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    Re: Vacuum sealing mason jars of honey?

    I think the OP is concerned with sealing more than preservation. I just torque it every time I handle it. I guess you could dry heat the lids to soften the rubber. They would cool before any...
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    Re: modified taranov split

    GregV, such absolutes - I thought you had been keeping bees for more than a week... :D I agree what the OP describes is not a Taranov.

    When I had a very small yard I used the Taranov process to...
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    Re: Vacuum sealing mason jars of honey?

    The listed food saver device does the same thing as the pressure cooker. It uses the standard lids and forms a small vacuum chamber.

    AMK, where are you getting the jars? I'm needing to restock.
  4. Re: Let's talk about your best Bee Vacuum Designs

    Originally I built the Bush kill with a separated vacuum. I wanted to see the collected bees, so I moved the vac hose to the bottom behind a large slanted screen of 8 mesh and window mesh opposite...
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    Re: Horrible mating numbers

    If you hatch them outside a nuc, I understand the acceptance is much higher if you include the cell when you install. You don't have many days to delay the install.
  6. Re: Cleaning SS extractor and SS storage drum

    If you don't want to mess with it I'll have my son drive over from Appleton and take it all off your hands. :)

    There are some commercial SS cleaners for kitchens available, but JW is spot on.
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    Re: Honey Tank Score!

    The honey gate will work, but you'd probably do better with a stainless steel ball valve. I've been considering a similar solution.
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    Re: OA question for Varo Vap

    Your generator will be fine. You can always try it outside the hive. Use your lawn mower?
  9. Re: temporary and inexpensive solutions for coloring hive bodies?

    I have a set of laminated signal flags I tape onto the nucs. They are designed for people to recognize, but I hope there's enough for the bees to get. I also set them away from my regular hives. ...
  10. Re: need a hand from those who have a maxant bottling tank

    Call Maxant; they may send you one.
  11. Re: Vertical Two queen hive - Top entrance or not?

    I've run 2 queen with a brood nest on the top and bottom allowing for both top and bottom entrances. As LJ said, this was to build up small colonies.

    For any sort of "production", you need to...
  12. Re: Workers Moving Eggs in Queenless Divided Hive?

    Here is a thread of interesting reading:

    The general consensus is that workers don't move eggs. So, ideas: it could be a drone...
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    Re: selling full frames for consumption

    I've had a lot of requests for comb honey, but nobody is willing to pay for it. The last comment was that it should be less because I didn't have to extract it. I don't think I would even try to...
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    Re: Want to make nucs up.

    You could always feed your larger colonies and move full frames to the nucs. Adapt as necessary...
  15. Re: I am trying to speed up my hive inspections.

    I think he is talking about being more efficient, not moving boxes and frames faster. I'm constantly battling the natural desire to watch the bees and their work. If I am intentional and keep track...
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    Re: DIY Bee Vac question

    I like the 1.25; it can get into most places. Too much suction can be a problem and you'll need a controllable relief hole at the vacuum side. I generally use 50% on a 20 foot hose. Corregation on...
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    Re: Super Size?

    I started with deeps in a long hives. Decided I wanted to use vertical and decided to standardise on 8 frame, so I cut them down. When I did a major purchase I got mediums thinking I'd use them as...
  18. Re: what size filter do you use to strain your honey?

    Someone is confused. 1875 micron is much larger gaps than the 650 micron. Run it thru both, let the bucket sit, then pull off the bottom if you can. The top strainer will get the bigger stuff...
  19. Re: Shelf life of ultra-bee pollen substitutue?

    I purchased a 50 lb bag in October 2015. My intention was to use it for patties, but the SHB put a stop to that. Other than open feeding I haven't found a good delivery method. I realized this...
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    Re: what say you?

    The only absolutes in beekeeping (and many other things) is that the are no absolutes. It's been so warm (my guess) that my queens are emerging 2 days early. That is unless they are making queens...
  21. Re: what size filter do you use to strain your honey?

    Ryan, that's what Frank are talking about. The difference is using it as a large strainer into another bucket or as a removable liner to get the stuff out. Removing the liner allows more surface...
  22. Re: what size filter do you use to strain your honey?

    +10!!! I use similar and it makes a world of difference. Just be careful suspending the bag; it will make a mess when you miss the bucket. :) I wish they would post the actual mesh size instead...
  23. Re: new study on hive density and yard configuration

    My hives are currently setup in 2 rows of 6 pairs. I requeened 8 in these rows and setup 6 nucs dropped around in the field. 5 out of the 6 nucs resulted in laying queens. One (1) of the eight...
  24. Re: Suppliers sell "filler" boards to reduce hive bodies into temporary nucs?

    My originals were made with aluminum clad foam and AL tape. They chewed right in the flat face. Maybe I have aggressive bees.
  25. Re: Suppliers sell "filler" boards to reduce hive bodies into temporary nucs?

    Mann Lake WW-165. Follower board. Snug fit to box on the sides, allows passage above and below.
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