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    Re: Moisture Box for Overwintering

    I have used them for several years now and I like them. I put a piece of old warn out knit blanket in it (to keep the cedar shaving from falling through) and then pour cedar shavings on top of that....
  2. Re: Hive is Creating and Destroying Queen Cells--But Why?

    Yes, I have seen both of those things. There are multiple variables involved so I will just give you a couple of things that could cause them. The creation and destruction of queen cells with a...
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    Re: OAV with honey supers

    How has this worked out for you? Did you have any problems with inserting your board?
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    Re: What do bees do with blood and urine?

    My bees have a water source nearby. So, the only times I have seen them drinking urine and sucking water from poop is when there was a lack of pollen available and they were raising brood. I have...
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    Re: Miller Feeders

    I use both the wooden and the plastic insert miller feeders. The plastic insert provides beetles and sometimes bees to hide unless caulked or otherwise sealed between the insert and wooden box. ...
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    Re: OAV and Brood damage

    I did an OAV treatment on an observation hive on August 26th. There was some brood present: both capped and uncapped. I did not see any brood die off. I have, however, seen them pull a limited...
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    Re: Requeening Without Attendants

    From what I've read and seen, it's so negligible that you don't need to worry about it as long as you leave the queen in the cage long enough for complete acceptance.
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    Re: Robbing of queen castles

    As long as the robbing screen is built right and doesn't cause a traffic jam of bees trying to get out and/or in and is easy for the bees to figure out how to get out of it, it should not cause a...
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    Re: Robbing of queen castles

    Robbing screens help greatly. Open feeding can attract robbers. It is often preferable to feed inside the hives and feed every hive in an apiary during a durth if robbing is a problem.
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    Re: How to treat OH for mites?

    I have rotated Apivar and Apistan in my observation hive. The strips would be more effective if you put them in the brood area instead of in the entrance.
  11. Re: In a dearth, with partial supers. Need to put Apivar strips on.

    To add to JWPalmer's advice, I just pulled some partially filled, but uncapped supers and put them in a room with a dehydrator and and high velocity fan blowing down through them and got them down to...
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    Re: Russian queen cell size?

    I have never noticed any difference in the size of my Russian queens and my Italian queens. However, the size of either one can vary and queen larva that are fed less often produce smaller queens...
  13. Re: What will the bees do with dead drone larva (after freezing)?

    They will do both. How many get eaten will vary depending on the hives ability to consume them.
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    Re: Supers on first year hive?

    When you give a new hive all drawn comb and you have a good honey flow going, things can be completely different than a typical new hive on foundation. It will not hurt to put a super on. You can...
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    Re: Oak tree covered in bees?

    This could be the answer: "There is a species of weevil, which is known as the acorn weevil (Curculio glandium). This weevil burrows into the acorns which causes them to realease a sweet fluid, which...
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    Re: Queenless and honey bound

    I watch honey and pollen bound scenarios during requeening, etc. in my observation hive. They will move uncapped honey and nectar pretty quickly once the queen is ready to lay. They really hate to...
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    Re: Freeman Small Hive Beetle Trap

    The pans could be deeper. I have my hives sloped slightly forward, so the oil is deeper in the front than the back and can sometimes spill out. Other than that, they work better than any other trap...
  18. Re: Beginner Mistake and moldy wood: can it be salvaged?

    I've had feeders and equipment get moldy. I soak it in bleach, then rinse, dry, and put back into use. It's never been a problem for the bees.
  19. Re: Question: Will a hive eject virgin queens?

    Sometimes the workers don't like the smell of a virgin and will treat her like a foreign bee and will either drag her out or kill her. It doesn't matter if they have a queen or not.
  20. Re: about 12 queen cells in one hive. Harvest some? or let them bee?

    Once you get over 3 or 4 "supersedure cells" the position on the frame becomes irrelevant. They are most likely going to swarm. If you have the equipment and bees, make a split with the existing...
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    Re: Multiple Queens

    If one queen doesn't kill the other, they will most likely swarm and probably very soon. The workers will pull on or be aggressive to virgins for a number of reasons including: trying to drag one...
  22. Thread: Eating Eggs

    by ffrtsaxk

    Re: Eating Eggs

    Yes, they will eat the eggs if they cannot raise them. They often swarm before the queen cell hatches so they virgin doesn't kill the mated queen.
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    Re: Do worker bee's "pipe"?

    Yes, workers pipe. Thomas Seeley Studied it during swarms, but they also do it in the hive as well. They make several different noises in my observation hive from time to time. ...
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    Re: Unmated queen and attendants

    Virgin queens can feed themselves. However, they must be feed royal jelly by workers within a few days or they grow weak and die, as JWPalmer has seen. Having watched the dynamics of virgin queens...
  25. Re: Do Honey Bees Abscond Because of Chalk Brood? (swarm activity?)

    It's not pre-swarm activity. When they want to swarm, they will build cells.
    They do abscond if they cannot raise any brood. If the remaining brood is alive and they can raise it, they should stay.
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