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  1. Re: Possible recommended OA vaporizer dosage changes

    msi - I read the report quickly and printed it to really read it again.. OAD in this case is not "dribble" I believe it is Oxalic Acid Dihydrate ( OAD) ---- topically distributed and orally...
  2. Re: Possible recommended OA vaporizer dosage changes

    msi :thumbsup: - numbers tell a story! But where did is the source of " it kills for 2 weeks not 2-3 days like OAV." ?
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    Re: Mann Lake Refractometer question

    GO to MISCO site for technical information adn keywords to learn more. My experience led to these conclusions:

    1) Honey scale is not the same as the sucrose scale - be sure of the scale you are...
  4. Re: Possible recommended OA vaporizer dosage changes

    :thumbsup: johno, Add to your list GerrieRph, winter OAV treatment. I find a winter treatment is a good indicator of how well I treated in the Fall. TO verify eradication of in-house bred and...
  5. Re: Why haven't more beekeepers been inspired by The Sustainable Apiary

    Jonsi & Cloverdale: The same is said around here. Being a Contrarian, I watched carefully by measuring the weight of my insulated hives from Nov. until May. I feed in Oct to a "winter hive...
  6. Re: returning wet supers after extracting; how to avoid robbing frenzy?

    Karenarnett "What are some other strategies that work for folks?"

    First, I do move or give honey via frames or whatever to hives in the Fall. I never move a frame of honey from one hive to the...
  7. Re: Why haven't more beekeepers been inspired by The Sustainable Apiary

    It looks like Owen's work in the 1950's for the USDA but I am trusting my memory.

    I hav also read of large healthy colonies dying for no apparent reason. Initial laboratory investigation showed...
  8. Re: Why haven't more beekeepers been inspired by The Sustainable Apiary

    Interesting contrast in results Jonsi - I get much better survival and honey yields the more I improve my insulation technique. Currently working on year-round insulation techniques.

    I am having...
  9. Re: Why haven't more beekeepers been inspired by The Sustainable Apiary

    Roland - In the 1950's the USDA ran a testing program for several years. They test with numerous thermocouples and ran a similar test in Minnesota,I believe. All the hive exposed hives died. The hive...
  10. Re: A review of Lyson extraction equipment

    "It is a must that the extractor be anchored down." Are you sure? When you bolt the legs down you put more load on your extractor bearing and also raise the natural frequency. To boggle the mind...
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    Re: Lithium chloride as miticide

    In my memory banks are prior LiCl discussion and research on this subject. I remember a major problem. The idea died out. I cannot put my "finger on it" but a clue to the problem maybe larva or...
  12. Re: Extraction set up, what would you do differently?

    Just for ideas:

    I am "backyard" and evolving. I separate extraction from general beekeeping task and hardware with a wall. I installed an extractor, freezer and dehumidifier in the extraction...
  13. Re: Foundationless..are my drones bigger?

    Good question!
  14. Re: Leaving honey super on for winter dilemma

    I am a novice with a 5-6 month winter meaning a no foraging period. I try to assure a hive's weight going into winter by measurement in the Fall. I finished feeding syrup to boost the naturally...
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    I was told by an old beekeeper to spray 1:1 syrup on plastic foundation to stimulate comb drawing. It "seems" to help but since I have had bigger, better colony survivals earlier in the Spring I...
  16. Re: Water Questions - all forms and applications

    GG - I have been giving thought to a hinged bottom board, even the main brood chamber above the bottom medium I use as Grand Central Station. They do remain light and until late Fall.

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    Re: New design of a honey extractor.

    GregV, Have you ever considered having the local university do a quantitative analysis of capped honey versus spun out honey? It would seem to be an interesting research project for a Phd candidate...
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    Re: Feeding

    :thumbsup: Personally, I never see back filling except when I feed in the Fall to get to a winter hive weight. Of course there is little brood rearing then. I have seen nectar, during a good...
  19. Re: Is it standard practice to treat for mites during a brood break?

    I would do it when a hive is brood-less with supers off - a great opportunity. I have never detected a problem using OAV for 5 years.
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    Push-in cage queen install 2 for 2! After a long Spring struggle with two queens replaced via a push-in cage approach, I have two solid queen right hives. My third problem hive, after an...
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    Re: What is your other hobby ?

    Elmer _fud: Just foraging around the site during a thunderstorm and saw your coment. I am glad I got Camping/hiking/backpacking in earlier. I have gotten older and stopped. But recently I thought,...
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    Re: What to do?

    crofter - I may be crazy but insulate the supers( or more) ; maybe just top insulation no top vent. It just might help. I have seen no resistance to going up. Even to draw out frames last year. In...
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    Re: Spun (Creamed) Honey issues

    Jonsi - "Maybe too high a percentage of glucose which will not crystallize" - I thought I read somewhere that the higher glucose to fructose ratio drives the crystallization story. Source of info?
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    Re: Preparing honey bottles

    I was doing a little bottle research for my current needs. I found a "Classic" 1lb. bottles made is the USA or so the email reply to my question confirms. The price was pretty good too. SKS, I...
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    Re: Oxalic acid with Glycerin dribble

    My two cents: I suggest you read the EPA approved label for applying the dribble method. I do not remember glycerin being specified or approved by the EPA. I believe Randy Oliver used glycerin in...
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