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  1. Re: Giganto Hive: How to get them to condense resources

    ditto on what elmer said. You need to keep checking your bottom brood box to make SURE they don't get honey/nectar bound. You want laying space for winter bees and if they have a good nectar source...
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    Re: Foundationless source?

    Frames, foundation, boxes, bees.... 888-319-9994 free shipping on orders over $150 Kinston, N. C.
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    Re: Foundationless source?

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    Re: Weak hive problem

    What he said!!!
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    Re: Replace Frames in Same Order Question

    Crofter is correct, remove an outside frame 1st and yes a congregation would usually mean the queen is there. In an old hive brood area, check to make sure it is not nectar/honey bound. The queen...
  6. Re: Lost bees after transferring captured swarm

    Try smoking the trap and the spot where the trap hung... heavy smoke will kill the scent of the last swarm. As suggested, put branches in front of the entrance to make them re-orient. Something thick...
  7. Thread: Cloudy Honey

    by Murdock

    Re: Cloudy Honey

    It's all good and cloudy is better; tiny wax particles and pollen. Put it on warm toast or into coffee and enjoy. :D
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    Re: Pollen in Honey Super

    If you can, pull those frames and give them back to the bees after the flow. They can use these to make the winter bees. If you extract them the extra pollen will NOT hurt the honey.
  9. Re: Bees Back filling brood nest with nectar....

    Don't feed them anymore. If they are filling the brood nest you need to add a couple of honey supers. Check the brood nest to make sure the queen has empty cells to lay in. If needed, pull some of...
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    Re: A hive turntable ...

    Little John, that is what beekeeping is all about... trying new stuff over and over. As you get older the over and over part is because you forgot about the first time you did it.
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    Re: swarm in trap lost to hive beetles. ???

    SHB are creatures of opportunity, they attack weak colonies and ruin the comb and honey. STRONG hives usually can exist with shb. If the hive got weak enough to cause the bees to abscond or queen to...
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    Re: Queenless or not?

    YEP! Been there, did same thing. When you look for the Q don't smoke them, it makes them get off the frames. When you do find her, mark her.
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    Re: swarm in trap lost to hive beetles. ???

    SHB do not kill bees. They are an indication that you have a problem and usually SHB tell you that there is too much space for the bees to protect. You need to move that swarm into a smaller...
  14. Thread: Queen

    by Murdock

    Re: Queen

    Are there empty cells for her to lay? You may be honey bound. How many bees and what size box? Space may be too big, if so put her in a nuc wih 1 frame of honey/pollen and a couple of empty...
  15. Re: Bees in two swarm traps, but both near my home (and only) bee yard

    I moved a swarm rescue box Wednesday night 150'. Covered the entrance with some cedar twigs... next day a couple dozen bees were flying at the original location, by 3rd day only an occasional bee was...
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    Re: Best way to do this trap out... Help

    I've done the cone/trapout with a tube procedure. It's a very, very long process and with me negative results. Unless you can coax the queen out you won't get the hive and if there is honey comb...
  17. Re: frequency to re-bait swarm trap (bait hive)

    Don't go crazy with lures. Bees smell 100 times better than we can so less may be better inside the hive. Add your extra outside the box. Good luck.
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    Re: Question about a newly moved in swarm!

    I think you meant " add additional frames to fill the box". Yes, open the box, if bees are present add frames, close box and leave it alone. Open space allows them to build crazy comb which you would...
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    Re: Feeding a new swarm

    My 2 cents worth... they need sugar for energy to forage and they need it to draw comb. If there is a small flow, if there is NO comb, if you want growth then you need to feed but you need to...
  20. Re: Witnessed our first bee swarm today and I am perplexed.

    Don't beat yourself up, use it as a learning experience. OAV works for me BUT in NC we never have a brood break and you don't either. Treat the hive and then put in a sticky board to check mite...
  21. Re: Swarm Behavior: Bees massing at entrance- EXTRA BEES?

    I have a strong hive doing the same. Make sure the queen has room to lay (open the brood nest) If the brood box is full of nectar/honey add a super or two. Go back to your profile and add your...
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    Re: Bees in trap box

    Wait until you see pollen going in. This is usually a sign that there is a queen laying. You are seeing scout bees and may see them off and on for a while. They may not show up for a day and then be...
  23. Re: How is that Global Warming thing working out for you?

    Most of the PREDICTORS have their own agenda that mostly is narrow minded. YES there is climate change and we can do nothing to stop it. Can we change the quality of the air and water we consume......
  24. Re: TBH vs. Long Lang vs. Layens - what are the management differences?

    I think one of the traits of beekeepers in general is that we like to TINKER with things and we don't have a lot of limitations as to what we can try. I'm a beek because I enjoy handling bees, Most...
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    Re: "swarm trap" -- better term for that?

    Swarm Rescue Box ...
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