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  1. Re: Can't Find The Queen & New Queen Is On The Way, What to Do?

    You know instead of shaking them you can use be-go and a fume board to run them down - then install an excluder so that the queen can't go back up. Might be easier.
  2. Re: High Volume OA Vaporizer for under $70 and it kicks butt! Make your own, it's eas

    I'm gonna speculate that when you turn the dial on the heat gun to 11 it doesn't really mean that it is immediately hot enough to boil lead, just like turning the thermostate to 60 doesn't...
  3. Re: Can't Find The Queen & New Queen Is On The Way, What to Do?

    It helps if you carry all of the boxes away from the original location before you start, and put a box with some brood and other resources (frames that you know for sure do not include the queen) in...
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    Re: Best strategy for building comb

    Get them through the winter strong, and split to keep them expanding instead of swarming, and be ready with plenty of woodenware when the flow hits.

    That's just my opinion though.
  5. Re: Which Cap & Ladder Division Board Feeder Do You Use?

    I've been using the motherload feeders for over a year now, and thought I'd reserect this thread to report.

    Honey-for-all is right - weak, small, or sick hives seem to drown a lot of bees while...
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    Re: Inner cover or migratory cover ??

    They will all work and have their advantages and disadvantages, so most people should probably just try all of the options.
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    Re: Making July queens

    I agree with sak - late summer is stressful for mating nucs. But it's hard to beat a good queen that starts laying around the end of August for a strong fall build up. I consider August 1 as the...
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    Re: Newbie trying to deal with robbing

    For robber screens to work you have to put them on and then look away for about a week. Your experience is very typical, and a lot of people just can't stand it - but if you give them the chance...
  9. Re: Why so much wax while raising queens Nicot style?

    I don't use Nicot, but with JZBZs cups they build lots of burr comb when the frame is too wide and violates bee-space. Using a 3/4" narrow frame pretty much eliminates it - nothing else really does...
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    Re: Move QC's 10th or 11th day?

    It doesn't really matter - sooner or later you will have an early hatch that will spoil the whole batch.
  11. Re: How Soon Can I Split a Newly Established Hive?

    You can split as soon as you have enough drawn comb to make 2 overwinterable hives - as long as there is still time to establish the new queen by the beginning of the fall build up. In my area that...
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    Re: Grafting techniques

    From your profile -

    # Years in Beekeeping:
    Bought first beehive in 1999, running 1200 hives currently

    So, what would be your definition of professional then?
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    Re: Grafting techniques

    Just a misting to moisten the cups really helps. Misting the brood frame helps too. I just use tap water, but ours is pretty good where I live. Distilled would be safer I guess.
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    Re: Grafting techniques

    The Chinese tools vary extremely - some are unusable as they come, and yours may be one of those.
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    Re: Hot weather syrup recipe

    Bleach does not aggravate robbing. Hbh does.
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    Re: Hot weather syrup recipe

    "Be aware that light syrup can rapidly spoil during warm weather due to fermentation and colonization by yeasts, bacteria, and fungi. You can prevent this by adding unscented household bleach...
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    Re: Splits vs Grafting for increase?

    There are certainly advantages to producing cells ala queen rearing, but the main reason that you graft is to produce many daughters from one exceptional queen thus multiplying her (hopefully)...
  18. Re: Question About Entrance Reducer & Robbing Screen

    You do not need to reduce the entrance when you have a robber screen on.
  19. Re: Dilema: overwintering white queens or replace blue ones

    That's good advice from Stephan.:thumbsup:
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    Re: If You Could Only Keep 3 Things...

    Smoker, magnifying glass, pencil. I can use a screwdriver for a hive tool, and an onion sack for a veil - but there's no substitute for a decent smoker, I can't always see eggs without the...
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    Re: Why nuc and not a single brood box?

    My standard box is an 8 frame medium - about equivalent to a 5 frame deep, so take this with a grain of salt if you want. In my climate I've overwintered down to 4 medium frames in a 4 frame nuc and...
  22. Re: room temperature while making queen reaaring frame?

    Same here as Richard. If you are more or less comfortable your grafts will be fine as long as they don't dry out. Quicker is better, but an hour out of the hive won't ruin things. Keep a room temp...
  23. Re: Do You Space Frames In Your Honey Super?

    I do.
  24. Re: First Sugar Roll Found Only 2 Mites - Can I Trust Results??

    Do an alcohol wash along with your sugar shake for just a time or two, and see how they compare. Then you will know.
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    Re: Should I feed the bees?

    A fair rule of thumb until you get a better feel for it is any time when you don't see at least 15 pounds of honey stores in the hive you should feed until you reach that threshold. Do your...
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