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    Sticky: Re: Anatomy of a mite crash.

    Thank you and well done grozzie2! A friend sent me the URL and asked me if I had read it yet. I too have done a bunch of research and thinking about this topic. I am in Northern Maine with Winter...
  2. Re: Humidity in Winter Hives. Has anyone tried...

    I wonder what the size of the quilt box means in terms of humidity level. I currently use old comb honey supers that I bought used probably 10 years ago. I could go with a medium super? Or just...
  3. Re: Humidity in Winter Hives. Has anyone tried...

    WAG - What is and what ought to be done for winter prep depends greatly on local conditions.

    This topic interests me as bees in primo hollow tree cavities manage to keep the hive warm enough that...
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    Re: Treatment Free forum slow down?

    Hi everyone!

    I have read all the posts on this thread and have a few thoughts:

    One, a key to good writing here and on Facebook is not needing to have the last word.

    Two, based on bee school...
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    Re: Treatment Free forum slow down?

    Ah, you folks realize BeeSource is social media too?
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    Re: Treatment Free forum slow down?

    It is a dream to administer. I have a private group for my classes where I can post files and exchange links to web sites with students. And answer questions.

    I am also administrator of a much...
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    Re: Treatment Free forum slow down?

    I've gone almost exclusively FB. Once upon a time I tried TF extensively, and posted frequently in that forum. I still visit to read on occasion. Mostly though I log on to see if there is any...
  8. Re: Paying members of the beekeeping club to give program foe meeting

    It really depends. On what? The expertise being shared, the amount of advanced preparation, and how far you have to travel to give the presentation.

    I try to be a member of surrounding clubs...
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    Re: Jusrifying the purchase

    You guys are being too picky. I have been reading her previous editing job "Bee Wold" (for IBRA, of which I am a member) for several years and while certainly she is making changes in her new...
  10. Sticky: Re: treating vs. not treating for mites: opinion thread

    Long term, the development of a bee that can co-exist and thrive in the presence of Varroa is most likely the only hope.

    In the meantime, I have realized that my operation is too small, and area...
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    Re: Opening Hives in the Winter?

    There's a huge difference between popping the top, looking down and adding feed compared with removing frames. I will pop the top at virtually any temperature if I am concerned about the bees...
  12. Thread: Varroa

    by Andrew Dewey

    Re: Varroa

    I feel I need to point out that this sort of use is illegal in the US, and that appropriate amounts of the solution and ratios of OA to glycerin are still being worked out. You may not care; me,...
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    Re: Can you feed to much Pollen sub ?

    Absolutely, you can feed too much pollen. I don't know your climate well enough to say when you should stop feeding pollen sub, but I'm sure someone else does. Remember, pollen is used by bees to...
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    Re: Dead Hive....

    yes, it is an ad, but an educational one.
  15. Re: Honey turned solid 2 weeks after extracting

    No it wasn't. Crystallization rates vary wildly and depend on floral source and the chemical composition of the honey. That the honey crystallized quickly is completely normal. Some honeys take...
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    Re: Dead Hive....

    For the OP - put your detective hat on. There are two primary questions you need to ask - what caused the bees in the hive to die/leave? And two) were any medications used that prevent the honey...
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    Re: Dead Hive....

    CCD hasn't been seen around here in several years. My thought for those blaming CCD now is that they are looking for an excuse, and have poor diagnosing skills. Rusty Burlew on her Blog recently...
  18. Re: Do you use an entrance excluder with a mouse guard

    I use a wooden entrance reducer with hardware cloth stapled over the entrance. I use the smallest entrance for winter.

    There have been years where I tried not going with something for the mice &...
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    Re: Do use a mask when working with Apiguard

    I have never used a respirator with Apiguard. I sure do with OAV.
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    Re: Hive scales - anyone use them?

    36280Arnia. uses cell data. BIP Sentinel Apiary program.
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    Re: Checking Hives in Cold Weather

    Bees start to cluster at 57F. I will do a remove and examine frames manipulation at 60F when there is not too much wind.

    I will pop a top and look to see where the bees are if I am concerned that...
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    Re: When to put quilt box on?

    It all depends. Warre hives, for example, have them on all the time, as in year round.

    I will be using some this year and will put them on as I wrap. (The weather has been wacky this year - the...
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    Re: Question about plastic honey bottles

    Some states require you to sanitize all honey containers - new plastic included - before use if you are looking to sell the honey. The common method here abouts is having the jars in a bleach...
  24. Re: They are so defesive and mean that I can't do anytihng...

    Mean bees are no fun to work. It sure sounds like your smoking technique needs some work. Be sure that the smoke is cool, blowing some in the front entrance and through the hole in the hive's inner...
  25. Re: What shall I do with all the honey and how much should I leave in the hives?

    incorrect - a violation of the label
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