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    Re: If you had it to do all over...

    Would've never touched a screen bottom board.

    Wouldn't have been so reluctant to use mated queens in my splits. Lost a lot of bees due to my first walk away splits were perfect... it went...
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    Re: Buying nucs is hit or miss

    I try to make nucs that are full of bees, but not stuffed. Once population and good brood are established I want to deliver/sell while I'm still seeing white wax deposits. For me that is the sign of...
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    Re: Caged queen candy consumption

    Some of the first candy releases I ever tried, I looked back after 6 hrs and they had already eaten half the candy.

    Had 2 splits out of 40 last year that after 10 days I came back to see if queen...
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    Re: Double Eggs in hives

    I've seen it when conditions allow them to drastically increase the queen's laying rate.
  5. Re: Burr comb on queen cells..are they viable?

    I have found that queen cells like that are viable. So long as I don't break them open when I break much of the comb off them before installation.
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    Re: Feeding and relocation of it to supers

    Yes gg, that's why I used terms like rare, sometime, and more often than not.

    Honey contamination would also happen if you shook the bees down into the bottom box and placed an excluder between...
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    Re: Aggressive Bees Attacking!

    A mean feral hive should be dispatched. As said earlier, they're producing drones that are negatively affecting other bee keeper's efforts to breed manageable stock. Just as bad, they are likely...
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    Re: Feeding and relocation of it to supers

    I don't feed much, but my experience is sometimes. Lol.

    More often than not, a brood nest will "grow" into honey/syrup stored in comb and new nectar will be stored in supers, or comb will be...
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    Re: 33 degrees outside...

    I always correlate bees at the water puddles to lack of strong nectar flow. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems that when I see this, hives are losing honey. I assume they are using the water to thin back...
  10. Re: WTF are these larvae on my bottom board?!

    That is one issue with a screen bottom board. The area between the screen and the plastic sheet creates a spot that bees can't clean, so there will always be some hive beetle and wax moth larvae in...
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    Re: Comb drawn perpendicular to foundation?

    Sometimes, it just happens cause they wanna raise some drones. Scrape it off, earlier the better. Make sure your foundations are waxed, helps tremendously.
  12. Re: After Split Is 4 Days Too Late to Introduce New Queen

    Just be sure to remove EVERY single queen cell they've began pulling, and you'll be fine. Miss one, and the caged queen has no chance.

    Shake the bees off the frames as you search for the queen...
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    Re: Small Hive Beetles Ravaging New Colony

    There are many might treatments available, if that is indeed an issue. I don't know, I just recalled reading the study on a Facebook link and thought it could be relevant.

    Keep in mind, since I...
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    Re: Small Hive Beetles Ravaging New Colony

    There was a study floating around Facebook a few months back that aligned bad infestations of hive beetles with high varroa mite levels. Might be worth an alcohol wash.
  15. Re: Rookie direct release....gonna drive me nuts.

    Inserted a queen last year into a split, they left the candy alone and ate the other cork out to release her. The rules never "always" apply...
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    Re: Queen present - laying workers

    Ive never seen laying workers when a live queen was in the hive.

    I have also never seen more than 3 eggs in a cell from a laying queen, and rarely see multiples in a concentrated area as that.
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    Re: Building (non-standard) plywood bodies

    I know it's an old thread, but I want to gripe somewhere. Lol. I have a couple boxes from betterbee from when I first started. They're the 7/8 wood they're so proud of. Made 100 splits the last few...
  18. Re: Need to move hives; how bad is that? advice?

    Mix the syrup super light. If they're heavy anyway, they'll need water more than sugar.
  19. Re: New "vertical entrance" bottom board design

    You will end up with dropped pollen and general hive debri in between those screens, it will be a haven for ants, shb larvae, and wax moth larvae since the bees can't clean it. If you are determined...
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    Re: wet and gooey beebread?

    Bees will ferment the pollen to make bee bread. That's how they preserve pollen. If your hive is healthy and growing there will be virtually no reason to manually clean frames for them.
  21. Re: I'm convinced that OAV is a cure-all for mites.

    I agree, but my point is it doesn't matter what is right. It just takes a headline with a pic of someone performing oav with a bee suit and a respirator on to scare consumers. And we all know that...
  22. Re: I'm convinced that OAV is a cure-all for mites.

    I think oav is great as well, but I would caution that this same elation with a "chemical" and dependency on a single "chemical" was going on 20-25 years ago between farmers and a chemical called...
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    Re: Cut-Down Splits

    I essentially did this last year to a friends hive. It was a 3 deep hive and when I came to help him, it was full of swarm cells, but hadn't yet swarmed.

    I simply placed the top 2 boxes with most...
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    Re: Hive inspection

    Sounds likely that your queen ran outta sperm. Are you able to recognize the differences between laying workers and a drone laying queen? If it's a drone laying queen, you could squish and replace...
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    Re: Honey Keg from Mann Lake

    After 3 heating elements, and a little bit of scorched honey, I regret my purchase. Ended up drilling holes in the skirt and running 3/8 " pex in the bottom skirt just to warm honey enough to bottle....
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