a world of difference. I...
  18. Re: Why do Beeks stack supers so high?

    Because my production colonies are ripped at the right time of the year and produce multiple deeps of honey on a good year. They also have to produce enough to go thru our summer dearth period....
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    Re: Hello from Braden, TN

    Welcome to beesource neighbor!
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    Poll: Re: Feeding pollen sub in the Winter

    Yes and no. We feed patties in winter but definitely not thru. I like timing my patties to be right before the maple pollen hit. We have cleansing flights every month of the year so things are easier...
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    Re: New Smoker

    Haha I was drinking something when I ran across Michael Palmers domed smoker bit. I nearly sprayed Laurel with water when I saw it!
  22. Re: Melt in your mouth Honey caramel!

    Ah yes Tulip is a stronger flavored honey that would be pretty aggressive on the tongue when condensed. However, I think it is the best honey for BBQ Ribs! The caramels can be cooked a little hotter...
  23. Re: SARE FNE16-840 Conrad/Seeley TF study

    Prior to Varroa, tracheal, and SHB the USDA was reporting wild swarms to perish at a 60-75% rate in the first year. I think it should be of no surprise that with the pests and new viruses that we now...
  24. Merry Christmas Bee Source Beekeepers!

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, a happy New Year, and healthy bees in 2020 from the Reynolds Family!
  25. Re: Oxalic Acid dribble during a December warm spell?

    Don't be to heavy handed with the OA only apply per seam of bees what is required. Cleaning up the remaining mites is ideal, drop the hammer!
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