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    Re: Langstroth 8-Frame space question

    It will not work like you think, every Air gap between the frame ends will get packed with propolis. In time every box gets tight, I make it a practice to scrape this as needed while inspecting. As...
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    Re: Langstroth 8-Frame space question

    so use 9 frames?? would that be a show stopper for you? Could also put 3/8 or 1/2 inch plywood on each side. or the follower already suggested.
  3. Re: could I have saved the brood in the comb I cut from a bait hive?!

    Hit by that buss myself. I use 4 deep combs, older the better, Flanked by 3 on each side of Foundation Less frames either Medium or deep.
    The frames being in the box is the best preventive. If...
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    Re: Exclusive use of top entrances?

  5. Re: Swarm moved into hive when I wasn't ready

    I would the minute I noticed the swarm. Likely they have an inch or 3 of comb already, maybe next time center the comb until the NUC arrives, odd thing to do but lesson learned. Hopefully they...
  6. Re: Pollen packed frames - looking for ideas on what to do with them

    Hi Karen, the bees will have pollen in the bottom just because they do, they keep excess in case of later need. One can use these for stores in splits, you could try to put a frame in the middle of...
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    Re: Rotating brood boxes in summer?

    Well it is being used, pollen storage , cluster space, likely an off load space, out of the brood nest, maybe water storage and /or evaporation, draft blocking for brood. It looks empty to you. :) ...
  8. Re: How to know when my feed reserves are enough?

    Are you asking for now today in Mexico or asking in general for fall? location is very important, as well the time of the year. I would think today in Mexico they are foraging. So also you...
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    Re: How to inspect with less protective gear

    Salty, I presume you are being tongue and check, I lost a couple good friends that way 1 in Highschool and 2 in College. Unknow to me some of the locals did not stop, or were playing chicken. Until...
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    Re: Exclusive use of top entrances?

    yes you need to put a little sign up near the top entrance, "bottom entrance now open for use" Once they begin using it , the sign can be removed......
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    Re: How soon can I introduce new queen

    1)why would you cadge and introduce?, Kill the unwanted Queen, and newspaper combine. Catch, stop , start, too much room for other issues.
    2) You need to resolve the mite issue, first IMO
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    Re: Ignoring frames full of honey?

    Not sure I would stack them next to the bees, Once bees start getting honey and it runs out they may start robbing the weakest hive you have.
    If you plan to do any splits use the frames to fill...
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    Re: They build a queen cell on a board!

    Nice cell for a split and enough bees to do it. :thumbsup:
  14. Re: When, if, and how to spring rotate deep boxes

    Hi Thunder, We had a hard frost here last night, I would if I were you just leave them as is, Chilled brood is a bad thing. Have a reason to do something , like the swap you suggest
    My first...
  15. Re: Another hobbyist building question, improved box-box sealing with silicone bead?

    The bigger the warp the bigger the cement block :) The bees run a high moisture inside with a good size weight the warp will give up. I made some hives where the saw was somehow of a...
  16. Re: Humidity - Insulated hive - no top exits

    Swarmhunter, I am Intrigued by the entrance 1/3 of the way up. I have a couple hives I built from the online parts of the book keeping bees with a smile, By Leo S.. I have noticed where the...
  17. Re: amazingly stoopid mistake; so, can I kiss my honey super's harvest adieu?!

    Mark the super, leave it for winter feed, if you are worried. You dribbled box 1 and box 2 this is box 4 correct?? once you realized , why did you put it back on. Left off it would be untreated...
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    Re: Building (non-standard) plywood bodies

    +1 David. I build a lot of stuff mostly cheap wood, mostly non standard. Most answers did not answer the OP question.

    One can use darn near any kind of wood Pallets, Plywood used barn boards...
  19. Re: Any alternatives to Kelley F style foundationless frames?

    Thanks for the tip Coal Reaper I'll Give them a try
  20. Re: Humidity - Insulated hive - no top exits

    Just curious Robert why did you settle on Medium+deep+medium? did you want the large deeper comb in the center for the winter time? or is it simple height? or placement of the seems to transition...
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    Re: Beekeeping in garage attic?

    Ok so IMO very doable, I would lean toward NUCs with holes out the South end. 2 inch PVC 12 inches into the attic, would likely work.

    Do consider the following:
    Smoker in the Attic , breathing ,...
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    Re: Northern Indiana

    Right,, the swarms know, Look in the swarm capture by state for last year when the big pick up was.
    For me here in Mich, when the dandelions turn to white fuzz you can mate queens, When the bloom...
  23. Re: beekeeping 101 question- opening hives- and package bee question

    welcome, answers again inline.
  24. Re: What date should I have my bees arrive?

    Hi G, I am also in Michigan, I have a couple packages arriving early April 16th 17th time frame. I do have some comb and frames of honey to bridge the bees till the blooms start.
    Ship time wise it...
  25. Re: beekeeping 101 question- opening hives- and package bee question

    Answers in line, these would be my opinions and not gospel good luck
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