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  1. Thread: Arkansas

    by notaclue

    Re: Arkansas

    31 August 2019 Saw Goldenrod blooms for the first time. I've had a faint whiff in the hives, but no visual proof...
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    Re: My Betterbee Experience

    Never had a problem with them. Even when ordering just a pair of gloves they contacted me to let me know what was going on. Great folks!
  3. Re: Bear fence question - Can I use the same ground for multiple fences?

    Yeah...NO! Whole new ground, unless you're replacing the old one with the new one. Is the current energizer not able to handle a second fence or is there a another reason? Maybe a backup?
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    Re: Anyone Else Get A Whiff Yet?

    I get a very faint whiff of it, but they seem to be more on the crepe myrtles. They'll hit it hard in about a week up until first frost.
  5. Re: Arbor Day Tree Survey = how much free bee food??

    We get one every few years. We fill it out, send it in and what we can't use we give to someone who can.
  6. Re: How to clean supers and other parts from mice in barn

    I have used laundry bleach like JWPalmer noted. I rinse the snot out of it because until now I wasn't sure of the bees health if I left residue in the feeders. My boardman style feeders (which I...
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    Re: Wait those aren’t bees...

    Hilarious...woke my wife while laughing! I have a picture of my face all swollen from bee stings from a day that I did everything wrong and one of my hives had had enough. I use it to set my happy...
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    Re: Is capped sugar syrup useful to a hive?

    I usually keep it in a plastic bag in a shed until I need it. My wife doesn't mind my keeping honey supers in the deep freeze for a week before I pull it to extract...but whoaaa to me it there is...
  9. Re: Rant: People really need to stop mowing lawns every single week.

    Don't care what folks do on their own property. City code has a height limit in the front yards on grass and "weeds". My problem is my neighbor thinks he is helping me (he's messed up and I'm...
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    Re: Is capped sugar syrup useful to a hive?

    I usually save any dearth capped sugar syrup for later. Usually I can get enough goldenrod for the bees and a little for the family. But not every year is the same. Even on a year I don't pull...
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    Re: Are the bees in S. Africa "aggressive"?

    Met some missionary beeks at a meeting and they had a home video of working African bees. They worked them at night to minimize area effect. Also they kept the hives up off the ground to also help...
  12. Re: Sending Honey out of state as a gift laws

    Sent my brother dark and light honey in two jars. Sent them in separate plastic bags and snuggled in tight bubble wrap. The ziplocks were deflated against the jars and the one that opened was...
  13. Re: Greetings from the forests of Mt Baw Baw Australia

    Welcome. Some really good folks here.
  14. Thread: Howdy!

    by notaclue

    Re: Howdy!

    Welcome! And yes it is a great place to start. I hovered reading and taking notes for quite a few months, after I couldn't find more than one book on beekeeping.
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    Re: Cleaning beesuits

    Enjambres. Thanks for the pinning of the zipper. The hood I have used dawn in the sink and let it soak a little then rinse like you said. My gloves (meds I am on irritates the bees and they don't...
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    Re: Greetings from Arkansas

    Welcome and there are great people here to help you out..
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    Re: diy robbing screen

    A gentleman 'down the road from me posted one on\join the forum\hive design. I made screens this way, but it is easy to modify for your taste or needs.
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    Re: Robber screen and shb

    That is what I use. The only problem is if I don't keep an eye on it they will propolis it up. This happened on a couple hives I had that were cutoff from the rest of the world for about a month. ...
  19. Re: Wow...I made them mad!....what could I have done differently

    Here the heat of day causes the nectar to dry and they get touchy. I usually work them before 10:00 a.m. while they are busy (nectar, pollen, water, sap...). We are also getting started into our...
  20. Re: Should I try a fourth Week of New Brood for the Laying Worker Hive

    You may have to shake them and have a frame of eggs and brood to get them back on track. There are other posts here about shaking out a hive. One note I will make is that, make sure ALL bees are...
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    Re: Will my second hive body fill faster?

    Depends on their needs and what is available for forage. My experience has been they will build according to the hive's needs for brood or stores. I have had my fastest comb building are usually...
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    Re: Amazing Bee Photo

    WOW!! Great pic! Love the clarity and detail!
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    Re: A Last Request

    That idea I want to steal!!!
  24. Re: Bees died, what to do with their left capped honey

    I have had the same thing happen and was told it was starvation. The bee butts sticking out of the cell is usually a sign that they are scrapping all they can for rations. One of mine had a deep...
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    Re: Absconding cutouts?

    Same here, except I don't cage the queen. I will put a drop or two of lemon grass oil on top of one of the frames I put the cutout comb in. Feed and blocked entrance for a few days and I have no...
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