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  1. Re: Observation Hive has tons of dead bees inside it

    Is the entrance clogged with dead bees? Some OB hive designs are prone to that, especially with long narrow entrance near bottom
    That can kill a bunch pretty quick once they can't exchange air, cool...
  2. Re: Mixer style for small batches creamed honey?

    I always like an honest answer:)

    From what I've read, what I know of the physics, and the little experimenting I've done I'm inclined to agree if one wants to produce the absolute best smoothest...
  3. Mixer style for small batches creamed honey?

    I'm curious to know people's thoughts on the various types of drill mount mixers for doing smaller batches(5gal) of creamed honey.

    I have borrowed a friends stainless steel paddle...
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    Re: transferring 2-3 story "nucs"?

    I appreciate the thoughts. I should have been clear I run all deeps....that's why I hesitate to even call them nucs
    I was mostly just trying to think how to keep the most brood rearing inertia going...
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    transferring 2-3 story "nucs"?

    I am wondering technique folks use when moving 2 and even 3 story "nucs" (hard to call them this at 15 frames) over to 8 and 10 frame boxes...especialy early in the season.

    we are just coming...
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    Spraying spinosad during bloom?

    I'm trying to figure out if this can be done with any reasonable margin of safety.

    the issue is red currants. Each year the first generation of currant sawfly show up begging-to early bloom on the...
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    Feeding sub in winter...???

    My OB hive is three deep frames. I have wintered it several times successfully here in central vt.

    This year the bees in it failed to put up any significant pollen stores. The few cells they did...
  8. Re: Feeding methods for side by side, stacked 4 frame nucs

    Can under empty super I don't think risky

    I was concerned about allowing the two nucs to mix in that empty super. I've never run a two queen hive set up and was unsure if there was an "adjustment...
  9. Re: Feeding methods for side by side, stacked 4 frame nucs

    Feeding with jars through the inner cover may be a good option.
    I stopped doing it after my first year as I found they would take it so much faster and into colder weather with big cans(more holes)...
  10. Feeding methods for side by side, stacked 4 frame nucs

    I have a number of side by side 4 frame nucs. Some stacked up 2 deep, some 3

    Although our golden rod flow is just kicking in strong, I suspect I will be need to either feed or donate capped honey...
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    Re: Straining melted beeswax

    I use the "disposable" maple syrup cone filters, often used as prefiltes before going to traditional felt cones(in sugaring)They are a lot like giant coffee filters, but a synthetic not paper....
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    Re: Queen piping in cell, how close to emerge?

    Thanks for the quick reply....that was sort of my suspicion, very helpful to have confirmed
    I'll head back out in a couple hours and lace the cells....hopefully they will still be intact:)

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    Queen piping in cell, how close to emerge?

    When you hear a queen piping in a cell, how long might it be before she emerges?

    I have done my first round of queen rearing ever, using a variation on old timers cut cell method.
    Tomorrow is day...
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    Re: Cell builder question

    I have plenty of resources and don't mind sacrificing the hive to it. It's not a stellar hive, but nor am I trying to raise 40 cells.
    I've tried doing increases a couple different ways and this was...
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    Cell builder question

    I have seen a number of outlines for a cell builder, where brood is seperated with capped and queen below excluder and open above. Later the queen right bottom is moved away and many of its nurse...
  16. Re: Do bees mix or segregate pollen from different sources? What about nectar?

    Can't speak to nectar, but I definetly watch them pack different colors of pollen into the same cell.
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    Re: Dimensions crucial for telescoping cover?

    I agree with the extra length to open and close an upper entrance using from a nothched IC
    It's nice to make them deep enough to still block wind for that upper entrance when you put 2" of foam on...
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    Re: Bees on top, honey on bottom

    Ever since I started I hear folks talking about the bees working up through the feed over the winter, and how it's bad news if they "chimney up" too soon.
    But most of my hives are at the top by the...
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    Re: Titebond II - what happened?

    Agreed that if it's not setting up at all, something is almost certainly wrong with the manufacture of the batch

    Chalking happens when the glue is used at too low an ambient temperture, or...
  20. Re: What to know about pesticides in apple orchard

    I can't speak to Utah, but here in the northeast an apple orchard sees a lot of sprays over the course of the season, even those maintained organically.
    The bloom is fairly short, and from what I...
  21. Re: Poor quality components - how much tolerance to allow?

    Assuming your working white pine, that kind of movement (over a 3% change in moisture) is double (or more) of anything I have ever experienced or calculated for even a completely flatsawn board.
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    Re: Can capping wax be "pure"?

    So great to see folks take the time effort and money to gather hard data. Thanks for sharing

    Jim, it sounds like you have thought out the process quite carefully, but what were you using for wash...
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    Re: Cluster at top

    There does seem to be a widespread conventional wisdom that the bees start at the bottom and work up to the top...and if they get to top too soon are running out or isolated from their stores.
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    Re: Linseed oil and beeswax for hive exterior

    Linseed oil makes for a pretty poor exterior finish. It generally gets used in locations of extremely high wear, and it is assumed that it will be reapplied frequently. Think tool handles, wooden...
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    Re: Best way to separate honey from cappings

    After draining in a warm place(hot car), we take all the cappings and the wax from combs we felt better to crush than extract (wonky stuff) and place them in a very large glass bowl in the oven, just...
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