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    Re: Another is this my Queen

    In photo #1 there is open brood next to the caped brood, top right.
  2. Re: Have not started yet, want to but have questions

    Find a local bee club and join, take there beginners class and you will have a better idea what works best in your area.
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    Re: Splits

    I you are not feeding it may be to late.
    I am North of you around Branson.
    I started 5 yesterday and have frame feeders in each hive.
    I will be starting several more next week as well, all for...
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    Re: freezing some honey frames?

    I fill 3 freezers with frames of Honey till I am ready to extract. Remove them about 2 days before extracting for thawing. I have left a frame or two in the wood shop for several days to use in...
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    Re: Summer Ventilation

    I place a piece of stick about 1/4" x 2" long on the frame of the inner cover along the back, so just the top is raised. The seem to also make more honey after they get a little more air flow in the...
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    Re: found this

    Yes Wax Mouth damage.
    I would put the frames in the freezer for 2-3 days then thaw and place in a hive.
    The bees will clean them up better than you could.
  7. Re: extracting honey from 10-frame supers

    rake the low areas with a fork then extract. Set them out for the bees to clean before putting them back in a hive or they will fill them with honey again.
  8. Re: Something attacked one of my hives

    At least put a temporary fence around them. Put some strips of alum foil with some peanut butter hanging from the wire. What ever comes to the hives will smell the peanut butter first and taste it....
  9. Re: Something attacked one of my hives

    Most likely a Bear. You better get a hot fence around your hives as it will be back if it was a bear. keep the fence at least 5' from the hives as a smart bear will just reach over the fence and pull...
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    Re: H T Krantz Queens

    Up Date
    Chris has replied to me this morning.
    The notes about shipping and dates went to my old email that is no longer working at all.
    USPS was also 2 days late with the delivery.
    Chris has...
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    H T Krantz Queens

    H T Krantz looked like they were a very good supplier of Queens after some research on line.
    What a surprise. I ordered 8 Queens on November 23 2017, in 2 different orders, with a delivery date of...
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    Re: Please help, I have a mess!

    Clean up the worst of the frames with a dust, if they only have a few lines like picture #2 place them in the middle.
    The ones that are bad towards the out side of the box.
    Scrape ALL of the...
  13. Re: Have you ever purposely searched for and found a ferrel bee hive

    If you are in a heavey wooded area bee lining won't work as well with a box.
    I set out 3 = 4 qt chicken feeders hanging from a tree limb.
    Leave them up for a few days and come back with a compes. ...
  14. School Demo, Questions from students?

    I am semi retired now and have been wanting to and been asked to do some beekeeping demonstrations at some of the local schools.
    My question is for those of you who do this, what kind of questions...
  15. Re: Observation hives at school and liability

    Now that I am semi retired I am planing on going to the local schools to share about bees and beekeeping.
    This has been one of my concerns, so I will be following this thread.
    I am also going to...
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    Re: Emergency Help Please!

    Congratulation on your first Swarm/Hive.
    If you go to the beesource home page there is a link called Build It.
    You will find plans for the other boxes you are going to make.
    Good luck and enjoy.
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    Re: Robbing in TN in March??

    Why do you have robbing screens on your hives?

    I put my robing screens on ALL of my hives the day before pulling honey in the fall and leave them on till spring.
    They are great mouse...
  18. Re: Queen cell in hive - Pacific Northwest

    I had 2 hives go over in strong winds about 2 weeks ago.
    1 is supper strong the other is Queen less but there is a caped queen cell and lots of drones in the other hives in the yard.
    I am going to...
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    Re: Bear (electric fence?)

    Mine is 50' x 55'.
    Sorry it is side ways.
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    Re: Skunks

    Put a piece of carpet nail strip on the landing board.
  21. Re: How do you store frames (seeking ideas on racks, etc.)

    I do have Bears. As a mater of fact there is one that is denned up less than a 1/4 mile from my home hives. This is a picture of the fence around the hives. I am standing just in side his...
  22. Re: How do you store frames (seeking ideas on racks, etc.)

    This is what they look like in the shed. I am standing at the back of my home hive's.
    I don't have any close up's but will try to remember to get some Thursday as we have bee club tomorrow...
  23. Re: How do you store frames (seeking ideas on racks, etc.)

    I built racks that hold 25 frames and stack them in the open wood storage area beside my wood shop. ALL frames spend 2 -3 days in the deep freezers in the shop.

    Right now I have over a 1000 frames...
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    Re: Nigerian Prince move to Canada ?

    I received this one this morning.

    Hello,I'm Mike Wilson by name,I should have done this on phone but
    cannot due to my impaired hearing pls bear with me.
    My late father wanted to established a...
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    Re: San Antonio, TX. viset

    They make and teach Bobbin Lace, some of the things they make are like artwork that you can put on the table.
    I have some interest in there hobby as the stands they use are hard to come by...
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