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  1. Re: What to do with damaged or ruined foundation?

    Yes, pressure washer is good. If your bees don't like bare foundation then you'll have to re-wax. It can be a chore. And if you toss it, it's plastic so try to recycle. If you re-use the frames...
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    Re: Creamed honey question

    It will still cream it and it'll take a little longer but you should be fine.

    For those who get bubbles in their mix when using a drill attachment you might have better luck if you run your drill...
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    Re: Painting Supers

    I use long oil primer and I add more before I base prime. That's followed by two latex topcoats or oil based topcoat if I can find it. I have sprayed latex before and it's quick and easy but I've...
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    Re: Medium Boxes Installing Packaged Bees

    This is an excellent post and it stresses the importance of paying attention to your colonies in the late winter / early spring. So many beekeepers...especially new ones...start to feel better when...
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    Re: had a cancerous tumor behind left eye

    So my take is that the OP described an observation. It's not a recommendation nor a prescription for cure.

    Take it as you will or as I have...with a grain of salt, an open mind and a strong dose...
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    Re: How many honey supers do I need?

    It's less a quantity issue as opposed to a management issue. If I pull two supers off...extract...and put back on the hive in a day or less I need less than if I have two filled supers that I add...
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    Re: Moving splits

    I rarely move splits beyond the few feet or yards from the original location. Yes, I do on a very occasional basis get heavy drifting but it's so seldom that I don't let it worry me.
  8. Re: Broadcasting Wildflower Seed, Is Now the Time?

    For me, Dutch Clover seed goes out on top of the snow right about now.
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    Re: Treated lumber for hive stand

    I wouldn't even blink using treated material. All my hives are on stands that I've made with treated lumber. Even if there was a small amount of chemical rising off the wood I think it would pale in...
  10. Re: Question about snow cover in relation to hive entrance

    I rarely worry about snow cover unless we've experienced heavy drifting. That's only happened twice with me and I really mean heavy drifting. Think of drifting to the point that the line of hives...
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    Re: brood in honey super

    I frequently have brood in at least the first super. I manipulate or wait. It's just brood. It's what bees do. I rarely fret about it. Avoid it with excluders (yuck) or by manipulating a heavy honey...
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    Re: Found 2 queens on one comb

    Not at all uncommon. Let them sort it out....
  13. Re: ID of the creepy powder on my hive's inner cover?

    It's not uncommon for that to happen around this time of year. An active winter colony will produce significant amounts of moisture. Ventilation is important but unless it goes wild and crazy,...
  14. Re: Wick size for tapers and other similar sized candles

    Sorry...ferals was in cats. Feral cats. I have barn cats that I adopted as nearly completely wild but sort of hang around me now after I acclimated them. One will even try my lap once in a while. The...
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    Re: Used equipment

    I won't even use my own frames if I suspect disease. I'd rather start fresh. And that's one of the reasons I stopped using plastic. I just don't want to think of them in a landfill someday and the...
  16. Re: Filtering / Cleaning dull coloured beeswax

    You can only "brighten up" wax to a certain extent by filtering. Yes, you'll take the larger solids out but if they wax is dark due to where it came from in the comb it'll likely stay like that...
  17. Re: Wick size for tapers and other similar sized candles

    I use the exact same wick for my dipped tapers and they always come out well. I have a problem finding the right wick for poured votives. Can't remember now the different ones I've tried but they...
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    Re: Used equipment

    I've acquired used equipment from time to time over the years. My process has been to wash the boxes inside and out with a detergent followed by TSP. I spray the clean boxes down with a bleach...
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    Re: Bees gathering chicken feed

    Exactly. Once you create an artificial food source and the bees utilize it, they may count on it to always be there. If the brood counts on it and it disappears, you have a problem. Starting early,...
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    Re: Is Acrylic paint okay to use?

    Good point on the oil based primer. I only use oil based primer since you can put oil or latex on top and it gets in the wood a lot better.
  21. Thread: Dead bees

    by Ravenseye

    Re: Dead bees

    Agree with the food issue. In my own experience, crashed colonies that were sitting on good stores were badly impacted by Varroa OR in a few cases, suffered through a prolonged cold snap that didn't...
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    Re: Is Acrylic paint okay to use?

    Acrylic is just fine. Actually, probably better than latex.
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    Re: Abandoned .. mouse ?

    Yup, and I have feral cats that live in the barn. Cat urine is nothing compared to frames that mice lived in over the winter. They go right onto the burn pile in the spring.
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    Re: Australia’s fires

    Yes, the arson stuff was quickly and thoroughly debunked.

    I did recall reading an article in Beeculture that discussed how the previous years droughts and this years spring drought had affected...
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    Re: Keeping bees out of a swimming pool

    Once bees lock onto a water source it's not easy to get them going elsewhere. My neighbors have a pool about 100 yards from my hives. I suppose the bees visit the pool but between the hives and the...
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